The reunited team sat silently in Cameron's living room. Samantha had put in a CD that she had had in her car and they were all listening to it. Before putting it into the stereo player, she had explained it was a mix of songs that had reminded her of Daniel…they all had to admit all of the songs fit him perfectly. Each person in the room listened, sweet memories of the archeologist running through their minds.

Jack bit back a smile as he remembered the awkward, clumsy man he had first met, always curious and wanting to learn.

Sam cried freely as she remembered meeting the strange man on Abydos. She had automatically had a liking for him.

Teal'c remembered the noble man he had taught and had been taught by in return.

Cameron remembered his efforts to get SG-1 back together and the trouble he had had with the stubborn archeologist.

Vala… Vala simply remembered, bouncing Morgan gently on her knee. She remembered first meeting him on Prometheus and she remembered coming to SGC to find her Daniel to help her with the treasure…

The currently playing song finished and the CD moved on to the next track. Sam looked up.

"This is the last one," she told them quietly. "It's Josh Groban."

They all tuned in to listen intently to the lyrics.

I close my eyes

And there in the shadows I see your light

You come to me out of my dreams across

The night

You take my hand

Though you may be so many stars away

I know that our spirits and souls are one

We've circled the moon and we've touched the sun

So here we'll stay

For always, forever

Beyond here and on to eternity

For always, forever

For us there's no time and no space

No barrier love won't erase

Wherever you go

I still know

In my heart you will be

With me

From this day on I'm certain that I'll never be alone

I know what my heart must have always known

That love has a power that's all its own

And for always, forever

Now we can fly

And for always and always

We will go on beyond goodbye

For always, forever

Beyond here and on to eternity

For always and ever

You'll be a part of me

And for always, forever

A thousand tomorrows may cross the sky

And for always and always

We will go on

Beyond goodbye

Morgan glanced around at the adults around her as the song came to an end and saw every single one of them at least had a tear in their eye. She smiled. As she snuggled closer to her mother, she could feel another presence in the room and picked up her head to look around. She saw nothing new, but somehow…. She smiled wider as she felt something unseen kiss her cheek.

"I love you, Morgan."

Daniel straightened and glanced at his friends, not a single one knowing he was there. He smiled, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I love all of you. And I miss you too."

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