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Summary: After he finds his girlfriend, Sakura, cheating on him, Naruto goes to a bar to forget everything just for one night. He never expected that one night stand to lead to so much more… SasuNaru.

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Love Deeper

By: Cherry Jade

December 18, 2006


He knew that he should have never attempted to come home early.

That same morning when he had woken up and automatically knew that something terrible was going to happen. When his girlfriend, Sakura of one year didn't give him his good morning kiss like she always did and didn't make eye contact with him when he attempted to make some sort of conversation. He should have known.

When Naruto said I love you before he left and she didn't reply like she always did. He really should have paid attention to some of the signs.

Lately, Naruto's job began to demand more of his time and energy, working for a company that was about to be taken over by another a better more efficient company, one's boss tends to work the workers harder than ever before to try to prevent it.

He thought Sakura understood that. But apparently she didn't.

After all the work he did, the company that he worked for was still taken over by the better company called Uchiha Industries. Half a dozen workers had been cut and for his hard work he had been promoted to secretary for the new boss that would be appearing in two days after the merger.

Naruto thought he would come home early and tell Sakura the good news. But come to find that not only was she at home, not only she was in his bed, but she was fucking their next door neighbor.

Naruto leaned on the wall, no emotions coming across his handsome features. He would wait. Sakura must be really enjoying herself he mused darkly she didn't even hear him come in. Finally he heard his girlfriend, what he meant was ex-girlfriend to moan out the guy's name, Sai. The dark haired man collapsed on top of his ex-girlfriend. Naruto decided that it was time to let his presence be known.

"So, Sakura-chan, how was he? Good?" The two people in the bed were startled and Naruto watched in amusement as they scrambled as fast as they could to get out of the bed.

"N-Naruto, wh-what…?" Naruto raised a hand to silence her, he didn't want to hear anything that she had to say.

"Sai, hurry there up neighbor, you can do Sakura all you want later, but first I just want to talk to her, okay?" Sakura flinched at the cold tone and the manner that he regarded her in. Sai finally pulled on the last of his clothes and left without a backward glance toward her.

Freezing sapphire eyes stared at Sakura and her emerald eyes filled with guilt from her actions. She had to explain herself, make him understand. She took a step toward him, but he opened his mouth to speak with a tone of finality, "Sakura pack your things and get out." She was surprised that he didn't yell; he must not be angry as she thought.

"Naruto," She began quietly, "What happened tonight was a mistake. I was feeling lonely and I-" Sakura was abruptly cut off by a furious Naruto.

"How dare you try and justify it?" He yelled at her in a harsh voice. Then his glare turned vicious. "You know what? Get the fuck out. You can pick your shit up when I can actually stand your presence again. Get out. Now!"

She looked at him shocked at his use of language towards her and when she saw his eyes flash red, she knew had to convince him another day. He was too angry and not thinking clearly. She walked to into the living room and picked up her jacket, then turned to face Naruto, who was still glaring at her.

"I'll come back tomorrow when you're in a better mood." Sakura shut the door knowing in her hearts of hearts that she had already lost Naruto.

Naruto sat down on his couch and breathed deeply. He couldn't believe this. What had gone wrong? Did Sakura just get tired of him? He stood up suddenly and walked into his bedroom. A shower and then hit the bar to forget one of the worst nights in his life.

End of Prologue

Chapter 1


The bar was like any typical bar, pool tables, booths, and a television in the corner. Except on this night was kind of empty when Naruto walked in. Not too many drinkers this night. Naruto went to an empty seat and called the bartender for a beer. She winked flirtatiously at him, but he declined. Naruto wasn't looking for a slut who hit on practically every guy. He took a sip, enjoying the slight bitter taste, it helped numb his pain a little. After taking another drink of his beer, he spun his seat to look at the people behind him.

Nearest to the door, there was a pool table where he assumed the two men were playing for money. In the middle there were tables and to the right of those was another pool table that was unoccupied for the moment. Naruto turned his chair back around and finished his beer, then ordered another one.

A ding of a bell signaled that another person had walked in and Naruto turned his head a bit to get a look at the person and held back a gasp. The person was a man, but that's not made Naruto's eyes widen. The man had dark hair and dark eyes; in short he was incredibly handsome. He was very tall; broad shouldered, and had a mysterious aura surrounding him.

Dark eyes glanced in his direction and a smirk planted on those soft looking lips. The dark haired man took the sit next to him and also ordered a beer from the bartender. The Adonis next to Naruto took a gulp and the blond haired man could only watch on, fascinated with the seductive way that the person next to him was drinking his beer. The bottle was put down and onyx eyes stared at him calculating.

"See you something you like?" The deep voice purred. Naruto shook his head 'no' to the question. The blue eyed man knew he was giving off the impression that he was at least he was interested and he wasn't. He knew he was not gay or anything. So why couldn't he stop looking?

