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Hinata smiled softly at the sleeping child in her arms. ( Iie, it's not Hinata's.) Little Rin was so cute. She looked up at Rock Lee and saw that he and Sakura had passed out from tiredness. She smiled again and put Rin to sleep by her elder brother GaiKashi. ( They are so cute together even if GaiKashi has a weird name. It's not his fault though.) Hinata thought remembering the reason why he name came to be the way it was. When he had been born Rock Lee had wanted to name him after Gai-sensei. While Sakura on the other hand wanted to name him after Kakashi-sensei so they agreed on GaiKashi since the others names they thought of were even odder than that one. Hinata really couldn't blame them for being tired. They had two children to take care of now. GaiKashi was 1 and little Rin was 6 weeks.

Hinata silently closed the door only to bump into Naruto and Sasuke. She blushed a little. ( 23 and still had a tiny crush on Naruto but that was only because Naruto had started to notice that Hinata liked him.)

" Hey Hinata-chan, Sasuke-teme and I were just about to go to the training grounds because Sasuke wants to have his ass kicked by me again want to come and watch?" Naruto asked and Hinata heard Sasuke mumble a whatever dobe. Hinata would have loved to go she looked at Naruto's smiling face and then at Sasuke's annoyed one and decided against it. She would just be a burden to the both of them. She shook her head no and Naruto's face dropped a moment then looked up as if no worries. Hinata smiled at him and continued on her way.

" Bye Naruto-kun, and bye to you to Sasuke-kun." Hinata called not wanting the Uchiha man to feel left out. As she entered the Hyuuga manor she headed towards the kitchen and heard plates being thrown and then a crash came. Hinata used her Byuakagan to look through the walls. She didn't need good hearing to hear them for the walls were pretty thin. Inside the kitchen Hinata's father Hiashi and her sister Hanabi were talking.

" Why her father? I have always been the stronger one! Even if sister isn't as weak as she used to be I am still strong." Hanabi screamed out at Hiashi. ( Correction Hanabi is barely chuunin while Hinata has been Jounin for a year now.)

" Hanabi, we have gone over this many time before, you are to arrogant and care only for yourself that is not good in a leader. Hinata is caring and will listen to what the people have to say and will pass good judgment on what would be best for the clan and she is also strong. That is what the Hyuuga need in a leader. So it is decided that Hinata will take the clan over once she is 25. Besides it isn't just the elders that think this is best I agree with them Hanabi." Hiashi said and Hinata couldn't believe her ears her father was praising her! Hinata heard another smash and she knew that Hanabi had thrown another plate. As Hanabi rounded the corner she saw her sister and glared at her like she was the devil himself.

" I hate you Hinata for taking away my chance to be leader. I will never forgive you for taking away something that is rightfully mine. It's not like you even want to lead the Hyuuga or even care about us." Hanabi hissed and was about to try ( she would have never succeeded) in slapping Hinata. Hinata felt something strange well up inside of her. She wanted to lash out at Hanabi but a voice from the shadows stopped them both.

" The title of Heiress has always belonged to Hinata-sama never you Hanabi. I suggest that you rethink you agendas little cousin." Neji said coldly and Hanabi turned on him and glared at him while Hinata gave him a small smile.

" So finally little nee-chans night in shining armor has come to her rescue. Well nii-san I hope that someday you finally get the guts to…." She stopped and whispered something towards Neji that Hinata didn't catch. Neji's face turned a thunderous red. He glared coldly at Hanabi.

" Hanabi, if you don't want a certain Konahamaru to have a little chat with me about you know what then I would kindly suggest that you keep you little mouth shut about things that do not concern you." Hanabi glared back at Neji. Hinata knew that it must have been something pretty important for Neji to bring up Konahamaru. Hanabi walked away silently giving Neji death threats.

Hinata smiled gratefully at Neji. Neji returned the smile with his own tight small one. Small as it was it was sincere. Hinata opened her mouth to thank him with a blinding light appeared everywhere at once and the Earth shook. As quickly as it came it was gone but it had been powerful enough to make the Hyuuga cousins fall to the floor and everything to go black. Everything was dark and Hinata hadn't even thought about activating her Byuakagan instead she was wondering what in the world she was laying on. Whatever it was it sure was soft. Neji groaned silently there was something on him pinning him to the ground. He was about to activate his Byuakagan when the lights suddenly flickered on. After his eyes adjusting to the light he was surprised to see Hinata's face a mere inch away from his. He watched at Hinata silently turned various shades of red.

" I um umm Gomen." Hinata said and got up off of Neji. Neji looked at her flustered face and smiled a little. ( She is such a little kid sometimes.) Neji thought.

" It's okay Hinata-sama." Neji said and got up as well and dusted himself off. Neji was about to say something about the noise when Kiba and TenTen burst through the door breathing heavily.

" Hinata-chan, Neji we are needed at the Hokage's office immediately." Kiba said and TenTen was nodding her head in agreement. She might be a perfect aim but her worst thing was running. Neji and Hinata nodded and Hinata ran to join Kiba and TenTen while Neji just puffed there considering that he was ANBU and could do that. ( I know Hinata can to but she is being nice considering Kiba and TenTen can't.) When Neji walked into the Hokage's office he was surprised to see Tsunade, Shizune, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Rock Lee, Sakura and chibi versions of Naruto and Sasuke being held by Shizune. As soon as Neji entered the room Naruto and Sasuke turned around and smiled at Sasuke climbing down from Shizune's grasps. They started to scream they heads off in joy as they headed towards Neji.

