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Chapter One-Controversial happenings

Kyle Katarn walked slowly down the corridor towards a now unlocked door. On the other side, Tavion. One of the one's responsible for Jan's death. She had to pay. Walking through the doors, he was greeted with a raised landing area with a large paved area slightly below, followed by a drop that went a long way down. Looking in front of him, he saw a cargo hauler, resting at the end of the landing. And in front of the hauler, was Tavion.

"Ah, the prodigal Jedi." she said, a cruel undertone in her voice, "Have we come seeking vengeance? Oh, that's not very Jedi-like."

"Where's your master, apprentice?" he said, curiously.

"Desann sends his regards, but is far too busy in the Valley of the Jedi, to personally dispose of his pawns."
"What?!" Tavion smiled to hear the shock in his voice.

"You still don't know do you? Desann followed you to the Valley of the Jedi. Even now, hundreds of Desann's loyal followers are drinking deeply from the Valley's power, becoming Reborn in the glory of the Force." She smiled again, speaking a little softer but still with that maliciousness in her voice. "And we owe it all to you."

" killed Jan..." Kyle felt lost for words. The two of them began circling the hole in the middle of the landing that led down the paved area; you had to go through some tunnels to get to it.

"That's right. We killed you're woman to make you angry; angry enough to cast aside your promises and rashly seek out the power of the Valley. Just think of it: her death and your failure will be remembered for eons to come as the events that brought about the Era of Desann. Congratulations." The last part was more a snide remark than a compliment and Kyle could feel his anger boiling up inside of him.

"Stop...talking!" The blue blade of his lightsaber was up in seconds and Tavion laughed. She ignited her own lightsaber, its blood red blade contrasting with the blue of his own.

Then the two blades collided, sending sparks flying. On the offensive, Tavion struck at him, again and again. Determined not to be beaten by a pathetic excuse for a Jedi. Kyle blocked her first strike aimed at his head and parried a second aimed at his leg. Finding an opening, Tavion swung her 'saber upwards. Kyle saw it coming, but reacted too slow and smelt burning flesh. Staggering backwards, he felt the fiery pain in his right side, where her lightsaber had hit him. She laughed, making his temper rise, and he took a swing at her leg. Blocking this, Tavion soon found herself on the defensive. Gritting her teeth in anger, she searched for an opening. Suddenly she felt a surge of the Force in her direction and tried to block it, to no avail. Kyle watched her go flying backwards from his Force Push. There was pain in her left shoulder, as it was the first part of her that hit the ground at the edge of the landing, hard. Wincing at the pain, she rolled over to the right, just in time to avoid Kyle's attempt to run her through on the ground. Jumping to her feet, she used the Force to call her lightsaber to her hand as it had been knocked out of her hand when she'd fallen. Holding it in both hands, she met his cool blue gaze, with anger in her dark eyes. With an almighty cry, she jumped at him, bringing down her meet his in a shower of sparks. Flipping backwards, she landed on her feet and immediately took a swing at his head. Dodging that, Kyle brought his lightsaber up to collide with hers again. 'Saberlock. The two of them were at a standstill, their 'sabers locked, both of them hoping the other would slip up so they could free their lightsabers. Pushing her lightsaber harder against his, Tavion knew she needed to find some way to get her lightsaber free. Then she saw her opening. A slight hesitation from him and that was all she needed. Kyle suddenly felt her boot connect with his stomach, sending him stumbling backwards and breaking the 'saberlock.

Swinging her lightsaber back and forth in front of her, Tavion prepared to strike again. Getting his balance, Kyle held his lightsaber in both hands, his rage building up inside him. Drawing on the Force, he reached out to strike her with another Force Push. But got something else entirely. Lightning spat from his fingers, catching her off guard. Screaming at the intense pain as the lightning struck her body; Tavion could not believe that a pathetic Jedilike him could have that much power. Of course, he had visited the Valley of the Jedi. Otherwise, her master would not have been able to empower all their Reborn troops. Kyle watched her scream in pain and fall to her knees as he stopped the lightning assault. He'd never experienced anything like it, the power. Shaking his head, he returned to the objective. Get rid of Tavion, find Desann and make him pay for Jan's death. Her breathing nothing but raspy gasps for air, Tavion felt like her body was on fire. Gripping her lightsaber in her hand, she felt the hilt dig into her hand. Getting to her feet, she faced him again, her face a mask of anger and pure hatred.

