We Need To Talk

Couple: Bakura/Ryou Shonen-ai, no likey, no read! Please be warned, it is extremely fluffy!

Ryou Bakura ran a pale hand through his silver hair. A cold wind hit him in the face with a vengeance. I t was February, and the trees were naked and devoid of leaves. The sky had a dreary gray tint to it, and that perfectly matched Ryou's feelings at the moment. He was depressed today, he felt forsaken, unloved. For a long time, Ryou was the only one that Bakura treated with respect, but now he had become cold and distant. But this wasn't the half of it; Ryou felt that he was in love with him!

It had all started about a month before; Ryou had been sitting, watching TV with his yami, when he had fallen asleep. The next mourning he had awakened in a bed, and felt a warm body next to him. Gazing up, Ryou saw a peacefully sleeping Bakura. The usually wild man seemed a lot calmer in his sleep; his silver hair was a bit tussled and his eyes were closed gently. His lips parted a bit, and he gave a soft moan and rolled to the side. Ryou could feel his face burning.

Since that incident, Ryou had got to thinking about how Bakura might feel about him. Did he really feel the same way? Or was he just playing a cruel trick on him, after all, he never was exactly kind to others. That very question tugged on his heart for the following weeks to come, eventually Bakura started to avoid him.

"What doesn't he see in me?" Thought Ryou, tears welling up in his eyes, but just before he could begin to cry, he heard footsteps behind him. The pale boy turned around, it was Bakura, his face an unreadable mask.

"B-Bakura, what are you doing here?!" Ryou said blushing.

"We need to talk." The larger boy replied, Ryou had the most sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Recently, Ryou, you have been causing me quite a bit of problems, you have made me feel very strange." Bakura said coolly, Ryou could feel his eyes dangerously close to tearing up again. "But the thing is, It isn't a horrible problem, sure, it has been causing me problems concentrating on daily tasks……. Ah screw the explanation, Ryou, I think I love you." those last few words were spoken with utter smoothness, all Ryou could do was blush. "It looks like my sweet hikari feels the same way." said Bakura coyly.

Then it happened, the single best moment of Ryou's life. Bakura pressed his warm, soft lips agents Ryou's softly a first, but with growing passion. Ryou returned the kiss as passionately has he could muster. He soon felt Bakura biting gently on his lower lip, begging for entrance. Ryou parted his lips only to have every corner of his mouth explored by his yami, Ryou in turn did the same. Unfortunately they had to part for air, but Ryou managed to breathlessly tell Bakura one thing.

"I love you so much…."