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Chapter Three;

Kesshite Musubi


Opening the front door she drifted swiftly over the side walk already with her phone out and calling for a car. 'A limo will be there to pick you up shortly My Lady. Where to will you be heading?'

"Home" She replied clicking her phone shut with a snap.

She was going home, and all hell was about to break loose.


Crash! "How could she do this to me! She is mine not that half wit demon woman from hell's. We made a deal! She would be here for the next 3 months not 3 days!" the enraged Sohma lord shouted. Kureno ducked away from the fuming lord as an American imported painting joined the Victorian vase on the floor in pieces. Hatori's eye may have been an 'accident' but he didn't want to be next.

"Who am I going to talk to now! No one here is competent enough and I doubt that those demons could even understand half the things my Sheer says. It must be ghastly staying there with them!" Akito sat down on one of the few chairs in the room left standing, head in his hands.

Her 18th birthday was coming up soon and then she would be around a lot more he though, trying to calm himself down. Only one month to go, the 13th of February to be exact. This thought calmed him down enough to asses the damage done to his valuable collection of 'art'.

Yes, only one more month and she would be all his again.


"Bitch! Let me in already!" He shouted for NOT the first time.

"We are sincerely sorry Lord Hiei but Lady Mukuro sent specific orders not to let you in."

Once again Hiei cursed Mukuro for reinforcing the strong hold. Reinforcing meaning she had built a seventeen hundred foot solid silver wall with the express purpose of it being too tall and too slick for him to jump, around the 'castle'. No one of course out rightly said this; however all knew it to be true.

Then in the distance he could hear it. Rain, bloody, twenty percent acid, rain. No not like the humans pathetic 'acid rain' this rain had been known to melt cocky little nymphs right where they stood. While in the long run, this was good, Hiei was truth be told, just about the size of a nymph. So not so good really, though he was pretty sure he could handle it, no, he was not even going to try. It was so beneath him.

Night was falling as quickly as the soon to come rain. The imminent idea of being melted didn't sit well with him. Problem? For in such situations there always was one. The only shelter within a twenty mile radius was a rain mutated whisper. Yes you did hear right, a whisper. Plants with the torso of a woman and they had soft little voices. Voices that choired what ever was said near them unless instructed otherwise.

So resigning himself to his retched fate, he headed toward the whisper. Strolling up to her she batted her horrifically long eye lashes. He gave a look indicating that this was where he intended to spend the rainfall. She squealed delightedly and moved to let him sit. Doing so she flipped herself to cover him from the elements, and began to whisper.

Yak yak yak, yak yak yak, yak yak yak, yak

Would she ever shut up?!?!

The fallowing sound was best he had ever heard. No not silence, though that would have been fine, no the distinct sound of a carriage. Which was proceeded by the voice of a woman "No my Lady you must fluctuate your voice fluctuate."

The one he assumed that was being referred to as 'my Lady' did as bid and burst into the choirs of a very obnoxious song.

"Like a shooting star across the midnight sky wherever you are your gonna see me fly!" On her last note she swept the curtains aside and jumped. She cleared one thousand feet and sprinted the last seven hundred in seconds.

The carriage launched itself toward the gate fallowing its mistress. Hiei seizing the moment jumped onto the back of the carriage, rain be damned, and snuck inside the wall. Soon rang the cries of 'Lord Hiei has returned' and 'someone run! Go tell Lady Mukuro of this tragedy'. He snorted at the later, like she didn't already know; after all he prided himself on causing a scene whenever he returned home. It gave him a pleasant warm and fuzzy feeling to scare the living shit out of the guards. And if she didn't, well then, that was no problem of his, and he would finally be able to say in all good courtesy that the old bitch was loosing her touch.

He smirked evilly at the thought.


Balls, heirs that pride themselves in making you want to jump from the top of the wall you built just to keep them out, and crazy political seconds that show up at the least and worst expected times may be part of the job but it didn't mean she had to like it. Yomi, she had found, had taken an interest in her young female second. This was not a good thing. Just the thought of her daughter figure in the arms of such a man sent shivers down the demon lady's spine. The fact of the matter was that Yomi was a conniving, power-hungry king who took far too many advantages were he saw fit and Sheerayra was a big advantage.

Despite her carefully thought out plans both of her seconds had managed to shatter them into a thousand tiny pieces. By scaling the wall Sheer's carriage had no choice but to enter through the gate and Hiei was no idiot. He was after all an ex-thief, and he knew all he had to do was jump on to the back of the carriage. No one would dare mess with him once he was safely in the wall. Why did she have to choose such problematic children for her right and left hands, she wasn't as young as she was.

There was the problem of the Ball. They would have to change the whole seating chart; they will need costumes and Sheer would have to perform. There would be the Yomi thing and not to mention all of Sheer's suitors. Sometimes it seamed that that girl caused more problems then she solves. But these problems didn't even touch Hiei. She would have enough trouble getting him to the party to worry about where he would sit since he didn't like most of the court, hell he didn't like most of the worlds population.

