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Love Deeper

July 23, 2011

(Sasuke-sama's B-day)

By: Cherry Jade

Won't you please just love me
and hold me,
and tell me you forgive me,
love me, and hold me…

I'm sorry
won't you please forgive…

Love me for who I am…

I'm yours.

-All My Love by t.A.T.u.


A red haired middle age woman by the name of Tomiko Kumito walked up the steps to her daughter's home and brushed her hair from her face. She rang the door bell twice and waited.


The woman took her phone out of her purse and called her daughter again. The silly girl must've turned off her phone to charge it or so deep asleep that she couldn't hear it.

Tomiko didn't like using her key because one time she had and she been exposed to Karin's wild lifestyle. She saw her daughter having a foursome and it was just too much for her eyes. But it did bring back memories from when she was young and single. How she had loved that lifestyle with a passion. The freedom it entailed.

But it was lifestyle that she had left behind when she met her husband and fell in love.

She could only hope that Karin one day did the same. She thought that engaging her beloved daughter to the youngest Uchiha would solve that problem, but the man had been furious. Tomiko couldn't really blame him. His mother didn't inform him and it seemed as if he had his sights set on someone else. There were other respectable men that she could make her daughter settle down with.

The woman turned the key and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her. She looked around the living room. There didn't seem to be anything out of place. That meant Karin didn't party here but maybe somewhere else? The red head went to the stairs and called her daughter's name.

Still nothing.

How late did Karin stay out last night? Or had her baby done drugs again and passed out?

Tomiko walked carefully up the stairs; she had stilettos on, and turned down the hallway that led to her baby girl's room. The red head stared at the sight of the wall.

There something red on the wall. Like blood…but that couldn't be.

Now, Tomiko was nervous.

Something felt very wrong here all of a sudden.

She opened the door and walked into the master bedroom.

What she saw would forever haunt her.

Her daughter lying down in a pool of blood.

Karin looked like she had been beaten savagely. Tomiko didn't see the bullet hole in the head.

She ran to her daughter's side and touched her. Her baby was cool. No! Please!

"Karin, sweetie, w-who d-did this to y-you? Huh? My poor sweet baby!" Those brown eyes study her daughter in a panic and saw the hole in the middle of her of her forehead. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God! She had to call the police. They would find out who did this to her precious baby. The mother reached for her bag and pulled out her cell phone with a shaky hand and trembling fingers. Tomiko wiped the tears from her face and took a deep breath shuddering breath. She had to compose herself just enough to be coherent.

Dialing the emergency operating number, they answered in one ring. "M-my baby's been m-murdered," she croaked.


Two police men knocked on Hozuki Suigetsu's door. They were here to question Hozuki about the Uzumaki shooting and see if what the shooter said had any merit. They also wanted to check out Hozuki's alibi for two nights ago. The heavy door opened swiftly and tall man with an expensive suit stepped in the door way. "Can I help you?"

"Yes. I am officer Akio and this is officer Fumio." They police officers showed their badges verifying their identity. "We're looking for Hozuki. Is here?"

"What's this about?"

"We have some questions that we need to ask him." Akio said calmly, eyeing the man's size. He could take both of them out no problem. "One moment, please." The huge man showed them to the foyer to wait. The large man went up the stairs and disappeared from their view.

He reappeared some minutes later with a strange disbelief look on his face. This caused the cops to tense with unease. "What's wrong?"

"I…I think the boss is dead," the bodyguard muttered quietly.

Fumio and Akio looked at each other in shock.


How was that possible? This owner of this house had security. Surely, someone had noticed if Hozuki had died during the night. Unless it was of natural causes.

"Show us to the bedroom," Fumio said snapping out of his stupor.

The cops ran up the stairs and followed the bodyguard to the room he pointed to. They walked in the room and saw Hozuki with his eyes closed, lying peacefully on the pillow.

Only his chest wasn't rising and falling to complete the image.

Fumio walked around the bed and saw the bullet hole to the head. "A shot to the head, Aki."

"Fuck, this is just fantastic, goddamnit." Akio pulled out his cell phone and called for back up.

They now had a murder on their hands.

Chapter 10


"Are the computers back online, Konan?" The blue haired woman looked away from the black screens.

"No, Pein. Still out."


Late last night, their computers had gone offline and had been out all night. Pein and Konan had been watching Hozuki's and Kumito's respectively when their computers shut off them. They had firewalls for this kind of thing. But apparently someone had easily penetrated their protections like it was kid game and shut them out of their own network.

