Neji's head was seriously throbbing making him close to the brink of insanity. The puppy turned out to be a girl that loved to bark at him the moment he got close to Naruto and Sasuke. Neji sighed to himself. At least its not as bad as when they had to name it. Thank god Hinata resolved that one. He thought. It was true when it had come time to name the puppy neither Naruto or Sasuke could agree on anything to name it. Naruto wanted to name it 'Wamen' and Sasuke wanted to name her Doom. The argued about it for close to 2 painful hours until finally Hinata stopped talking to Kiba. Neji growled softly thinking about that. Long enough to say that the puppy's name would be Sumi. Then Hinata being the hospitable compassionate person she is offered that baka to eat here. Neji smirked remembering the evil glares both Sasuke and Naruto gave Kiba making him say he would love to but couldn't. If I didn't know better I'd say they really were my sons. … What's this? The little shit has stopped yapping? Neji asked himself and got up from his meditating (hiding) position in the closet. Sure enough the puppy had stopped barking and Hinata was cooking in the kitchen. Neji let a little smile creep on to his face. She looked beautiful there. Walking up behind her quietly he wrapped his arms around her middle causing a grasp to come from her lips.

" You should be more careful Hinata, you are a ninja and should be able to tell when someone's creepy up behind you." Neji said quite enjoying the way she gasped and felt against him. Hinata smiled slightly. Neji's hands and arms were warm and felt good.

" Well Neji I knew you were coming I just didn't expect your arms to be." She said a smile playing upon her lips. What's this feeling? Could I possibly have feelings for Neji-Nii???? Hinata asked herself. She was confusing herself but all thought left her when she heard Neji's deep chuckle and felt him press a kiss to the back of her neck causing her to shudder.

" So you were just going to let me sneak up on you Hinata?" Neji asked his breath tickling her ear causing her knees to grow slightly weaker.

" Of course not Neji I would have said something sooner or later." Hinata said loving the way her name rolled off his tongue a little to much. Neji slowly pulled his arms away from Hinata's middle and turned her around. Her cheeks were a pretty pink and her eyes looked up at him two shining diamonds of lilac. Slowly Neji inclined his head and pressed his lips to Hinata's own two soft rose petal like ones. He didn't expect a reaction this time. He knew his little Hinata was to shy but to his delightful surprise she gasped slightly before pressing her lips back to his. Daringly Neji slipped his tongue out to lick Hinata's bottom lip and just when she opened her mouth to let Neji enter it he heard two voices whom at that moment he wanted to kill both of them.

" Otousan! What awe you doing to kaa-san?" Naruto asked. Neji let out a growl and turned around.

" Helping her to breathe." Neji bit out while Hinata giggled slightly. Neji turned to look at her out of the corner of his eye. Her face was flushed beautifully and her lips were slightly swollen. He loved that look on her knowing it was from him.

" Did you want something?" Hinata asked squirming out from behind Neji to stand in front of the two boys. Naruto nodded and opened his mouth to speak before closing it.

" Nii-san you tell hew." Naruto said clearly having forgotten what they were going to say. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

" Did you fowget?" He asked a little smugly causing Hinata to sigh. Naruto shook his head.

" Of couwse not nii-san I just tink you tell it bettew." Naruto said quickly making up a lie. Neji was a little impressed the Naruto he knew couldn't even lie that well. Sasuke rose a little eyebrow but shrugged and turned to face Hinata. He looked up at her and started to speak.

" Kaa-san me and nii-san wewe….." He suddenly stopped talking and fell to the ground on his knees a blood curdling scream escaping his tiny mouth. Immediately Hinata began to panic.

" Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! Tell me whats wrong!" Hinata said urgently while Neji stood there a little shocked. What just happened? He asked himself as he watched Hinata pick up the ever screaming Sasuke.

" Kaa-san!!!! What's wrong with Nii-san!?!?!" Naruto asked in distress. He hated to see his brother in pain and the tears started to flow.

" Neji! Grab Naruto and meet me at the Godaimes office." Hinata ordered before she ran out the door in speeds that would have rivaled Lee's without his heavy weights on. Neji looked at the bawling Naruto and he picked him up.

" Otousan will Nii-san be alwight?" Naruto asked sniffling. Neji made a slightly face.

" I don't know son. I don't know." Neji said before heading out after Hinata. He didn't see her anywhere and knew that meant she was either way ahead of him or there by now. He was slightly shocked. Mother's who had children in trouble really did get huge bursts of adrenaline.

