Requiem: Wess and Fred send off.

My world is gone and my soul is in tatters. Her smile will forever linger in my mind's eye. She was what made the day begin and how I wanted the day to end, she was my sunset. In a world so cold we found eachother and with our love we grew warm. The day came when we lost eachother, and all we knew was suffering. You loved me more than I thought I was capable of being loved. What I would give to see you again, one last hug, one last kiss, one last glimpse of your smile. Now in my darkest time I know where to find the light. Though you are gone forever a part of you will linger. Your body is here but I can't bear to look at it. The shell that you left behind. You are here and yet you are not, there is only the thing that took you; Illyria. I don't understand why such a merciless thing like her can still retain your beauty. She can look at me the way you had once did but it isn't you behind those icy blue eyes. I no longer seek to save what's rotted through as she had told me the first time I wanted to get you back. The risk far outweighed the benefits. At first I hated you for the curiosity, but now I see that I was wrong in my thinking. I now know that I loved you for it. I'll always love you and I came alive when you loved me.


Wesley Wyndum Pryce

Just then the door to Wesley's office opened and Harmony was there.


"Yes Harmony?"

"Angel and Spike are ready to go. Fre… um I mean Illyria and Knox have been sighted.

You coming?"

"Yeah, I just…"

"Miss her?"

"Yeah, let's go."

The two exited the office and as they walked out Wesley could almost hear Fred.

I Love You Wesley, My Wesley.