Who knows what could have happened during this blackout?

Pein's cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out, "Hello?"

"Pein-san, this is Itachi."

"How are you this morning?"

"Good, however I have bad news. Kumito and Hozuki were found dead this morning in their houses."

Pein's orange eyebrow rose in shock. Both of them were dead? "Did you already know Pein-san?" He heard Itachi ask him.

"I…I had no idea. Our computers footage of the house had been shut off and we have been offline all night." This wasn't a coincidence. Someone wanted Kumito and Hozuki dead in the same night.

"What? Are you back online yet?" As soon as Itachi said those words a message appeared on all of the computers. It read: 'Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.' A smiley face appeared on the screens and then switched to show the police and investigators at the two different houses obviously collecting evidence.


Pein blinked. This was the most bizarre occurrence. "Sorry, Itachi-san. We just came back online. We're seeing footage of the police right now at both houses."

"Do you have any idea who could have done this?"

"Well, Itachi-san, there were some people closing in on Hozuki because they wanted his territory. One of them must have gotten to him last night during the blackout. But as for Kumito, I have no idea."

"I…see." The orange haired man heard Itachi sigh on the other line.

"Please let me know if you are able to find anything, Pein-san."

"Of course, Itachi-san."

The line went dead and the tall man shook his head. Couldn't anything run smoothly these days?


Grey eyes focused on her as he was brought out of his thoughts, "Yes, Konan?"

She ran her hand through her dark blue hair. "It will be difficult to find out who hacked us. It will be even harder to find out who killed Hozuki and Kumito."

Pein took a seat at a computer and turned to face his partner. "Why's that?"

"Because all the information that we ever collected on Hozuki and Kumito has been deleted, Pein. Even our backup is wiped out. The only information we have is what we printed out and gave to Itachi-san."

Pein stared at her with a hint of disbelief and then faced the computer and typed quickly, he waited for the program to open.

No data.

Everything was gone.

Cleaned out.

The surveillance video, pictures, notes, everything was gone.

Pein banged his fist on the rubber keyboard. "Fuck." Then he gripped his spiky hair and sighed. Today was going to be stressful.

Sasuke Uchiha ran his fingers through soft blonde hair. Naruto was so beautiful.

Especially in the morning. The sun's rays hit Naruto's hair making it look like spun gold. Naruto's cheeks were bit rosy from the chill of the room and his full lips were curved into a tiny smile.

Sasuke was currently lying beside his boyfriend on his hospital bed. The taller man needed to be close to his important person after almost losing him. He needed to remind himself that Naruto safe and sound from people who wanted to hurt and take him away.

Sasuke especially wanted to remind himself that last night had been worth it.

Looking at the blonde curled into his chest and watching with rapt attention of his boyfriend's chest rising up and down while he slept, it was definitely worth it.

A dark smirk titled his lips; he wondered if the bodies had been discovered yet? He hoped who ever found them were horrified and scared. Just as scared as he had been when he had held Naruto as he lay bleeding and fighting for his life.

The smirk became even wider as he continued to ponder the situation. There was no way this could be connected to him. Kisame knew a hacker by the name of Shikamaru who took Pein and Konan surveillance out of the question. He thanked Itachi for telling him about them or else his and Kisame's plan would not have worked so flawlessly. Shikamaru had even found that there additional people watching Hozuki. Other crime syndicates ready to pounce on the platinum haired man when given the opportunity. Kisame would have his murder pin on of them. As for Kumito, that bitch's murder who would be chalked up to a robber gone bad. Sasuke didn't give a fuck what they classified the murder as, as long as it would taint his and his lover's life.

He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Naruto's forehead. Dark eyes roved over Naruto's features.

There was no guilt involved. Naruto was safe and alive and that was all that mattered.

The blonde's eyelids fluttered and the taller man could tell the blonde was waking up. He brushed the smaller man's fringe from his eyes and looked directly into sleepy blue eyes.

"Morning, dobe."

A teasing grin, "Good morning, teme."

Naruto gave Sasuke an appraising stare. "What?"

The blonde's grin widened, "You were staring at me while I slept, wondering how I could be so handsome in the morning, right?"

Dark eyes narrowed, playfully. "Since when did you become so cocky in the morning?" Sasuke could see the smirk tugging on those pink kissable lips.

