Time passed, and eventually they got back to Amestris, and Ed was able to move on with his search

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Time passed, and eventually they got back to Amestris, and Ed was able to move on with his search. He went to many places, and saw many things, and soon he found himself in a fight against Envy, at the fake doors that Father had created. Once Envy swallowed him, Ed came to a stunning realization. He could get them out of there.

He shared his knowledge with Envy and Ling Yao, but just as he was about to lead them back to the real world, Ed heard a sound in the distance. Being the curious young boy he is, Ed decided to check it out. Envy, however, wasn't so curious, and he chased after Ed as the alchemist ran to wherever the sound was coming from. Ling simply stood where he was, looking utterly confused as usual.

Envy soon caught up with Ed and knocked him to the ground, causing Ed to accidentally swallow some of the blood on the ground. He got to his knees, coughing up some of the blood, and looked at Envy.

"You didn't need to hit me, I wasn't trying to run off…" Ed muttered.

"I don't want to wait around for you, pipsqueak," Envy replied, placing his rather large hand thingy on Ed's chest and pushing him down into the sea of blood. Ed managed to keep his head up so that he could breathe, but he couldn't get away from Envy's grip. "Get us back. Now."

Ed glared at Envy. "Let me see where that noise came from, and then I'll do it."

"What noise? What are you talking about, pipsqueak?"

Ed brought his hands together and formed a blade on his right arm before stabbing in Envy's general direction. Envy laughed and easily blocked this attack. "Nice try, but seriously, what noise are you talking about?"

Ed paused. "Wait, you didn't hear it?"

"Obviously not, if I'm asking about it," Envy growled. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I wonder," Ed replied sarcastically. The wind was whipping his hair in his face, but he ignored it. "It's not like my arm or ribs are broken or anything."

Envy leaned his head in close to Ed's face, which blocked Ed's eyes from the sun. "You're lucky that's all I did to you. I could have done so much worse…"

Ed heard the noise again, but he chose to ignore it. "I know that. You've already ruined and destroyed thousands of lives, so why should mine be any different, right?"

Envy tightened his grip on Ed, causing the alchemist to grimace. "There is a difference, though. You're important to us because you've opened the doors. We want you. Alive."

Ed blinked. The wind had gotten some sand in his eye, and it was at that moment that he realized that they definitely weren't in a sea of blood. The sea they were currently dealing with was, in fact, an ocean. The Pacific Ocean, to be precise, but Ed and Envy had no way of knowing that.

Envy looked around at the area before looking back at Ed. "What the hell did you do?" the homunculus hissed.

"I didn't do anything, Envy. I'm just as confused as you are," Ed replied. Envy let go of him, and Ed sat up, looking around and scratching his head with his automail hand. "Although, I might have an idea…"

Ed heard the noise again, and saw that there was a dog running toward him, barking its little head off at the two. It stopped about fifty feet away and began growling. Envy took a few steps back, but the dog didn't come any closer.

Ed groaned and began adjusting the brace on his broken arm. After a moment, he heard a voice behind him that sounded rather… terrified.


Ed started and fell back as he tried, and failed, to turn around and face this woman who had said his name. He blinked a couple of times before he recognized the face that was now looking down at him. "Elizabeth…?"

Elizabeth knelt down beside him and gently took over with the brace. "What are you doing here? What… what happened to you? You're…"

Ed somehow managed to sit up and sat facing Elizabeth. "Why are you so freaked out? I mean, yeah, my arm's broken, but…" Ed looked down at himself. "Oh…"

"You're covered in blood! How-"

"So, Miss Swann, I suppose this boy's arrival is what drew us to this island, eh?" interrupted another familiar voice. Ed looked up and groaned when he saw Barbossa walking up to them, followed by Will Turner. "And what exactly are you doing here, Mister Elric?"

Ed glared at the older man as he clutched his arm. "How the hell should I know?"

"Very well, then. Just tell me what this is," Barbossa replied, gesturing to Envy.