Then it clicked. This dark haired man looked like…Sai, the bastard that his ex cheated with.

Naruto had to know who this guy was. "Hey, um, what's your name?" A glance was in his direction showed that the man was listening.


That was a start.

"Do you happen to know a person named Sai Igarashi?"

A dark eyebrow rose at the question. "No." It was curt and to the point.

"Oh, well sorry for asking then." Naruto stood up but a hand on his wrist pulled him back down in his seat.


The deep voice cut him off, "We're not finished yet."

Uchiha Sasuke was a practical man. His practicality was what separated him from the average business man. He knew what was good at the moment and when to seize it. For example, that company that he finished taking over this week, it would increase his overall corporation output over forty-five percent.

The business side of Sasuke treated this situation no differently. For some unexplainable reason, this blonde haired man caught his attention, and he was a looker. When he had stood up just now, he looked about five foot six, medium build. His blonde hair was spiky but looked soft. But what got him were his eyes. They were so…blue and expressive. He had come across many people of his day, but never seen eyes that held that much emotion. He could tell that this man was trying to forget something painful that recently happened to him.

The more human part of Sasuke was able to recognize anguish in this person, and that drew him to Sasuke. That was part of the reason why Sasuke was at this bar, hoping that for one night that he would be able to forget that he was and is a lonely person.

He finished his beer and set it back down on the counter. He turned to the blonde haired man. "What's your name?" His deep voice toning down to that of a bedroom voice.

"N-Naruto." He began to feel uneasy around Sasuke, but that wouldn't be the right word for it, more like anticipation.

A smirk once again overcame those handsome features, "You want to forget, don't you, Naruto." Said blonde shivered as his name rolled off Sasuke's tongue, but the impact of what the brunette said him finally registered in his brain.

"How did you-" An adorable blush made its way to Naruto face.

"Does it matter?" A dark eyebrow rose with the question, dark eyes looking at the blonde in amusement. "I can help you forget, you know."

The offer had been presented, now it was up to Naruto to either accept or decline. Sasuke briefly wondered what he would choose.

Naruto stared into obsidian colored eyes, searchingly. He had never been with another man before and this one knew what he was thinking and feeling. So mesmerized by the other, Naruto didn't notice the pale hand that rose up to touch his cheek.

"Your answer?" He pressed lightly, not wanting the other to wake up from the trance he seem to be in.

"Make me forget, Sasuke," he whispered softly.

"As you wish."

The bar had an upstairs that had small motel rooms, which felt cold and impersonal to the people who lived in them. But to both men, it didn't even register. Sasuke was busying himself making all kinds of possessive markings on Naruto's body while the blonde just let himself get high on the sensations.

Sasuke lowered Naruto to the bed, using those oh so talented lips to turn the tanned man's brain to mush, while simultaneously, pulling off the black tee-shirt and letting his wondering hands touch that soft skin that he eyed the moment that had walked into bar.

Naruto couldn't help but lose himself in the feeling of those slightly calloused hands running all over his body- and then he heard a zipper, his pants and boxers already on the floor. It was then the blonde decided to contribute, he had always hated to just take and not give back.

Gripping the sides of the raven haired man's face and pulling him down into a searing kiss that stirred the passion in the room to untouchable heights. They only pulled back for a second before lips crashed again and hands wondered again, and this time it was Sasuke's pants that came off that came off and that painfully hard erection rubbed against a tanned thigh.

The feeling that it brought made something in the depths of Naruto awaken and with a lusty whisper of, "Please, Sasuke, m-more."

The other tried to keep the pant out of his voice, but the other didn't hear for he still lost in his own mind. "What do you want?" Sasuke was already preparing him, wetting his fingers for penetration.

The fog in Naruto's mind hindered him from answering, but those fingers inside him drew a moan that held both pain and pleasure mix together. The blonde finally focused enough to try to voice his wants, but those fingers brushed against a soft spot that forced to let a breathy moan escaped, making the man on top moan as well as those tight walls gripped his fingers.

Dark eyes narrowed in impatience, "Well, Naruto?" For the second time that night his name was purred, but this time around it held that dangerous tone that promised a good fucking for the right answer.

Clouded sapphire eyes opened and stared into those black ones, a strained smirk curving those pouty lips, "Fuck me."

The raven haired man after that wasted no time granting the wish.

Two men laid on the bed one asleep and the other awake because his mind would not let him sleep, until he solved the matter that plagued him.

A pale hand ran through blonde locks unconsciously, causing the other to snuggle into him. Sasuke wondered briefly if he had made the right decision sleeping with the blonde man, but when he looked down at the man that rested peacefully in his arms and felt no regret, his felt exhaustion come over him.

Deep in the back of his mind, where his true conscious dwelled, Sasuke knew that he would not forget this night, or the beautiful blonde man that made him feel so at peace.

To Be Continued...


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