Holding it in front of her, she charged at him, ready to slice him in two. Drawing on the same power again, Kyle needed to stop her before it was too late. Tavion once again felt the lightning dance across her body, and screamed. Flying backwards, she landed on the ground hard, down on the paved area below the landing. Breathing hard and fast, trying to draw air into her lungs, she rolled over onto her back, the pain so intense she could hardly move. Jumping down to land near, Kyle looked down at her trying to recover quickly from his assault. Getting to her feet once again, despite the pain that racked her body, Tavion drew on the strength of the Force, with a strong desire not to be beaten by this poor excuse for a Jedi.

"Why keep going? You've lost Tavion. Accept it and I might just spare your life." He was talking to her, and those words just gave fuel to her already burning anger.

"Never." she snapped, "You haven't won yet Katarn."

He heard her speaking and then back flipped to narrowly avoid a swing from her lightsaber. "I'm not done yet...Jedi." The last part of that was basically a sneer and he looked up to stare into the eyes of the Devil himself...or herself. Her eyes were just two black coals on a face of a person that was just out for his utter destruction. She was actually quite beautiful, apart from the fact that she was angry, evil and wanted to kill him. Dangerously beautiful...but nothing compared to Jan.

'Mind on the job Katarn. Keep your head about you or you might just lose it.' And he would have if he hadn't rolled out of the way of her swing at his head. He'd tangled with something that could fight back just as hard.

Drawing on more power from the Dark Side of the Force, she struck him back with what had been used on her, but much stronger.

The pain was just unbearable, his body felt like it was literally on fire. He'd used Force Lightning on her twice, but only she knew how to truly use the power of the Dark Side. Falling down on his knees, he was now completely at her mercy. But he knew one thing for sure...Sith had no mercy. Though, she was only an apprentice. But somebody with her power could not stay an apprentice to a Sith for long. He could see the red blade of her lightsaber, just millimetres away from his face.

"Who's lost now, Katarn?"

"It's not over yet Tavion." He barely got those words out, the pain that racked his body was excruciating. This was one beast that would not be tamed, an out of control blaze that he'd nurtured himself. Sith drew on anger, hatred, all negative emotions and he'd given her just that. He'd dared to use the same power she drew upon against her, taunted her with smart remarks, this is the reason for his probable death. If he could just find an opening, a way to make her be the vulnerable one, then he might have a chance.

"Why keep fighting? It is over. Soon you'll be dead and the Sith will rule once more."

"The reign of the Sith is over and will never happen again!" As soon as he said that, Tavion felt a surge of the Force in her direction, another Force Push and attempted to block it. This time she did better and was only pushed back a fair distance away from Kyle. Getting to his feet, he took advantage of her momentary distraction as she recovered from his attack. Tavion felt a phantom grip around her throat and her hands flew up to it, to then suddenly look like she was strangling herself. Her feet left the ground and she was soon hanging over the edge of the paving, the drop below her. Realising her situation, she decided it was in her best interests to get out of it.

"D...d...don't!" she said, basically choking out the words, "M...m...Mercy!"

"The kind of mercy you showed Jan?" He was angry, really angry. And he was taking it out on her. Tavion knew she was running out of time. 'I'll probably kill myself later for this and so will Desann, but if it'll save my hide...'

"She lives! I can tell you where she is!"

"Liar! I saw her die!" He wasn't taking in anything she was saying. All he was focused on now was killing her. Well...she kinda thought she deserved it...not really...

"Th...Think! What did you really see? What did you really hear? Do you believe that we'd risk killing one of the only two people that knew the location of the Valley of the Jedi?"

"Where is she?" Now he was co-operating. She'd be out of this mess soon.