Ed looked back at Envy, who had backed up some, but was still watching Ed intently. "That's Envy."


"His personality is about the same as how he looks."

Will looked back at Envy. "That bad, eh? Why are you with him?"

Ed shook his head. "Long story, but I never wanted to be around him in the first place."

Envy took this as his cue to assume his usual form, and walked with some difficulty up to the small group. Ed smirked. Evidently Envy had troubles walking through sand when he weighed so much.

"What are you?" Will asked, staring at Envy with a frown.

"Homunculus," Envy answered. "Now then, Fullmetal, care to tell me what the hell is going on?"

Ed shook his head. "You can find out for yourself, bastard."

"Hey! Don't call me a bastard!" Envy snapped.

"I'll call you whatever I want," Ed growled. "I never liked you to begin with."

At this point, Barbossa interrupted by grabbing Ed's automail arm and pulling him to his feet. "If you're about finished, we have somewhere to be this evening."

Ed yanked his arm out of Barbossa's grip and raised an eyebrow at him. "Be somewhere?"

"Why yes, while you were off having your little adventures, we've been busy trying to get to the place where Jack Sparrow is. Or did you forget about that already?" Barbossa replied.

"I've been busy with my own problems," Ed snapped. "Or does the fact that I'm covered in blood not mean anything to you?"

At this, Elizabeth seemed to realize something. "That's right," she muttered. "What happened to you?"

Ed shook his head. "It's not my blood."

Will raised an eyebrow. "Then did you-"


"How did you get covered in blood, then?" Elizabeth finally asked.

Ed shook his head again. "It's a long story…"

"It's because we were trapped in the fake doors that Father had created," Envy stated. Both Will and Elizabeth stared at him, but Barbossa nodded in understanding.

"Ah, that sort of place. Well, then, it's time we returned to our ship," Barbossa said before turning around and beginning to walk off. "We could use an alchemist on the ship."

Ed didn't move. As much as he was grateful to be out of that place, he didn't know whether going with them was the best idea.

"Unless ye'd rather be stuck on this island for the rest of your life, unless someone else happens to stop by," Barbossa continued. "But I rather doubt that anyone would."

Ed saw that Will and Elizabeth were both watching him, and he decided he didn't really have a choice. Besides, maybe he'd have a greater chance of getting home if he went with them. Ed looked at his broken arm again and muttered, "Fine."

"I had a feeling you'd agree. You two, take him back to the ship. I'll catch up in a moment."

Ed walked silently with Will and Elizabeth to the small dingy on the far side of the island. After a moment, Will stopped studying Ed and spoke up.

"Edward… what happened?"

"You heard Envy," Ed replied. "We somehow managed to arrive here after being stuck in a failed attempt at creating the Doors of Truth. The Doors are someplace you only arrive it through… certain circumstances."

"Like what?"

"Attempting human transmutation, for one. But the Doors aren't anything like the place where I just was. That place was a sea of blood."

Elizabeth nodded in understanding. "That's why you're…"

Ed nodded. "Yeah."

They arrived at the boat, and Will pushed Ed into the water. As Ed's head broke the surface, he immediately glared at Will.

"What was that for?" Ed shouted before stopping. His shouting had given him an unpleasant reminder that his ribs were broken, and he clutched at his chest. "Ow…" Ed looked down at the water around him. Most of it was red with blood.

"That should have gotten most of it out of your clothes," Will replied nonchalantly. Ed rolled his eyes.

"You could have warned me," Ed muttered. Will held out a hand to Ed and helped him to his feet.

"It's more than just your arm, isn't it?" Will asked.

Ed nodded. "Yeah. Envy got a bunch of my ribs, too."

"You were fighting him?" Elizabeth asked.

Ed nodded. "Before I realized that we didn't necessarily have to be stuck in that place, Envy wanted to kill me. He probably still does, but if there's a chance of getting back home…"

"He wants you alive, then? Why would it matter where you are?"

Ed scowled. "His little group needs me for something. I don't know what exactly, but I doubt it's anything good."

