Chapter Nineteen – Jaden's Story

Jaden and Alara entered the briefing room, for another mission, about the third or fourth since Rosh and Dantia's disappearance. But they were surprised to see that Kyle was back. Jaden perked up at the sight of him, eager for news on Rosh. And Dantia as well, of course.

"Morning Kyle, morning C-3PO." She said, feeling hopeful.

"Morning to you too Jaden." Said Kyle, "I bet you're eager to hear what I have to say." Jaden nodded.

"I'm not sure if Luke's found anything on Dagobah, but I found out that Rosh has been captured." Jaden's eyes widened.

"Well, I think that would have been the most logical conclusion to his disappearance." Said Alara, "It was pretty obvious." Jaden looked at her; a semi hurt expression on her face.

"It was inevitable Jaden." Jaden's shoulders slumped.

"I tried to find out where they've taken him but those blasted Sith cultists are covering their tracks pretty well."

"So no luck on Dantia either, I suppose?" said Alara and Kyle nodded grimly.

"I suppose we better get to the briefing then." Said Jaden sadly.

"Of course. C-3PO?" The golden droid nodded.

Jaden half listened to the droid, knowing the drill.

"We have received anonymous information that a large number of assassin droids have flooded the black market recently."

"Who the hell would be reproducing those things? They're banned, so no wonder they're on the black market." Said Alara. Kyle nodded.

"Like Alara said, these droids have been banned for a number of years and no public companies produce them."

"Well duh!" Kyle just sighed and let C-3PO continue on the briefing.

"Lannik Racto, a small time crime lord on Coroscant is suspected to be manufacturing these new droids. Capture Racto so that we may determine where his factory is."

At the mention of the word, "Coruscant", Alara saw Jaden stiffen.

"Jaden." Jaden grimaced and clutched her side, dramatically.

"Ah, I don't know if I can do this. I think that rancor got me more then the med techs thought." Alara could tell she was faking from the start.

"Jaden, what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?" Jaden straightened, knowing that the game was up.

"You have a problem with where we're going for the mission. What is it?"

"Uh...I guess I'm not quite too happy with going home..."

"You lived on Coruscant?"

"Yeah. But let's just leave it at that, okay?" Alara could tell she wasn't happy with the issue, and knew that she should probably try pursuing it later, when Kyle and C-3PO weren't present.

"You both should be more then able to handle this no problem. Small time thugs like Racto are usually very intimidated by the sight of a lightsaber." Said Kyle.

"Don't worry. I'm sure we won't have any problems." Replied Alara and the two girls left.

"Wonder why Jaden wasn't as eager to go on this mission?" said Kyle to himself.

"Perhaps something happened there in the past she wants to forget, or doesn't want brought up again." Said C-3PO.


Later, on the way to Coruscant, Jaden leant back in her chair, thinking.

'It's been a while since I've been home...' Unpleasant memories rose to the surface, but she pushed them away. It would do her no good to bring up the past now. It was the past...but it had not been forgotten.

"Jay, we're approaching Coroscant now." Said Alara over the comm. Jaden swallowed rather loudly before speaking.


"You okay?"

"Sure, fine, whatever...just peachy..."


"I'm fine..."

"Okay, whatever you say." Jaden sighed and ran her hands through her hair. The two X-wings flew down to the city planet, searching for Racto's office.

"Damn it! Where is this guy?" said Jaden, annoyance evident in her voice.

"I know. Maybe we could ask around."

"Yeah, my parents..." Jaden cut herself off.

"Your parents what?" Jaden took a deep breath.

"My parents could help us."


"Have you heard of the Korr family?"

"Korr? No way!" Alara was surprised, "You're a Korr? Part of one of the wealthiest merchant families in this side of the galaxy?"

"Yeah. But weren't the Molotov's pretty big too?"

"Yeah, we were. But mostly in our part of the galaxy, around the Twi'lek home world. Your family's a lot bigger then mine. I thought there was something related to the name Korr, when I first heard C-3PO mention it, but I didn't realise until now, especially since you live on Coroscant."

"Great." There was a brief period of silence before Alara spoke up.

"So are we gonna ask your parents about Racto or what?"

"Okay. I just hope that I remember exactly where they live."