" Otousan!" They squealed in joy as the grasped his legs. He looked up at Tsunade shocked and angry.

" What in the world is happening here? Why are they like that and why are they calling me dad?" Neji asked his temper flaring a little. Tsunade was about to answer Neji when he suddenly looked down because Naruto was pulling on his pant leg.

" Otousan whewe is Kaa-chan? Why isn't she hewe yet? Why did you bwing her with you?" Little Naruto asked and Neji her Ino mumbled something about him being cute. Neji sighed for he couldn't be mean to a child and have the wrath of a little Naruto screaming at him.

" She was helping a little old lady with her stuff she should be here in a little bit Naruto." Neji said and Naruto nuzzled his face in Neji's pants not looking at anyone. Neji looked back up at Tsunade for an answer just as the door opened and TenTen walked in followed by Kiba and Hinata. As Sasuke looked at Hinata he knew that she was his Kaa-chan. He squealed in joy and ran over to her and thrust his hands in the air trying to reach her. He pouted when he couldn't.

" I can't weach her!" He pouted and Hinata picked him up on instinct. She looked closely at the child. It looked just like Sasuke. Sasuke smiled and Hinata and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

" Nii-san! Kaa-chan is hewe! I foundeded ( yes I did that on purpose) her!" Sasuke said and Naruto's head popped up. He smiled at Hinata and ran over to her thrusting his hands in the air also. Hinata was starting to get confused and Neji could see it in her eyes. He swiftly picked Naruto up and walked over to Hinata so Naruto could at least be beside her. Sasuke kissed Hinata on the cheek again and nuzzled his little face in her hair. ( It has grown longer and is to the middle of her back.)

" Kaa-chan, I missed you so much. Why did you weave me?" Naruto wined from Neji's arms. His little arms were crossed over his chest and he was pouting. Sasuke glared at Naruto for being mean to his Kaa-chan. He stuck his tongue out at Naruto.

" Well I believe Otousan! I think it was nice of you to help that lady Kaa-chan. I wouve you Kaa-chan!" Sasuke said and squirmed down into the protectiveness of Hinata's breast and promptly fell asleep. Hinata looked up at everyone shocked. As if they were twins Naruto followed Sasuke's actions and fell asleep on Neji's shoulder.

" What is going on?" Hinata asked once Naruto's light snores were heard. Tsunade sighed and told them what she never of the situation.

" It seems that today when Sasuke and Naruto went out to train they had a run in with Itachi. Itachi was trying to retrieve the Kyuubi. Sasuke seeing his chance to kill his brother attacked and Naruto being Naruto joined in. From what I can see Itachi, Naruto, and Sasuke were all trying to do some sort of justu and it some how merged together causing this to happen. Alas Sasuke and Naruto don't remember anything but well their names. Obviously they think that the two of you are their parents. Itachi was killed in the process. I have already had ANBU take care of his body." She said and rubbed her temples thinking. It was quiet for a moment.

" What are we going to do with the troublesome brats?" Shikamaru asked and received a slap on the head from Ino.

" Shika, they might be little now but they were still our teammates!" She said annoyed. Shikamaru mumbled a whatever and Tsunade looked up at them with a gleam in her eyes. Hinata was preoccupied with the sleeping Sasuke in her arms but Neji didn't let the look go unnoticed.

" No, Hokage-sama. No No No No and No!" Neji said before Tsunade uttered one word. She smiled evilly at him and nodded her head yes.

" Neji Hyuuga, Hinata Hyuuga you will both take care of Sasuke and Naruto before they return to their normal states. You will act like their parents and maybe even give the both of them the happy child life that they deserve." Neji groaned.

" I mean it Neji, if you don't do this I will take your ANBU title away and make you regain it the hard way." Tsunade said and Neji glared at her.

" I don't mind taking care of them. They are really cute actually." Hinata said and everyone looked at her and she blushed a little. Tsunade smiled at her saying thank you.

" Then it is settled. Ya'll will live in your house Neji seeing how it is the bigger of the two and that Hinata lives at home where these two will not be wanted. Get moved in together and get comfortable because if they don't out grow this thing and turn back normal ya'll are stuck! Now get out!" Tsunade ordered and everyone fled not wanting to deal with a week straight sober Tsunade any longer. Neji and Hinata walked to Neji's house together silently.

" Why did you have to say that Hinata we could have gotten out of this!" Neji said angrily and Hinata looked up at him shocked.

" I I I gomen nii-san, I wasn't thinking." She said and hung her head. Neji looked over at her and sighed.

" It's not your fault Hinata-sama. I guess I am just a little angry about having to deal with two children. I am not that good with kids but you will help me ne?" Neji asked and Hinata smiled at him.

" Of course Nii-san!" She said and Neji looked at her oddly.

" That has to go also Hinata. Now that we have to act like parents I can't have you calling me brother it would seem wrong. I won't call you Hinata-sama anymore unless in front on elders if you won't call me nii-san deal?" He asked and Hinata smiled brighter.

" Hai, Neji nii I mean Neji-kun." She said and Neji smiled at her as they stepped into their home for how long no one knew.