Hello all! It's my second Elena fic! Sorry if the beginning seems a bit muddled at first. I assure you that it will all make sense in due time. Oh, and sorry if it's starting out a bit slower. This one is a little bit darker than my last one. Well, that said, enjoy!

Round and round. The dancers circled the black and white marble dance floor in time with the waltz. Not a word was spoken. Faces solid, hidden behind black satin masks.

There was nothing to distinguish one woman from another, one man from another. They all moved in the same methodical pattern, swooping at the right times. Spinning at the right times. Not a sound besides the gentle swishing of satin ball gowns and the dark waltz that filled the cavernous room.

It was as if it all was apart of a show. A play. An intricately choreographed dance that held it's dancers captive. It was this dance that trapped Elena in numbness. It was easier than dealing with the pain. But there was one person, someone who wanted desperately to break her from the Dead Waltz that she was trapped in. One partner, who longed to pull her from the monotony of the dance and show her the beauty and joy of dancing free. But was it worth the pain to break free?