Naruto reached up and brushed his fingers against his Uchiha's jaw line. The blonde used the pad of his thumb to rub the taller man's chin. "When I started working for the hottest boss in the world."

A chuckle escaped Sasuke and he leaned down and kissed Naruto's temple but remained hovered over his blonde breathing in the lingering scent of his hair, "Flattery will get you everywhere, dobe." Sasuke pulled away and smiled at Naruto. There had been moment when the Uchiha had thought that he had lost Naruto forever, lost his heart forever but here he was joking with him.

Sasuke saw the daze look overcome Naruto's features because of his smile and widened it just a bit, "Like what you see, dobe?"

The blonde gently brought Sasuke's head down an inch from his lips, "I'll always like you, Sasuke-teme." With that said Sasuke kissed his blonde with a mute passion because Naruto was still recovering from his wound. He felt those warm, thin arms wind around his neck keeping him firmly on top of the blonde, but the Uchiha was careful not to lay his full weight on Naruto. Sasuke ran his fingers down Naruto's neck and shoulders, shimmering down to those hips and grinding lightly.

Naruto separated their lips to take a breath and a low moan escaped his lips. "Hmm…Sasuke…good!"

The Uchiha continued to move his hips, teasing the man on the bed and then came to a stop causing Naruto to whine.

"Sorry, dobe. That's just a hint of what you'll get when you leave here and get better."

"Nooo…teme," Naruto pouted and then bit his lip looking at Sasuke from underneath his lashes. Sasuke felt his breath quicken at the action.

"Sasuke, I'll do whatever you like if you give me more." The older man licked his lips about to take advantage of such an offer but the door openedprecipitously. Juggo eyes met his own. Sasuke could tell by the expression on the bodyguard's face that he was not going to like the visitor.

"Sasuke-san, your mother is here to see you." He really hated his ability to read people sometimes. What the fuck could she possibly want? Sasuke didn't call her here and he certainly didn't wish for her presence at the moment. Or any future moments. But he would deal with her accordingly.

Naruto watched as warm obsidian eyes became frosty shards of ice. Sasuke moved off the bed and fixed his rumpled clothes as best as he could. "Send her in Juggo," the Uchiha snapped in a chilling tone.

"Yes, Sasuke-san." The Uchiha walked around the bed to stand before the door and at the same time block his mother sight from Naruto. She had no right to see him as it was her fault that he was here in the first place.

Juggo stepped aside and Mikoto entered the room with an air of nobility that she always carried with her. It made Sasuke disgusted. While she was well mannered, she was incredibly selfish.

The door closed behind her with a finality that made her shiver a bit. Looking into her youngest child's eyes, she saw the perfect Uchiha mask set in. It was the same look that her late husband and Itachi gave when they were dealing with characters that did not deserve their time and energy in the slightest.

She took a breath, "Good morning, my son."

"What do you want?"

Mikoto bit her lip at the tone of his voice and gazed at her son with apologetic eyes. "I just wanted to see how you were doing, Sasuke."

Her son just crossed his arms, "As you can see, I'm not the one laying in a hospital bed."

"I don't see why you are so hostile towards me, my son. It's not like it is my fault that your Vice President in the hospital." Mikoto glared at Sasuke fed up with his attitude. It was time for him to grow up and stop this childishness. She could understand that he was still upset with her for engaging him to someone without his consideration. But it was time for him to forgive her now.

A sardonic smile twisted full lips, "Well, Mother, did you know that it was Kumito who had Naruto shot at the benefit?"

Sasuke took in the overly pale face and quite literally watched the blood drain from her face. He continued, "You didn't know?" A cheerless grin, "Because of you, Naruto almost lost his life. All because you wanted to shove a useless bitch on me that I could never want."

The dark haired woman swallowed, but it felt as if her mouth was dry. "I had no idea, Sasuke. I'm very sor-"

"I don't want your apologies. I want you to go back to ignoring me," onyx eyes stared emotionlessly into equally dark eyes.

"W-what?" The older woman didn't understand. Why was he saying this? Didn't Sasuke want her back in his life? "I'm afraid I don't understand Sasuke. Do you not want-"

Again the younger Uchiha interrupted her, "Look, I was doing just fine before you made of mess of things. Go back to missing your dead husband and leave me alone. You've caused me nothing but heartache. I almost lost the only person I love in this world because you wanted grandchildren or what ever your convoluted reasoning was for engaging me that slut."