Sometime later, Yvette Korr was surprised at the sight of two X-wings landing on the Korr private landing pad, outside their apartment.

"Who in the blazes is that?" she said to herself, walking over. She saw a red skinned Twi'lek get out of one, and even from this distance, she could identify the youngest and last of the Molotov family. Alara Molotov.

'But why would she be here? I thought she went off to the Academy, like...' She cut off that thought. Turning around, Alara noticed the woman standing inside the Korr apartment, looking at her with a surprised look on her face.

"Hey!" she said to the woman, whose surprise deepened. Yvette saw her then sigh and turn to face the pilot of the other X-Wing.

"Oh come on. It can't be that bad." Her friend didn't reply. But what the Molotov girl said next shocked Yvette to the core.

"By the Force Jay, she's your mother!" She needed no other explanation to know who this Jay was. And at the flash of dirty blonde hair outside, she confirmed who had accompanied the Molotov girl. Alara rolled her eyes at Jaden's behaviour.

"Come on!" she said and grabbed Jaden's arm, dragging her over to the door. Entering the apartment, Alara turned to the rather shocked looking Yvette Korr.

"Okay, so I don't think introductions are necessary, as you know her," Alara pointed at Jaden, "And probably know me. But in case you don't I'm..."

"Alara Molotov." Said Yvette.

"Yes, so you do know of my family. Well, it's only me now."

"What brings you here?" Alara noticed that both Jaden and Yvette were avoiding looking at each other.

"Well, it's our mission you see. We were sent to capture...what was his name again?" she turned to Jaden.

"Lannik Racto." Said Jaden, her voice hoarse. She hadn't wanted to speak at all, so that's how it had come out.

"Yeah, him. He's been linked to those new assassin droids that have been popping up all over the black market. C-3PO and Master Katarn sent us to capture him and locate his factory."

"I see." Silence. Jaden fidgeted with the hem of her tunic and Alara's lei twitched uncomfortably. If Yvette Korr couldn't help them, no one could.

"My husband should know where his office is. I'll be back in a moment." Yvette walked over to the door at the other end of the room and exited the room, not before speaking to a silver protocol droid in the corner. Jaden settled down on the couch nearby as the droid brought over refreshments. It left them on the coffee table and then went back to its post.

"So..." said Alara, breaking the silence, "You used to live here?" Jaden nodded slowly, not even looking at Alara, who settled down on the couch beside her.

"Nice digs. Bet your brother was always flaunting how rich your family was to his friends." Another nod.

"Come on Jay, say something. Normally you'd be talking your head off. What's caused this silence?" Jaden said nothing.

"It's your parents isn't it?" Jaden nodded again.

"What happened? What did they do?"

"Well, I..." Jaden began to say, before they heard the door at the other end hiss open. Yvette had returned, with her husband, Julian.

"Yvette tells me that you..." he started to say to Alara before he noticed who was sitting next to her. Jaden didn't even look up; she couldn't face either of them.

"What did we tell you missy?" Alara noticed that he was now talking to Jaden. Jaden didn't move or even speak.

"If you were going to go to this Academy place then you weren't gonna come home. Ever. So why are you here?"

"I'm sure mum explained that to you." Said Jaden, her voice quieter then usual, "Alara and I are here on a mission." She paused to look up at her father.

"Yes, we need to find Lannik Racto." Said Alara.

"I know that. But she needs to explain why she's here."

"I just told you!" said Jaden angrily, getting to her feet, "I'm on a mission! I only came back here because we need your help!"

"But I thought you could handle yourself. Isn't that what you said?"

"This is an entirely different matter!"

"No it isn't!"

"Hold it!" shouted Alara, standing between the two of them, "We can't find Racto's office, so we came here thinking that you might know where he is. That's all the help she needed." Silence.

"She shouldn't be here." Said Julian, pointing at Jaden, "And you let her in!" He was speaking to Yvette.

"I didn't. They just walked in here, asking for our help." Replied Yvette.

"Is that so wrong dad?" muttered Jaden.

"You stay quiet! I wasn't speaking to you!"

"Well I don't care! You can't boss me around anymore! And given the choice, I wouldn't have come even 5 parsecs close to this place!" Jaden paused, "So maybe if you don't want to help us, we'll go elsewhere to find someone that will help us find Racto, regardless of wether they hated their daughter or not!"

