Sweet Sixteen

Everyone gives Allura a birthday present. Fluff. I don't own Voltron.
Allura hummed as she combed out her hair before bed. It was her sixteenth birthday and the guys had thrown her a little party, the big public affair was tomorrow. They'd even invited Sven and Romelle down from Pollox to stay the whole weekend.
There was a knock on her door and Allura waved it open. Hunk came in looking down and fidgeting nearvously. "Uh, Princess, this is for you." He held out a messily wrapped package.
Allura took it and smiled at him. She removed the wrapping paper to reveil a book of Terrin poetry. Allura grinned, she loved poetry and had been trying to get this particular volume forever. She stood up and threw her arms arond the hulking pilot.
"Thank you Hunk!" she said.
He blushed crimson. "It was nothing your highness." he mumbled before leaving.
Allura lay down on her bed and thumbed through the book. Several minutes later there was another knock on the door. Allura sat up as Pidge came in.
"Hi Allura, I got this for you." he held out a package tied with a neat pink ribbon. She opened it. It was a small painting of Allura herself, standing in her long formal gown outside the palace.
"Did you paint this Pidge?!?"
The midget nodded. Allura gave him a hug. "Thank you!"
"Happy Birthday Allura!" he said before leaving. Allura didn't even bother to close the door but propped the picture up on her desk before turning to greet Lance. He was trying to look casual; he didn't succeed as well as Pidge, but he didn't fail as miserably as Hunk either.
"Here." he said simply, thrusting a package under her nose. She smiled when she opened it. It was a new bathing suit. Nanny had burned her only one after the little 'incident' down by the moat. Only Lance would be bold enough to buy her a new one. At least he'd had enough sence to get her a one-peice.
"Thanks." she said, giving him a hug.
"No prob babe." he said, taking his leave.
She laughed lightly and shook her head at Lance's gift, which she stuffed to the bottom of her dresser drawer least Nanny burn it too.
When she turned back around Keith was standing in the doorway.
"Uh...Happy Birthday Princess." He handed her a present. This one was smaller then all the others. She tore off the paper and gently opened the small black box. Inside was....


Isn't the suspence killing you?

Inside was a silver and gold locket. On the front it had the seal of the royal family of Arus. Gently Allura turned it over, on the back it said PA & CK Together Forever. Allura looked up at the captain quizzingly, and saw his eyes shining with hope, and something more....
"Aishiteru Allura." he whispered in her native language of Arusian.
"I love you too."
Gently their lips met in a kiss. This was the way it was meant to be..... sweet sixteen.
Ok, aishiteru is Japanese, not Arusian, but oh well. For those wondering, the initials I put stand for Princess Allura & Captain Keith. Should I do a sequel where Coran or Nanny or even one of the other force members walks in on them? I will if you request it, but I think it stands nicely by itself.