"Lady Mukuro, Lord Hie-" The unfortunate guard was stopped in mid-sentence but the pissed off Lady.

"I know you worthless half-wit. I'm not that out of it" at this she stalked of to have a long 'talk' with her heir.


Entering the castle at a leisurely pace, he spotted Mukuro a ways off. As he strolled up he found himself smirking, she was pissed. At him or the woman who had scaled the wall like a bat demon out of heaven, Hiei could never be sure, it could, perhaps, be a combination of both. But he was pretty sure it was him. Yes him.

"Hiei your suppose to be in the Ningenkai. Why the sudden return home. It had better be important Hiei." Oh yes, it was him, he could surmise that much, after all this was Mukuro and he was her heir and standing seven feet away. Suffice to say Lady Mukuro doesn't 'raise her voice' much, and would never be caught dead yelling in public. But she was pretty close. He felt so accomplished now.

"I saw something rather odd. Unless you think the sell of water enchantress pupils on the human's black market is not a concern?" He could tell from the slight flaw in her movements he had caught her off guard.

"What are you talking about Hiei, that's impossible. For one no one, let alone a human has one other than myself. Two there are too few enchantresses left to even not notice one missing. A sudden drop in there population would be evident." The entire time she spoke she looked strait ahead; good he had her full attention then.

"I found her at Kurama's house. She was an acquaintance from that stupid all time consuming thing called school. It was rather strange actually. She was wearing gloves and a ring over them. The habits of ningen I observed in the Ningenkai were that they were kept under the gloves, and Kurama questioned if she was married and she had a negative response. Either it has somehow changed and marriage is an unfavorable thing now, or they have changed which finger the ring is supposed to be on." Damn he was doing it again. He had found himself, in free time talking aloud in Mukuro's presence. A fact which she seemed to deem funny, for once he started he could never seem to shut up again.

He could tell she was smirking slightly from the sound of her voice. "Can you give me any details about the ring? Maybe even the person holding it?"

"The base was black fire stone and the eye was the pupil. As for the person, I don't really recall. Female and, Sohma something."

Lady Mukuro stopped dead in her tracks. Turning he could see a slight increase in the wideness of her eye. He would have asked, should have kept talking really. But an annoying maid walked up the next moment clucking some nonsense about Yomi. Which was starting to explain why Mukuro didn't want him there.

"Lady Mukuro Lady Mukuro Lady Mukuro! Lord Yomi has arrived! What should we do?!?" He was pissed to find a relieved look on said deamonesses face.

"Ill see to Yomi. You take Hiei and get him bathed, dressed for the masquerade." Her sure stride was quickly leading her away from Hiei. Who had a very scared look on his face.

"Masquerade? What the hell do you mean masquerade!" His eyes were bugged out he was shivering like mad and slowly edging his right foot back.

Seeing the gleam in the maids eye, he ran. Shouts of 'come back Lord Hiei' and 'we must have you costumed my Lord' were quickly fallowed by that of the head maid, and she was scary. "Come on Hiei! All were going to do is strip you down and stuff you in some stupid animal costume. It will have wings I have anything to say about it. Pigeon!"

He made it to his room in a mad dash and the door was sealed behind him shortly after. Only problem, he didn't close the door. They had headed him off. He was going to die. In a flurry of robes and choking on masks. So after being stripped down and tossed into a tub. Pricked, 'primped', and polished, he was apparently ready for the costume.

It was a panda. It had a cute little mask, and really really form fitting clothing. He gaped, which gave them the needed time to get him into it, well mostly. The pants, were not pants. They were pieces of black cloth that buckled with little white clasps every inch. The shirt was stiff, high collared; white with black sleeves and like the pants came to buckle over his right peck. Fifteen fucking times, not that he didn't appreciate the fact that under a normal situation it would be hard to take off. This wasn't normal, the girls don't like buckles, so they rip them off, and that's NOT help.

As much as he tried to get away, he couldn't. They bent him over and proceeded to paint, yes paint, his ears. Fallowed shortly by his nails. His ears were black with little white tips. His nails were white and tipped in black. The mask was in place and they were shoving him down the hallway. He dug his feet into the ground, no use. As the doors came in sight and were flung open he screamed what he thought to be his last words.

"You lied to me! Pandas don't have winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngs!" With that he stood in front of a silent group of people, at least until they recognized him for the first time.

"Oh Lord Hiei! We didn't know you were coming!" And he was swarmed.

Just when he believed all hope to be lost, the lights dimmed, and the entertainment began.


Looking out at the crowd Sheer couldn't help but smirk at the poor, ridiculous panda being swarmed but the prissy female population of the court. Any girl with since wouldn't go for a man in a panda costume. Well at lest he knew pandas didn't have wings, which was more then she could say for at least half of the males.

