Steam was filling the pool house, fogging up the windows on the inside. The sounds of Journey blaring through the speakers on his stereo system along with the lower sounds of a voice sing along. His body was laying on his king size bed, next to him she was humming along with him.

Her body wrapped around his newly showered frame. A leg wrapped around on of his while her head fit perfectly on the L of his neck. Both had their eyes closed as the song came to an end. He turned his head into the top of hers, kissing it before speaking.

"I want us to go out of town," he said, opening his eyes to look at her.

'She is beautiful' he thought. Her tiny body wearing nothing but a t-shirt he had worn earlier before they went swimming. Her long leg hooked on his was to him, the only place it belonged. The nakedness of her legs made his body more then excited but he pushed those thoughts from his mind.

She opened her eyes to meets his, "Us, you want us to go out of town together?"

"Yes, Taylor. You and me, us."

She shifted her body higher on his; her mouth found the end of his earlobe, "I'd go anywhere with you."

He put his arm under her body, lifting her up with one arm so her body was lying on top of his.

"Ever been to Vegas?," he said kissing her mouth.

"Nope," she said between kisses.

"Sum and Seth…"

"Should come…"

He lifted her up closer to his face. His hands placed on the curve of her back while her hands surrounded his neck.

"Ryan, I thought…" her hips moving up and down slowly on his body.

"We're waiting…" he said, moving his hands to her face; he brushed away the hair from her face.

Ryan kissed her one last time before leaning his head back against the headboard. She crawled up his body placing her mouth on one side of his Adam's apple blowing as hard as she could.

His face turned to the death glare, "Tay, how would you like it if I blew on you?"

His faced turned red as she sat up right on his body. She pushed her legs straight under his arms, then looked him straight in the face, "I am pretty sure I wouldn't mind," she said smirking.

"Oh really," he said using his upper body weight to sit up while still holding on her up. He pushed her backwards onto his bed, his body now hovering over hers. She was screaming with laughter, "Ryan don't you dare," she kept repeating.

He grabbed the t-shirt of his she was wearing pulling it up past her belly button, he placed his mouth just below it and blew as hard as he could. The noise was even louder then when she had done it.

She kicked his side, "Ryan Atwood, I thought you were a gentlemen?"

He grabbed her leg as she went in for seconds, "Your not as quick as you look."

She smiled, turned to shock at his comment.

"And your not as um, funny as you look," she said rolling away from him standing up.

He laughed, following her, taking her hand in his. His faced turned serious for a moment.

"So you'll come away with me?"

She sat down on his knees, "As long as I get to pick the music, cause Journey sucks," Taylor was running out the door before he heard the sucks.

Ryan was hot on her tail as she ran into the kitchen straight into Seth Cohen's tall frame. The front of her body bounced off Seth and the back of her hit Ryan.

"Steve and Doug, this isn't the Roxbury so let me go," she said as Ryan placed his arms over Seth's shoulders, while Seth following his lead.

Seth began to chant the theme song to the Roxbury, "What is love, What is love, Baby don't hurt me."

Ryan was laughing to hard to notice Sandy Cohen walk into the kitchen with a puzzled look.

'It was like a really bad bagel he thought, with Taylor as the cream cheese.

The three friends froze from embarrassment, Taylor quickly jumped behind Ryan when she realized she was still wearing nothing but a long t-shirt and Ryan pushing Seth over the kitchen table so he couldn't see her.

"Well kids, in my day we just played Twister but if this is how you choose to spend your day, I'll just leave you to it," he said, leaving the kitchen as quickly as he had entered.

Seth laughed into his hands before looking up to see Ryan walking over to him.

"Dude, you pushed me"

"You're going to look into the family room till I tell you forth, Ok?" he said watching Seth turn his head. He looked back to see Taylor running to the pool house and slam the door behind her.

"Man, its just Taylor. I saw her in a bathing suite not 3 hours ago."

Ryan sat down next to him, "That isn't the point."

Seth nodded his head, understanding, "So we still on for Vegas?"

Ryan smiled, "She said yes."

I blame my beta Lex for this story, so if this sucks blame her LOL. The humor is all me though. Let me know what you think... -Lindsay