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Soon enough, New Year's Eve arrived at the Tower, and most of the Titans had gathered around the television as midnight approached. Two of the team members were missing from the festivities. Beast Boy and Raven sat on the rooftop, hoping to view the fireworks better from that angle.

Not unbelievably, Beast Boy was grinning stupidly, but not just because of the present company. It had been barely a week since their first date, but the two already shared a connection and Raven already had a way to blackmail him.

Turns out that the movie Beast Boy chose was more of a thriller than he had hoped for. He spent most of the time either hiding behind his hands or latched onto Raven's arm. Raven hadn't seemed scared in the least and she whispered to him whenever she discovered another part of the puzzle. It was like a gigantic mystery to her and she loved every minute of it. However, she had agreed that she wouldn't make him watch it with her when it came out on DVD.

Dinner beforehand had been fine however, as Raven chose a place that had some vegetarian foods, so it wasn't a total waste of money.

Of course, he would have paid if Raven wanted to see the stupidest child's movie out there, which of course Beast Boy probably would have loved, especially after the suspense of the other movie.

His hand cautiously eased over to her own. Though her emotions were mostly in check, Beast Boy had received more than his share of shocks. One had almost knocked him off the roof a day or two back, which Raven explained was just Rage disgusted with the feeling of love in the air…or rather with Happy dancing around and singing like a love-sick teenager. He had been more careful since then.

"Are you going to make a New Year's resolution," Beast Boy suddenly asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

"I don't do resolutions," Raven stated, "They're only meant to be broken."

"Oh come on, we need to think of one for you," he said excitedly, "Well, you don't need to lose weight, get a better job, exercise more or quit smoking…" Beast Boy counted these off on his fingers as he went, "Isn't there something you need to change about yourself? You could try being nicer."

"Nicer," Raven asked, raising an eyebrow, "Beast Boy, haven't I been nice to you all week now?"

"I haven't been thrown out a window all week," Beast Boy agreed, "Okay then, how about showing more emotions…" Raven glared at him for this one, "…or not. Geez Rae, you're making this harder than it should be."

"How about I make a resolution to at least try not to throw you out another window," Raven suggested.

Beast Boy thought for a moment before nodding vigorously, "Yes, I think that will work nicely." Raven only smirked in his general direction, knowing that she had won the battle, "What should my resolution be?"

Raven sighed, "Maybe it could be to stop annoying Raven." She suddenly shook her head at herself for referring to herself in third person.

"Nah, it's too fun," Beast Boy replied with a laugh, tracing a lazy finger up her arm in thought, "What else?"

"To grow a goatee," Raven questioned with what almost sounded to be a chuckle.

"Raven, that's mean," Beast Boy crossed his arms, "We both know that I can't grow facial hair. You can do better than that."

The two sat in silence for a few moments, thinking about the situation at hand. Surprisingly, it was Raven who first spoke up.

"To write more poems," she stated quietly.

Beast Boy hit his feet against the outside of the Tower, "I don't know Raven. I'm not that good and-"

"I can tell you spent a lot of time on them," Raven interrupted him, "and they're really good Beast Boy. Creativity takes time."

"Okay Raven," he grinned, "I take on your challenge. I make a resolution to try to write more poems…for you though…and only you. In fact, I'll make one for you right now."

Your hair is violet

Your cape is blue

I think you're pretty

And I like you

"You got that from the top of your head," Raven asked, arching an eyebrow in questioning.

"Uh…yeah," Beast Boy answered.

"I like it," she told him, "It's simple and needs a bit of work, but I like it." Beast Boy sighed in relief, sure that she had hated it at first. He glanced at his watch and his eyes grew wide when he saw the time.

"Hey Raven," he questioned, "Midnight's in thirty seconds."

Instead of smiling, Raven tensed at this announcement. She had feared that he would try to kiss her come the New Year, since it was tradition among the people at this time. She tried to face away from him as the final countdown began.


At the last second, she felt Beast Boy take her hand and as she turned to face him, he bowed his head, kissing it gently. When he looked back up, Raven leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Happy New Year," she told him, and then smiled, "I'm keeping you at your word. I want your first poem by the end of the week." She stood to her feet, intending to head back to the warmth inside.

"Anything you say Raven," Beast Boy's replied, mock-saluting her as he did so.

"Oh and Beast Boy," she asked, turning back for a split second. She immediately had his undivided attention, "Call me Rae." And with a quick wink, she was gone.

Beast Boy sat dumbstruck on the roof, mouth stuck in a wide grin at her last words. Finally, the initial shock worn off, he answered, "Anything you say…Rae."