"Then why don't you fight against it?" Elizabeth asked.

"What do you think I've been doing all this time?" Ed snapped. "The only problem is, we have a lot of enemies."

At that moment, Barbossa and Envy came walking up, and Ed narrowed his eyes. "Why are you bringing him?"

"Because he's going to help us," Barbossa replied. "Besides, can you really abandon one of your companions in a place such as this?"

"If I could get rid of that bastard it would be the best moment of my life," Ed growled.

"Well then, you're just out of luck, aren't you? He's coming."

"He's too heavy," Ed remarked. "Just because he looks different doesn't mean he's not the same as that thing."

"I've already thought about that," Envy replied. "I can just change into some big whale or something."

Ed tried to come up with another argument, but he was stumped, so he simply glared at Envy, who smirked right back at him. "You're not going to get rid of me, pipsqueak."

Ed managed to put a lot of effort into not attacking Envy, but he still wished he could bash Envy's head in with a spiky baseball bat. Instead, he settled for muttering, "Damn," under his breath.


Once they were on the ship, which was crewed by men that reminded Ed of Ling, Will led Ed downstairs and to a small table. Ed sat down in a chair and remained silent as Will took off the brace and made a better one. Ed stared at his arm, not speaking until Will finished.


Will nodded and stood up. "I wish I could do something for your ribs, but…"

"Eh, they're not out of place or anything. They'll heal on their own."

"What about your head?"


Will placed a finger on Ed's forehead, where the wound from Scar was covered in bandages. Ed brought his hand up to touch it as well. "Oh, that's from something else."

Will looked down at Ed's automail. Ed noticed his gaze and held it up. "We haven't succeeded yet."

"How is your brother?"

Will noticed that Ed didn't look too happy when he replied. "He's… last time I saw him was in the middle of a fight, and then I ended up…"

"Is he all right?"

Ed nodded. "He should be. He didn't end up where I was, at least, which is a good thing."

"You've seen the others from your world since you've gotten back, right?"

Ed nodded.

"How are they doing?"

Ed noticed that Elizabeth had come down, and was now sitting on the bottom step, listening quietly. He sighed. "Mustang and Hawkeye are doing fine, I think. The Colonel got himself stabbed, but he survived and right now he's recovering. Last time I saw him, he was going back to Central to… um, do something important…" Ed wasn't in the mood to explain everything that was going on in his country.

"What about Lieutenant Havoc?"

Ed looked down at the floor. "He can't walk anymore. He's retired from the military now."

"Are you serious?" Elizabeth asked.

Ed nodded. "Yeah. He was stabbed by one of Envy's friends, right in the spinal cord. His legs are paralyzed now."

Not for the first time since Ed had gotten back, Will wondered just what the boy was up to in his life. After talking about Havoc, Ed had grown serious, and was now picking at his automail hand, trying to get the sand out that had been lodged in there. Will watched him for another moment before going up to the deck.

After a moment, Tia Dalma noticed him and walked over. "He has suffered," she muttered before walking below deck. Will watched her with vague interest before going off and doing ship-type stuff.


Elizabeth watched for a while as Ed picked at the automail. He had definitely changed in the months that he had been gone, and she wondered if there had been anything during that time that hadn't ended up so badly. After a while, Ed sighed and turned to Elizabeth.

"So what all happened here?" he asked. "I'm guessing you're still looking for Jack, right?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Have you gotten any closer?"

"Somewhat. We have a way to get to where he is, at least."

"That's good…" Ed muttered, but it didn't sound very sincere.

"You don't seem very happy about being here," Elizabeth stated.

Ed shook his head. "To be honest, I don't want to be here at all. There's so much I need to do back home, and… I guess I've just been gone for so long that I don't really feel like I belong with you guys."

Elizabeth heard footsteps on the top of the stairs, and looked up to see Tia Dalma walking toward them. The crazy lady sat down at the table and faced Ed with a serious, yet playful, look in her eyes.