"Jaden..." said Yvette.

"I don't wanna hear it mum. Like you both said years ago, it was either stay here and make a good life for myself or go to the Academy. And I chose and still choose the Academy. Dad's prejudice of Jedi is what kept me away. If it wasn't for Racto, I wouldn't be even be here."

"Sweetheart..." Jaden turned her back on her parents.

"Maybe I should leave you three alone..." said Alara, backing away slightly.

"No. I'm done talking to them." Said Jaden, "Just ask them where Racto is and then we can get out of this place." Alara turned to Julian expectantly. After receiving directions, the two girls walked out to their X-Wings.

"That could have gone better." Said Alara, climbing into hers. Jaden didn't say a word. Looking over at Jaden, Alara saw that she was looking back at the apartment. Yvette was standing near the door, watching the two of them leave. Mother and daughter stared at each other for a moment, before the latter disappeared into her X-Wing.

Sometime later...

They'd made their way into Racto's office, after finding a way to get there once Racto exploded the bridge leading to it. They stood in silence in the lift as it rose up. Reaching the top, they walked forward, headed for Racto who was sitting at his desk.

"How did you get up here?!?!" he said, getting up out of his chair, "No matter. If it's trouble you're looking for, you've come to the right place, Jedi." He then pressed a button on his desk. A metal box came down and surrounded him as the girls turned around to see assassin droids enter the office. Jaden gritted her teeth in frustration, she hated those droids.

"I'll be glad when they finally shut down this factory." She said, throwing her lightsaber just in time to destroy one of the droids before its shield went back up.

"Yeah." Alara dodged a blaster bolt from another and then narrowly managed to destroy it. They destroyed the other two droids and then snuck up behind Racto's metal box. It then rose, revealing Racto who was smirking and feeling rather satisfied with himself.

"That'll teach a Jedi to..." He cut himself off when a green lightsaber blade appeared near his throat.

"Now let's talk about these assassin droids." Said Jaden, holding her lightsaber close to his throat.

"Oh, okay."

"Where's your factory?" said Alara.

"Hidden on Nar Shaddaa. If you don't hurt me, I'll tell you where it is." He reached for a data pad as Jaden deactivated her lightsaber. Alara then grabbed his arm and dragged him out of his chair.

"You're coming with us."

"Based on the information you got from Racto, New Republic agents raided the droid factory on Nar Shaddaa and shut it down." Said Kyle, "Good work." They'd returned to the Academy shortly after and where now standing in the briefing room, with Kyle and to their surprise, Master Skywalker.

"Thank the Force that's over." Said Alara.

"I'm assured there you had no problems?"

"No, none at all. Everything went smoothly." Said Jaden quickly, "Isn't that right Alara?"

"Yes. It went as smoothly as expected." Kyle was sceptical, yet hid that well from the girls.

'Something happened on their mission, something they don't want to talk about. Jaden especially.'

"On another note, Luke has some news."

"I learned that some Disciples of Ragnos were on Dagobah. They siphoned the Dark Force energy from the cave there."

"Ouch." Said Alara.

"Can we go now?" said Jaden, "I really need to relax after all that."

"Of course. You are dismissed." The two girls then left the room.

"So..." said Alara, once they'd returned to the student's quarters, "What exactly happened with your parents?"

"Basically what I said. Once we all knew that Damien and I were Force sensitive, the possibility of going to the Academy opened up. Damien was allowed to go, as Mum told Dad that she was sending him away to a, special boarding school. When I tried to speak to her about it, she got Dad involved. We had an argument and he told me that I had to choose between home and the Academy. I chose the Academy and was kicked out of the house, and told never to come back. That's it."

"Oh. Okay. Isn't that a bit harsh?"

"Quite typical actually. Dad's not to fond of Jedi, he thinks they're no good with all their fancy Force powers and crud. When he found out about me, he went rank, started yelling all this shit at me, which I wasn't about to take lightly. That's how the argument happened and things led on from their."


"Well, at least I'm at the Academy now, putting my talents to good use. And if I hadn't of come, who would have kept you and Dantia in line?" Alara laughed.

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