Hinata burst into Tsunade's office her breathing deep. She glowered at Tsunade seeing her passed out on her desk. Sasuke was still screaming and it was waking Tsunade up slowly.

" What's that noise?" She muttered.

" TSUNADE-SAMA! SASUKE IS SCREAMING LIKE HE'S ABOUT TO DIE! GET YOUR DRUNK ASS UP AND FIX IT!" Hinata yelled at her. Mentally she told herself that she would apologize later. Tsunade jumped up at the sound of Hinata Hyuuge yelling at her. She looked up saw the screaming boy and sobered up immediately.

" Shizune! Give me some space and put a sound blockage on my office." Tsunade yelled to her assistant who nodded and rushed out of the room to do as she was told. Tsunade took the screaming boy from Hinata and put two glowing green fingers to his forehead. He quieted and soon stopped screaming all together as Tsunade pushed everything off her desk and placed him on it softly.

" What's wrong with my child Tsunde-Sama." Hinata demanded her eyes fiery. Tsunade sighed a little bit and looked up at Hinata. She knew what was happening but she didn't have the heart to tell Hinata about it. The process would be extremely painful and she'd have to deal with a screaming Sasuke often. Tsuande went around her desk to grab some packets of crushed deer horn amongst other things and grabbed a bowl to mix it in. " Tsunade-sama!" Hinata said seeing as the older women wasn't about to answer her. Tsunade looked up at Hinata sharply.

" Sasuke is growing rapidly and remembering everything that has ever happened to him. I am afraid that he will be the same Sasuke we always knew though there is a chance he will remember all of this as well and he might be changed slightly." She said pouring the ingredients into the bowel and crushing them together. Hinata's breath caught as she looked at Sasuke. It was true his body was already that the size of a 12 year olds. He would be his own age within minutes. Hinata was about to say something to Tsunade when Neji burst in the door holding Naruto.

" Hinata?!?!?!" He called and spotted her sighing slightly. " Where's Sasuke?" He asked but Naruto answered his question.

" Nii-san what happened to you?" He whispered with child like innocence. Hinata turned around and there before her was a naked and regular aged Sasuke looking very pissed. He glared at Hinata before lunging at her. The last thing Hinata heard was Tsunade screaming Sasuke's name and Naruto crying.

" Don't cry Naruto." Hinata murmured before she sat up in a gasp. She was in what looked like a hospital. " Neji?" She asked looking around. It was dark in the room. She saw something shuffle on the other side of the room. " Neji?" She called again.

" No, not Neji." A deep voice came and a pair of red eyes stared at her in the darkness. Hinata's breath caught. She knew who those eyes belonged to though they weren't Itachi's and she wasn't as scared as she should have been considering that he was the one who probably put her in this hospital bed in the first place.

" Sasuke-kun what are you doing in here?" Hinata asked trying to keep the slight fright out of her voice. Sasuke fully stepped into the moonlight his eyes fading back to their regular onyx.

" Watching over you." He said simply as if she should have known it. Hinata was confused. He was the one who did this to her so why was he watching over her. Sasuke saw the question in Hinata's eyes and he sighed a little. " I didn't mean to attack you Hinata, you were just the first person I saw. I was waking from my ... nightmares of being a small child and having Itachi kill my clan. I have already explained the entire situation to Tsunade. Your guard dog Neji didn't want me to be in here with you but it seems that Naruto-no-baka is finally changing back as well. Though Tsunade got the remedy to slow down the process and ease the pain to him before she could to me." Sasuke said pulling up a chair and explaining everything. Hinata nodded. She now understood the situation. Though now she would no longer have to live with Neji or take care of two children. She thought a little sadly. She had been enjoying it.

" Are you feeling okay?" Hinata asked looking up at Sasuke. He had been screaming like he was in a lot of pain and reliving his entire life... it couldn't have been to pretty. Sasuke looked at her and nodded curtly.

" I am fine though its not me you should be worring about. It's Naruto... he's had a very hard past though I was tortured by my brother part of my past is dark and so it didn't hurt as much though Naruto... he had to live through me doing everything I've done." Sasuke said with a half guilty voice. Hinata's eyes watered slightly and without thinking about it she reached a hand out held Sasuke's gently.

" He'll be okay. Naruto is strong." She said to him softly. Sasuke looked at their hands for a moment before looking up at Hinata. There was something in her eyes in the way he gazed at her that made her afraid in a good way.

" Hai you are right... Hinata." He said his deep voice causing her to shudder. What are all these feelings? First Neji and now...Sasuke. She didn't understand it. Just yesterday Sasuke had been her child and now gazing upon the man in front of her she felt something more.