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Who Said All Endings Are Happy…

Once upon a time…. No wait I don't want to start it that way. You see there was a city, called Tokyo. In this city was a school, a high school. In this school was a perfect student, Shuichi Minamino. He was about to get the surprise of his life.

"Shuichi didn't get the highest score….. Really! Oh my gosh…I didn't know it was possible…… hey here he comes." the many voices prattled off.

A rose red head swept through the crowed. Mr. Minamino strolled to the score board ready to shoot down the hopes of all the less intelligent humans that seemed to flock to things like this. Staring up at the board, fully ready to point out the flaw, he was stopped in his tracks by the last thing he expected. His name was second. SECOND! How could this be? And by a girl none the less. Not that he didn't like girls its just they were all so hung up on him they didn't have time for things like beating him in mid terms or even walking strait for that matter.

1. Sohma, Sheerarya- 101

2. Minamino, Shuichi- 100

And then he saw her. Clicking heels could be heard ringing down the hall. click clack click clack…. Passing through the crowed a girl wearing all black sauntered to the board. She took one look at the score and a thin smile snaked its way across her pale face. The black lips and eye shadow adding to the pale factor. Turning to Shuichi she extended a black clad hand.

"Lady Sohma." small fang like teeth picked out from her lips as her smile widened a bit. "Pleasure to meet you" she batted her eyelashes innocently. He could see right through this, however being the gentlemen he was he took her hand and smiled back.

"The pleasure is all mine." he gestured to the board, "I am surprised."

"Minamino I presume" her smile turned into a smirk. "Well you shouldn't be."

The counselor had to pick that same moment to come around the corner. "Miss Sohma and Mr. Minamino." her eyes when to Sheerarya's hand in Shuichi's and beamed. His hand shot out of hers and back to his side, blushing slightly. "I'm so happy you two are already acquainted. This will save the awkward introductions," to late was it to take back the sight she had unfortunately seen. "Please follow me." he shot her a glare and followed. Only dimly aware were they, of the whole school watching there every move.

Down the hallway and into a door that read 'Guidance office' the councilor led them. The tormenting began in the form of a project. "Now we have an extra curricular project of sorts. You must write a story about something it must be under the genre of fantasy. Once done you may choose weather or not to have it published. Either way it looks excellent on a collage application." the councilor spoke with a smile plastered on her face.

'She had to say those words didn't she?!? If there was anything that would make me do such a tedious project it's a good mark on a collage application! Damn her!' He was about to respond when he heard the soft voice from his left.

"That is fine, however with my background does not exactly state that I need such extra marks," her voice was sweet though he could tell she believed the councilor to be wasting her time. 'What the hell does she mean? What background?'

"I under stand Sheerarya," the councilor replied taking the other woman's hand "Your worried about not having the extra time on your hands. Its alright the school has already talked to Lord Sohma and he seamed fine with the idea." She finished patting the young Sohma's hand still within her grasp.

Snatching her hand back with a demons grace she spoke her voice so chilled it caused him to shutter. "That is Lady Sohma to you. As well as the sole purpose of my time off, was to spend time with Akito-Sama. Don't lie and tell me that he has agreed to this, I know my Lord better than that." This was all said in a calm voice however he knew that the school worker had over stepped her boundary's this time. "However for Mr. Minamino's sake I will partake in this activity." With that she turned sweeping out of the small office room.

The Next day as the last bell rang that afternoon…

"Yes Minamino what do you want?" Her voice was clear as it resounded across the already abandoned court yard. Kurama looked surprised as he hurried to catch up with her.

"I was wondering if you would like to start the project today. You seemed upset yesterday so I didn't want to ask." He spoke while matching her pace.

"I suppose, however we cannot do it at my house. Us Sohma's, we tend to keep to ourselves so it is obviously out of the question. What of your house?" Her cool voice washed over him like a light mist, quickly it became a fog and planted itself within his brain so as not to be easily forgotten. It happened so many times to so many men, she knew he would be no different. Everyone was swayed at one point or another, that's what made her so good at what she did.

"My house will be fine, I have already told my mother that you would either be coming over or I would be out." Turning the corner she realized that he had a question he wanted to ask. Giving him an inquiring look he paused then asked. "Its just that I was wondering what you meant by background?"

"Oh, I see. Well I just transferred in you know, I was tutored before. I sing and dance professionally, I've been over seas for years you see, and so my 'background' or the amount of money I have, as well as my grade knowledge makes for not exactly needing good marks and scholarships." She said as if being a proclaimed celebrity was nothing.

"Then how have I not heard of you?" He asked curiously.

"Doubtlessly you have. On stage I am know as Arya Sohma. Heard of me now?" She asked turning to see his wide eyed stare. "I thought so. Now are we almost there or do we have to walk another seven miles?" She questioned Sarcasm dripping from her dainty fang-like canines.

"Oh!" He replied blushing. "Right here," he said pointing to the third house up. Reaching it they walked to the front door. Unlocking it Kurama held it open for her to go in first. Stepping inside the house and taking off her shoes in favor of the slippers. "Up this way." He said leading her up a flight of stares.

Opening the second door in the hall and walking through the doorway he said. "Make yourself comfortable, I… oh Hiei! You're here I'm sorry I didn't know. I would like to introduce you to Miss Sohma."

As he spoke she stepped through the door to be greeted by the sight of a boy dressed in black. Turning toward her she saw red, blood red…eyes…demon…

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