Sasuke sighed, rubbing his forehead suddenly tired of her being here. "I…I just don't want you in my life. So please leave."

Mikoto couldn't believe it. Her son, her baby boy didn't want her anymore. It was true that she had not paid much attention to him after her beloved Fugaku died, but she was just trying to make amends now. The woman watched with watery eyes as Sasuke turned away from her and take the blonde's hand in his own, intertwining their fingers and brushed a soft kiss on it.

The Uchiha woman cleared her throat trying to spress the onslaught of tears, "I won't give up on you Sasuke. I am your mother and I love you."

"I don't want your love. I want you to leave now."

Mikoto knew this was a losing battle. Maybe when Uzumaki was healed, she could try again. Maybe he would be in a more forgiving mood afterward.

Sasuke heard the door close and immediately the tension left his body. He had meant every word. He didn't not want her around for anything, certainly not love, or support. Naruto would provide that for him.

He felt soft fingers brush the inside of his wrist and he smiled, but it was faint. "Yes, Naruto?"

"Did Kumito really try to kill me?"

Sasuke finally looked up from the bed rails and into confused azure eyes. "Yes, Naruto she did."

The Uchiha watched as Naruto eyes widened and then closed painfully. Sasuke brought the hand to his lips again. It must be very to hear that someone wanted you dead because they wanted the person you were currently involved with.

"Tell me everything, Sasuke," the blonde said softly.

The Uchiha told him everything, finding the evidence, Kumito's plan to have him killed just so she could be Sasuke's fiancée. The dark haired man was smart enough to leave out the part that he killed Hozuki and Kumito for harming his blonde Vice President.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair and then pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well, will the police handle this quickly or something since there's evidence?"

"Hopefully soon, dobe."

Naruto gave him a weak smile. But then his whole demeanor changed abruptly. "Less talk about the morbid stuff. Are you going to finish kissing me or what?"

Sasuke laughed, feeling happy to do away with the depressing shit if only for a couple hours. "Maybe after breakfast."

"The hell do you mean maybe? I'm a hot commodity, teme. The nurses as we speak are breaking down the door to molest this body!"

A dark eyebrow rose, "I have security at the door, dobe."

Naruto put his hand behind his head and rubbed the soft spikes, "Heh…there goes my theory, yeah?"

Sasuke smirked. He leaned down and kissed his dobe's adorable nose. "You're too cute, dobe." He gave the man a loving smile that reached those dark eyes.

"I'm not a dobe, teme," the blonde whined. He turned his head and pouted with a soft blush coloring his cheeks.

Sasuke grinned and turned towards the door. "I'll be back with breakfast soon, dobe. Don't miss me too much, okay?"


The tall man felt the slight breeze and enjoyed the fresh air as the hospital's automatic doors opened. Sasuke headed down to the parking lot to his expensive black car with the intent to leave and be back as soon as possible.

But alas that plan was ruined as Itachi was leaning against his car like it belonged to him.

Fucker. The younger Uchiha didn't go leaning up against his car like it was his. But this is how his older brother was. He thought he had the right to do anything.

Itachi moved off the car and stood facing his little brother. He looked around the parking lot carefully before speaking. "How are you brother?"

"I'm fine, Itachi. I was just leaving if you don't mind." Sasuke disabled and unlocked the car, reaching for the door opening it only for Itachi to close it with a firm push.

"I have something to discuss with you little brother." The older Uchiha stood up straighter staring Sasuke down.

Dark eyes narrowed. "And what could that be?"

Crimson studied Sasuke critically, "Did you know that Kumito and Hozuki were found dead this morning?"

The youngest Uchiha knew Itachi was testing him. His brother was watching for the tiniest flaws in his mask to pick up on to try and figure out what he was thinking. Sasuke wouldn't put it pass Itachi to have called Pein this morning only to find out that they had a blackout where they had seen nothing.

"No," Sasuke answered in a bland tone, "I had no idea. Do you they have a suspect?"

Itachi couldn't believe the audacity Sasuke had to lie and to him no less. Who did his little brother think he was dealing with? One of those novice businessmen who were ignorant of people and their ways?

"I know you had them killed Sasuke."

A delicate eyebrow rose in amusement. So Itachi thought he had all the answers, did he? "Really, now? And you have proof such activities?"

"No, but-"

"Then how can you accuse me? You have no proof and you're just speculating. I'm appalled that you considered me a suspect, big brother." Sasuke mocked, emphasizing the words big brother. He watched as Itachi gritted his teeth in frustration.