"You have arrived here from the sea of blood that Father created. Envy is with you as well." She paused. "Why is he with you?"

Ed frowned. "He-"

"He is waiting for the opportunity to bring you home. It is too bad, he will not get a chance."


"You will not return to your home from here. You will return to the place from which you came. That is how it works."

Ed looked down at his clothes, which were still covered in blood, although not as much as before. "I see. What about Ling?"

"Ling? I do not know."

Elizabeth looked curiously at Ed. "Ling? Who is he?"

"He's a friend of mine," Ed replied. "He was in that place…"

"If he is here we will find him," Tia Dalma interrupted. "But now you must rest. You have been awake for too long."

Ed nodded. "Yeah." Ed stood up, and Elizabeth automatically stood up as well to show him where he could sleep. Ed was out almost as soon as he lay down. Elizabeth watched him for a moment before going back up to the deck.


Ed was quiet for most of the next day. He spent most of his time looking out at the ocean, and since there wasn't much he could do in terms of working on the ship, nobody bothered him except for when he was in someone's way, and even then, he didn't say a word.

After a while, Mr. Gibbs got curious and decided to figure out what was eating at Ed so badly. He walked up to the young alchemist and took a swig of rum before turning to face him.

"The sea isn't going to look much different unless we come across land, you know."

Ed continued staring. "I know."

"What are you looking at?"

Ed pointed down to the whale that was swimming alongside the ship. "That's my worst enemy right there."

Gibbs looked at the whale for a moment before remembering that it was Envy. "The captain seems to trust him."

"That's because he's an idiot," Ed muttered under his breath, but Gibbs still heard it.

"And what's so foolish about bringing him along, Edward? He may yet help us."

"You don't know what he's done."

At this point, Mr. Gibbs gave up and let Will take over. The older pirate wandered off, drinking his rum, and Will stood next to Ed instead.

"What has he done to you?" Will asked.

Ed shook his head. "Too much."

"There are people here who have done wicked deeds, but we don't condemn each other."

"You don't know anything about him," Ed repeated bluntly. "He's a bastard and I hate him."

Will was rather taken aback by Ed's attitude. Usually he gave a specific reason for why he didn't like something, but this time…

"What has he done to you?" Will asked gently, placing a hand on Ed's shoulder.

Ed jerked away and glared at Will, his eyes filled with fury. "You want to know what he's done? Here's a start. He tried to kill me. He shot an innocent child. He… he's a bastard, Will. That's all you need to know."

"I've killed plenty of people myself, Ed. What makes Envy so different?" Will was getting a little frustrated with Ed at this point, so he didn't quite expect what Ed did next.

"You know what makes him different?" Ed snapped, his face a sheer mask of fury. "He enjoys killing people. He was ecstatic when he told me about that child he shot. And guess what that led to. That one death, that the military wrote off as an accident." Will was about to interrupt, but Ed didn't give him a chance. "That one incident led to an entire civil war. Thousands of people died. They were all killed off by the military. That includes Mustang and Hawkeye. Winry's…" The tears in Ed's eyes finally rolled down his face, and he was practically shouting. "Winry's parents were murdered by one of the people they had saved! That bastard's responsible for the Ishbalan Civil War, and thanks to him, people like Scar feel the need to go around killing innocent Amestrians for the sake of revenge! He… everything that's gone wrong in our lives, with the exception of maybe two things, is because of that bastard! There's no way in hell I could ever accept him as an ally!" Ed stopped suddenly after his last word and clutched his chest. There was an awkward silence for about a minute, that involved everyone within hearing range, before Will dared to speak up. "Who's Scar?" he asked as Ed finally recovered.

Ed blinked a few times. Evidently he had forgotten that he wasn't in his world anymore. "He's… an Ishbalan. He was injured, and the people who saved his life, Winry's parents… he killed them. After that, he started going after state alchemists, so I've had a few run-ins with him…" Ed unconsciously touched his forehead as he said this, but he quickly dropped his hand and went back to staring at where Envy was.

