Summary: YYH/HP Crossover. Severus finds a young but badly injured silver kitsune kit in the Forest. Can he save it? And what does Youko have to do with anything? And why is Shuichi the next DADA Instructor? AU and not HBP compatible.

A/N: This is a YYH/HP crossover. I thought I would try this type of cross over. As you can guess the little kit's name will be Yukiko which means "snow child." I found this interesting Japanese name site: http:// www. behindthename. com/ nmc/ jap.php. First let me say that I'm a little old lady from Michigan. The only language I know is American English. Trust me, there is a difference between American English, British English and Australian English. (Sorry, a personal rant.) Anyways, I hope I got the translation right for 'snow child.' I liked the name and I felt a kitsune kit needed a Japanese name.

Secondly, Harry is missing, presumed dead by the Wizarding World. I'm sure you can figure it out. This is set after the events in the events in the Ministry and the death of Sirius.

Lastly, this is my story and I will lay out logic facts that may or may not totally fit the YYH manga. This is why its an AU. I will -NOT- accept flames. You have a problem, then don't read. As for pairings, not sure yet if there will be any but I am going to set the ratings to M for Yoko's comments. We all know how he can be.

Disclaimer: I don't own YYH or HP. They belong to they wonderful creators. I do own the complete DVD set of the YYH Anime and both movies.

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Yukiko Chapter 1: Little Kit Lost

The Forbidden Forest was peaceful for once as a tall man dressed in black robes wandered through. Severus Snape, Potions' Master of Hogwarts, was looking for herbs and ingredients to restock his cabinet. The summer hols had just started two weeks ago and he had only a few short weeks before the fall term began to enjoy the peace and quiet before the squalling 'brats' returned to school.. A small sound caught his attention. Half hidden under a tree root was a bit of silver covered with blood.




Red eyes.

Bright searing light.

He opened his eyes and then quickly closed them again. 'It hurts. Make it stop.'

"What do we have here?" came a voice from above. The voice was dark and silky, almost sexy with a mellow, deep resonance. It seemed familiar somehow to him.

He was being lifted, slowly. Pain at being handled. A yip and a whimper escaped as he slowly opened his eyes, then closed them tightly again. It hurt too much.

Long fingers prodded him gently awake. Some of the pain was fading from his body. What's going on? This person was making the pain go away.

A whimper. Wait. Was that him making that sound?

A soft silky voice speaking softly. "Hush. I won't hurt you. You're fine. I have you. Mmmmm. Easy now."


Severus took the little fox kit to the one person still at Hogwarts that knew anything about animals, Hagrid, the half-giant school groundskeeper and caretaker.

"How'r ye Sev'us? Thought you'd already lef' for tha summer," Hagrid said when he opened his door. "Wotcha got there?"

Stepping inside the hut, Severus unwrapped the kit from his cloak. "Found him in the forest. No sign of his parents. From the looks of things, I would assume they are dead as the little one is so emaciated."

Hagrid examined the kit gently despite his huge hands then said, "Place 'im over on the table by the fire. The poor tyke. Let's see w'at we can do for 'im."

Together they worked on the kit. It didn't take them long to realize that their magic didn't work on it as well as they'd hoped. "Never seen his like round here b'for," Hagrid muttered thumbing through his collection of books. "He i'nt a common fox, mus' be magical."

He was down to his last book, one on rare magical creatures when a smile lit his face. "Ahh. I reckon I was righ' after all! Says here he's a "Kit-su-ne". Small wonder tha' magic don't work on 'im. They 'r mostly immune to it." Hagrid said looking over at the potion master. "Reckon we need to take more of a muggle way of doctorin' 'im."

Severus, one eyebrow quirked in surprise, took the book from the half giant and started to read. "Hmm. Yes. But he'll need potions to replenish the blood he's lost and a nutrient potion as well."

"I reckon tha' should work, Sev'us. Iff'n not, tha poor lit'l kit is so close to death's door anyways they couldna 'urt, might just work."

They wrapped the kit in an old, well- used but clean horse blanket with a warming charmon it. For a moment Severus debated on whether to leave the kit with Hagrid, when the matter was decided for him.

"Sev'us. Albus wants me to go on a mission for 'im. I won' be here ta take care o' tha kit. Tha lit'l fella will need constant care if he's to survive." Hagrid held out a slim book. " 'ere's what ya need in the way o' potions for the lit'l un. 'e'll need feed'in every couple 'ours. If he makes it through the night, 'e'll most likely live."

Severus gathered up the kit, wrapping him carefully in the warm blanket as Hagrid continued. "'e's gonna need to be bottle fed. I reckon ya can send a 'ouse elf to get bottles 'n baby formula. Get it with extra iron. The book will tell ye how to mix for a pup. Canines 'n foxes are very close, 'n need the same nutrients to survive. Give him 'n ounce for the firs' couple a feedin's. Then up it in a couple a days. I wou'nt be try'in ta put 'im on solids for at least a week, iff'n he survives."


That evening in the Great Hall, only Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGongall and Madam "Poppy" Pomprey were sitting around a small table. With the students and most of the teachers gone, there wasn't much need for the huge tables. Albus was looking every bit of his hundred plus years.

"So there still isn't any word on Potter or You-Know-Who?" Minerva asked.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts and head of the Order of the Phoenix, sighed and shook his head. His blue eyes, the bane of all those that knew the elderly wizard, weren't twinkling. "Since the wards went off at the beginning of the summer, nothing. We managed to find the bodies of his relatives and several Death Eaters, but nothing else. Harry and Voldemort are still missing." The other professors cringed slightly at the used of the Dark Lord's name.

Severus walked in with the blanket wrapped kit cradled in his arms. He nodded to all as he took his seat, ignoring the curious stares of his associates as a plate appeared in front of him.

"Severus, my dear boy. What do you have there?" Albus asked, looking over as the young man adjusted his bundle. The others looked on in curiousity.
"A Kitsune kit, according to Hagrid. I found him in the Forest while I was looking for potion ingredients. He's been badly hurt." Severus reached down and softly scratched behind one of the kit's ears.

"Kitsune? That's Japanese for fox demon isn't it?" Poppy asked, looking on with interest.

Severus nodded. "Hagrid feels, and I tend to agree with him, that this kit is too young to be out of the den. We have no clue where his family is, we can only assume that they are dead as he's so thin and malnourished, plus the wounds we found suggest an attack of some kind. Again by whom, or what, we aren't sure."

"But having a demon in the school, even as young as this one, is dangerous!" Poppy commented.

"Not necessarily," Albus chimed in, smiling. The twinkle briefly returning to his tired eyes. "Demons takes years if not centuries to mature. And Japanese demons are a strange breed, the ones with animal forms especially. I see no problem in letting Severus nurse it back to health. What are you going to call him, my boy?"

Severus looked down at the unconscious kit and shrugged. "Not sure yet. We aren't even sure he'll last the night."

"But he should at least have a name," Minerva chided.

The potion master shrugged, "If he survives, I'll think of one."




He felt safe. Someone was holding him. They smelt of sandalwood and smoke. There was a sense of familiarity about them.

A slight whimper escaped as a hand with long tapered fingers softly caressed his head and ears.

Something liquid dripped onto his tongue, forcing him to swallow. It tasted good. More was given and he swallowed again and again at more drops fell. Then nothing. He whimpered again.

"Hush, Little One. Sleep and get better," came a soft, silky baritone voice as he felt his head stroked and petted. "Sleep."