The music began

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you, please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him just because you can

Your beauty is beyond compare

With flaming locks of auburn hair

With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

Your smile is like a breath of spring

Your voice is soft like summer rain

And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

He talks about you in his sleep

There's nothing I can do to keep

From crying when he calls your name, Jolene

And I can easily understand

How you could easily take my man

But you don't know what he means to me, Jolene

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you, please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him just because you can

You could have you choice of men

But I could never love again

He's the only one for me, Jolene

I had to have this talk with you

My happiness depends on you

And whatever you decide to do, Jolene

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you, please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him just because you can

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you, please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him even though you can


The song ended with her voice trailing off. As she stepped off the stage every eye in the room fallowed her movements. Her dress flowed elegantly over her slender form, sweeping past her heels. The red of the buckles contrasted brilliantly with the black of the gown. Her bell sleeves, which were missing the underside, flitted gracefully behind her exposing black velvet gloves that were held up just below her shoulder by a blood colored band.

The upper half of her face was covered by a black mask. Raven feathers had been displayed around her eyes. The visible part of her face was painted white. Her lips were as black as the feathers. It was held together by a black ribbon, hidden by her hair.

Strapped to her back were two large black raven wings.

Making her way across the marble floors she stopped in front of Mukuro. With a graceful sweep of her hand she bowed. "Lady Mukuro, please forgive me for coming at such short notice. We have some important um engagements to see to." she look up into Mukuro's eye as she said this

"I sure this can wait. There's someone I'd like you to meet." Mukuro beckoned the panda and Sheer groaned. Whether it was because he was a man or in a panda costume we will never know. It may have been both for she had never met a man in a panda costume before and she didn't really want to.

"Sheerayra this is Hiei" She knew that short stature was familiar.


Well at least someone REALLY has wings. He thought bitterly. I raven would have been fine. But nooooooo they had to choose a panda.

'Mukuro' He stopped to take a big breath. 'What the hell is with the panda costume!' He glared maliciously at the demon he had been telepathically screaming at.

'Oh but Hiei you really look adorable. Truly cuddly.' He could see the glint in her eyes, and knew, he was about to be tortured.

'Whatever it is, no.'

'What are you talking about Hiei.'

'No. I know your planning something. It's NO'

'All I want you to do is entertain Sheer. Please!'

'Why I don't think she needs a guard dog. She has plenty already.' His eyes danced distastefully around the room.

'Yes but none of them can keep her away from Yomi. Nor would any of them have the guts to even try.' She gave him a pleading look.

'Not my problem. I have too many of my own.'

'Oh but being around Sheer will keep the girls away from you.'

'How does that work out?' He glared hatefully at said fan girls who screamed upon seeing they had his attention.

'Sheer in no normal Lady. She is my Political second. That gives her a lot of power and a lot of say. Unlike you Hiei if she gave the word she could have every girl in this place kicked out. Which as mush as you wish you could do, you can't.' She smirked evilly at this last statement.

'You're sure?'


'Oka- wait. Why do you want to keep her from Yomi?'

'Take a look around Hiei.' She gave him an exasperated look. 'You yourself said there are many vying for her attention. Yomi though more powerful, is no exception. That, incase you can't tell, is a problem. Without a legitimate reason I can't tell Yomi to stay away from her. You know all the things that could go wrong if Yomi got the chance to propose a union.'


Reaching out he offered his arm. Extending her gloved hand she proceeded to walk with him. Hiei saw an immediate affect. All the men looked appalled and jumped back like they had been burned. The women glared at Sheer who as if she could sense it, returned it with three times the force and many fled the room. Mukuro gave a grateful half smile and Yomi glared with such hatred that he could practically feel his hair catch fire.

The band looking at odds struck up a song. A light shown in Sheers eyes and she veered sharply toward the dance floor. Hiei had no idea of what he should do. Sheer however, did. She easily took up a dance in pose. Her hand was held out to him and she was almost glaring at him to get her point across. She wanted to dance. Shit.

Screwing his eyes shut he grasped her hand and they danced. From the distance they looked odd. A graceful raven and a pained looking panda dancing what if Hiei remembered right was called a Tango.

Many in the room could hardly control their shock. No one had ever said Lord Hiei couldn't dance. It had been generally been assumed. However there was Hiei LEADING a Tango. Lord Hiei… could… dance.

And the fan girls screamed.

The music faded and Hiei, as though he wasn't shorter than his partner, swept her down, over and backward. Raising a grin was on Sheers lips that no one had ever seen before. Her eyes were sparkling mischievously and what she did next sent many nearly comatose from a heart attack. She quickly lowered her head and planted a black kiss upon his cheek and left toward the entrance doors.

And fallowing her with his eyes he saw for the first time the inscription proclaiming the name of the ball above the door.

Kesshite Musubi Ball


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Ningenkai – Human World

Kesshite – Never

Musubi – Ending

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