"That...cough...hauler will take you to our base in the Lenico Belt. That's where Galak's ship, the Doomgiver, is docked. It's also where he's keeping your woman for further interrogations." Her throat had begun to constrict more while she was saying that. If he didn't believe her...didn't trust her...well, he had reason not to...

"Why should I believe you?" 'So can't should believe me...because...because...'

"Because...I'm not brave die!" It hurt her to say it and she waited a moment, practically choking to death while he thought over her information. Coming to a conclusion, Kyle threw her away, to over near the hauler.

When she hit the ground, Tavion cried out in pain, a rather strangled cry. Gasping for breath, she got on her hands and knees, just sitting there to catch her breath. She heard him behind her and then felt him grab the scruff of her shirt and lift her up to her feet.

'What is he doing now?'

Dragging her into the hauler, Kyle threw her against the wall. The Dark Side still lingered in him and was about to make him show a side of him that no one present would forget. Hitting the wall, she cried in pain, her expression one of pain and surprise.

'I can't stand this abuse for too long. What exactly does he want with me?'

Rather dazed, she had just about recovered from that, to step about two steps away from the wall when he shoved her over onto some crates in the hauler. Tavion knew what most of them contained but she was puzzled to know what the hell he was doing to need her to be lying on these crates. Then it hit her.

'He would not's against that stupid Jedi code of his...but now that I think of it...I don't think he abides by the code...damn him!'

Suddenly she felt the force of his mind in hers, a fight for dominance for both of them, him using an ultimate for of Mind Trick...some kind of mind control more like. Forcing her was too unbelievable to even say it herself...forcing her to...want him or something like that.

'So, he doesn't want it classified as rape does he? It's not rape if you enjoy it...or want it in that manner...why was I so stupid?!?! Stupid enough to want mercy from him!'

There was rip which she knew was her clothes and in the state she was in at that moment, she knew there was nothing she could do to prevent the horror she was about to experience. She'd lost, and it hurt.

While her body enjoyed and desired for more of it, her mind was screaming...screaming...and screaming. If anybody else had been present, they would have assumed that she was well into it. No one would think that a horrific act of violation was happening. When it finally stopped, she finally showed the truth. Anger at him, frustration at herself for not preventing it, pure shock that she had been violated in that way, fear of him, she was feeling these emotions and more. In fact, her whole body was shaking. He stood away from her and she took this opportunity to pull on her clothes. She felt like she could not move afterwards, the feeling of him on top of her, it was sickening. In pain from her many injuries and in shock from her violation, her dark eyes looked over at him. Standing there, now half naked, he shook his head and then ran his fingers through his hair.

"Ahhh, get out of my sight."

"What?" she said, really wanting to scream that at him as well as a whole heap of abuse and then tear him limb from limb.

"You heard me. Go and pray that I find your master before he finds you."

Without thinking twice, she ran out of the hauler and away from him as fast as possible.

'Well, if he does get rid of Desann, a)I don't have Master anymore and will no longer be ordered about and b)he won't be able to find and kill me for telling Katarn of where the base is and where Katarn's woman is. Well, there was a bonus from all this.'

Stopping at the end of the landing away from the hauler, she watched it take off from the landing and fly off into the sky. She watched it fly off until it was just a black speck in the sky. Just to check wether he would come for her again and put her through more hell, and luckily for her, he didn't.

'I'm glad he's gone, that man who calls himself a Jedi. Jedi my arse. He'd be a Jedi if I decided to turn myself in to the Academy and let them kill me. And that isn't going to happen.'

Tavion slowly walked through the door that lead to the landing and off towards the Bespin space port.

'Speaking of the Academy, I think Jedi Kyle Katarn will be heading for a big surprise, once he finds out first. I'm sure that his woman, Jan or whatever her name is will inform him. If he can find her.'

Reaching the spaceport, she picked herself a nice speedy ship and once inside, started prepping it for takeoff.

'Yes, won't he be surprised.'

But she was soon to find out; he wasn't the only one with a surprise waiting for him. Though her surprise would take quite a little time.

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