The older Uchiha stared stonily at his brother for a minute more. "You better hope for your sake that Naruto forgives you when he finds out that he's dating a killer." With that said, Itachi left and went back to his car that was parked five spots down. He sped from the parking lot leaving Sasuke there contemplating the conversation that just occurred.

Two Weeks Later

Naruto knew Sasuke was hiding something from him. As he sat on the bed, the thought repeated itself over and over. Sasuke was indeed hiding something from him, his boyfriend.

He had no idea what it was but he was able to pick it up from his boyfriend's behavior.

When Naruto had been released from the hospital, Sasuke graciously offered that Naruto come home with him. He accepted of course and Sasuke took him to his apartment first so they could pick up some clothes and then Sasuke drove them home. The Uchiha had been prepared to stay home and wait hand and foot on Naruto, but the Uzumaki had kicked him the hell out. He told Sasuke to go and catch up on some work at the office.

The Uchiha refused outright, but Naruto had offered a compromise, putting his business skills to use. He told Sasuke he could call him as often as he wanted to check up on him and Naruto swore he would take it easy. Sasuke agreed reluctantly but after the first couple of days, the taller man felt a bit better about leaving him at home, with the maids. That had been last week.

But it was the mornings and the evenings that often left Naruto confused. Sasuke would talk with him about work and or any topics that came up in conversations. When Naruto had found out Kumito and Hozuki were dead, the Uchiha shrugged and commented that the 'fuckers can't hurt you anymore.' Naruto didn't know how take such a statement.

And when the dark haired man thought that Naruto wasn't looking, Sasuke was looking at him with this strange, sad look…like he was going to lose him or something. And when the taller man thought he was asleep, he would feel those slight rough fingers stroke his head and he felt those petal soft lips kissing him with a reverence that he was used to since being with Sasuke. They were almost like goodbye kisses and then the actions would be repeated.

But he would never leave Sasuke, so he didn't know why the Uchiha was even considering such a notion.

Was Sasuke leaving him? Is that why he kept staring at him with those dark desperate eyes?

Well, it didn't matter. When he came home tonight, Naruto was going to confront him and they were going to talk it out.

It was good thing that Sasuke was due home soon.

Naruto left the bedroom and went downstairs. He headed for the kitchen to find Sasuke already eating his dinner. The taller man had taken off his suit jacket and tie and they were hung over the chair to his left. The first three buttons of his white dress shirt was unbuttoned. As always, his lover looked impeccable. He took a seat on the right side of his boyfriend.

"Why didn't you come upstairs first?" He pouted at the end of his sentence. He saw the Uchiha's lips upturn a little at the action.

Sasuke swallowed his food, took a drink of wine and then answered, "Before the maids left, they told me you were upstairs napping. I didn't want to wake you."

"You could have kissed me awake, though. Or were you so hungry because you didn't eat lunch again and wanted to come home sooner?"

This time Sasuke fully smiled and Naruto enjoyed his expression. It was so carefree. This is how his boyfriend should be. "Yeah, I had two meetings back to back so I didn't get chance to eat. Then I had to go over some paper work with the lawyers."

Naruto stood up and moved to stand behind Sasuke's chair. He then began massaging those broad muscular shoulders gently. He heard his lover's moaned appreciation and he smiled. The blonde kept up the massage, silently building up the courage to ask Sasuke about the truth.

He heard Sasuke placed his fork on the plate with a small clang. Now was the time, the teme was relaxed and he was full. Now was a great time. "Sasuke?"

The Uchiha tilted his head up catching the seriousness in the small man's voice, "Yes, Naruto? What's wrong?"

Naruto took a deep breath. "I know you're keeping something from me, Sasuke. Tell me what it is. It hurts me to see you look at me like that! Just tell me, teme!"

The Uchiha brought a hand to his forehead and let his fingers grip his bangs tightly. "Damnit, fuck!..." He thought he had more time before Naruto would notice. But this was Naruto Uzumaki, it stupid on his part to think that he wouldn't notice. Even though they had only been working for months together, he knew the blonde knew him because Sasuke wanted Naruto to know him.

Sasuke stood abruptly from his seat at the table causing Naruto to move back. The Uchiha picked up his plate and glass and put them in the sink, running water over them. He heard Naruto follow him into the kitchen. He turned and faced his blonde and reached for his wrist gently. "Let's talk about this up stairs."