"That's how your head was injured," Will stated.


"Does she know?"

Ed looked up at Will in confusion. "Who, Winry?"

Will nodded.

Ed turned back to the ocean. "She knows. She was there."

"I'm sorry."

"You don't have anything to be sorry about. Envy's the one who should be apologizing, but he loves making people's lives miserable."

"But… Winry, how did she take it?"

Ed turned his head to the right, completely hiding his face from Will. "She hated it. She wanted to kill him, and…" Ed wiped his face off with a sleeve. "I couldn't let her. She's not that kind of person, and I didn't want to see her get hurt."

It was at that point in time that Will noticed the gun tucked into the back of Ed's pants. "You have a gun."

Ed turned to face Will, grabbed the gun with his automail hand, pulled it out, and looked at it. "It's Hawkeye's. She's letting me borrow it."

"Have you fired it?"

Ed shook his head. "Not at a person. I don't know if I ever could do that, either…"

"You might have to," Will replied.

"I don't want to. I don't even want to be here."

"But isn't it better than where you were?"

Ed frowned. "Practically anywhere is better than that place. I mean, it's not like I'm not happy to see you, it's just that I have things to do back home, and Al… I thought I lost him once, and it was the worst feeling I've ever known. I don't want him to have to go through that."

"Don't you want to help Jack?" Will asked.

"I do," Ed replied before lowering his voice. "But what Envy's planning… no, what his boss or whatever is planning, might end up destroying the entire country, and everyone in it. I have to do something to stop it…"

Will nodded his understanding, even though he didn't quite get how someone could destroy everyone in such a large area, unless… "With alchemy?"

Ed nodded again. "Why else would Envy want me alive?"

Will easily heard the bitterness in Ed's voice, and he waited as Ed grew silent and went back to watching Envy. Just then, Barbossa walked up to the two. Ed turned to face him with a scowl on his face, but he was silent.

"There's a storm coming," Barbossa stated, looking directly at Ed. "Which means it's time for you to go below deck and stay there until it passes."

Ed gave a vague nod before walking directly to the stairway and disappearing below deck. Barbossa walked off to some other part of the ship, but not before muttering, more to himself than to anyone else, "That boy is clueless."

"He is right," Tia Dalma said from right next to Will. Needless to say, Will was somewhat startled, but he hid his reaction fairly well as the crazy lady continued. "There is a story that that boy does not know, and he may never know it, because he must find out on his own."

"A story?"

Crazy lady nodded. "Once there was a man who had immortality. He fell in love wit a beautiful woman, and they had two sons, but de man was unhappy. He didn't wish to watch his family grow old and die while he lived on. And so he left them. He left to find a way to rid himself of his immortality. He went back after ten years to visit his family, only to return to nothing. His wife had died many years before, and his eldest child regarded him with anger and resentment. His house had been burned to de ground."

Will frowned. "That's why his father left?"

Tia Dalma nodded. "Edward is more like his father than he realizes."

"Have you met him?"

"Twice. He is not an ordinary human."

"What about Ed?"

"That is a question I cannot answer right now."

"What about his brother?"

"It is the same. They are not from this world, so I cannot say."

At that moment, Will decided to go talk to Ed again. He excused himself and went to the cabin where Ed was supposed to wait out the storm in, but when he got down there, Ed was asleep. He was lying on his right side, his back to the room, and his shirt and shoe were sitting on the floor. Will looked back at Ed. The alchemist had definitely grown since he had seen him last. He wasn't much taller, but he had grown in other ways. He had changed so much that Will was having troubles believing that this was the same boy he had met at Port Royal.

"What are you doing?" Ed asked, startling Will out of his reverie.

"I was just… You've changed."

"So have you."

But then again… "You haven't grown much, though."

"YES I HA- ow…" Ed clutched his chest and lay on his back, glaring at Will the entire time. Will held back a laugh. Sure enough, Ed's most defining characteristics hadn't changed a bit.


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