The vice president nodded. He followed Sasuke up the stairs and before he knew it, they were the master bedroom. Sasuke gestured for him to sit on the bed while he remained standing.

Sasuke ran his fingers through his dark hair, and then he looked up and stared deeply at Naruto. "I want to you promise you won't leave me."

Naruto frowned, "Sasuke-teme, I'm not going to leave. Just tell me."

But Sasuke shook his head as if he was sure his blonde was going to leave. "No, you have to promise me Naruto. I did what I did for you," the youngest Uchiha pleaded.

'What ever he did is troubling him terribly,' Naruto thought taking in the expression on Sasuke's face. The dark haired man was looking at the floor and biting his lip. He looked like a little kid to Naruto. A little kid that was used to people leaving him.

"I promise you, Sasuke Uchiha that I won't leave you. No matter what."

The Uchiha smiled weakly at the promise but the smile disappeared quickly off his pale face. "Remember when I told I found out that Kumito asked Hozuki to have you killed?"

A nod of the head, "I was in the hospital room with you while you were unconscious and then I received a phone call. It was your friend Kisame and he wanted to inquire about your status post surgery. But then, Kisame offered some services of some people he used to know."

Naruto turned his head a bit to the side. "Offered you services to do what?"

His boyfriend rubbed his hand down his face. "To get rid of the problem," rasped out in a cold voice. Sasuke's beautiful eyes darkened with hatred as he recalled the situation.

Blue eyes swirled with confusion, "What problem are you talking about Sasuke? Kumito and Hozuki? Wait a minute…"

Sasuke waited for realization to set in. "Did you and Kisame hire people to kill them?"

The Uchiha shrugged. "You're only half right."

Naruto examined Sasuke closely. Those eyes were freezing as if replaying something that angered him greatly. "Then what I am missing?"

"I went with Zabuza to Kumito's house and put a bullet right in her fucking head, Naruto."

The blonde gaped at him. Sasuke killed Karin? He tried to wrap his mind around the new information. "Why did you do it, Sasuke?" He breathed out softly.

Immediately, Sasuke was kneeling before him, grasping both of his hands tightly. "You have to understand, Naruto. When you woke up from your coma I was so happy, but I kept thinking about how you ended up there in the first place. I knew I couldn't take the chance she would hurt you again. Because then it would have been all my fault. So I killed, Naruto. I did it so you could be safe. I had to protect you no matter what."

Azure eyes slipped closed for a moment, then opened again to peer at Sasuke. "So you did it for me?" he whispered trying to understand his love's motives.

"Yes, and I would do it again in heartbeat, Naruto. Your happiness and safety means the absolute world to me. I just hope you won't leave me for it."

The Uchiha watched Naruto look at the floor in thought. Finally, after what felt like forever, Naruto eyes met his own. "Sasuke, I…I understand why you did it. I think that if I been in the same situation, I probably would have done the same thing. You mean the world to me, teme."

The taller man gazed at the blonde in amazement.

He understood?

He thought for sure Naruto was going to shake him off and storm out of his house and go to the police. But Naruto continued, "You were doing what you thought was right. But look at me Sasuke, I'm not leaving you." Naruto was voice was sure and firm which calmed Sasuke immensely.

Sasuke wet his lips, "Are you going to turn me into the police? I did admit to having someone killed. And I killed a person in cold blood."

Naruto pulled his hand away to smack Sasuke upside the head, "Stop trying to push me away. I'm not going to turn you in, teme. I'm here to stay, for better or worse. However, promise me something Sasuke."

"Anything," the Uchiha said instantly.

"Don't lie to me every again. We do not keep secrets from each other, do you hear me?"

A light smirk crossed his face before fading. He liked when Naruto was forceful. It made him feel secure in their relationship. "I promise, no secrets."

The tall man rose off the floor and pulled the small man into his arms. "Thank you, Naruto. Thank you so much." He kept repeating it into the crook of his blonde's neck.

Sasuke sat on the bed with Naruto on his lap. He leaned up and kissed those sweet lips trying to as much passion into as possible. Eventually they had to pull away because they needed to breathe. "I love you, Naruto so much."

A sweet tender expression broke Naruto's somber look. Thin tan arms wrapped around his neck relieved. He was happy Sasuke was able to tell him the truth.

Naruto hoped that this didn't come back to haunted their happiness.

"I love you too, Sasuke. Very much."

Love me for who I am…

I'm yours…

To be Continued…

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