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She exited out of the ballroom into the rainy night. This wasn't how she thought her senior year would be. She never thought she would break up with Lucas only to later go to the Basketball Banquet with him. Or that she'd sit next to Peyton and be civil to her despite the fact that she had slapped her. Or that she'd feel so crappy after sleeping with her teacher, who cheated on her as well. Or that coming with Lucas to this banquet didn't mean being with Lucas and that is as bad as not having Lucas at all.

"Brooke?" he asked as he saw her back to him. She was sitting on a bench looking out towards the field, just watching the rain fall. Her shoulders dropped and he could tell that she had just released a huge sigh. She knew it was him and as much as she wanted to turn around she didn't. She was just so tired of it all. He walked over and slowly sat down next to her.

She had goose bumps on her arms and shoulders. She had left her wrap inside leaving her in her silk halter dress that cut off just below her knees. He took off his jacket and started to put it on her shoulders.

"Don't." she said shrugging it off. It was the first time she acknowledged he was there. "I'm not cold."

"Brooke," he sighed, "you have goose bumps all over you and you look like you're about to start shaking. Just take the jacket."

She let out another sigh, knowing that he was right. She nodded slowly and that's all he needed. He put the jacket on her shoulders and she put her arms through the sleeves.

"Thank you." she said with a tight mouth. She didn't want to talk to him. At all. He claimed that he didn't like or love Peyton. Despite the fact he was very close with her after her whole stalker fiasco. And Brooke had accepted this. But she saw Peyton and Lucas looking pretty cozy when they were talking earlier when she had excused herself to go to the bathroom. She saw the look that he got in his eye. It was the same way her used to look at her.

"Why are-"

"Don't even try and act stupid. You know why I'm out here and you know why I'm sad and tired and you know why I am giving you the cold shoulder." Brooke snapped.

"I'm sorry Brooke." He didn't know what else to say.

" You know what I'm really tired of? Hearing you say 'I'm sorry'. Get a new line Lucas, I'm tired of hearing that one."

"What do you want me to say Brooke? That I fucked up? 'Cause I did, I know that. I should have never kissed Peyton, any of the times that I did. I can't love her like I love you. We don't love each other Brooke. It could never work with me and her." If this didn't work, then he would give up. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. If this didn't break through her hard exterior nothing would. He couldn't figure out how to get it through to her. That she was it for him. He had no doubt in his mind about that.

He looked out at the rain, figuring that looking at her wouldn't do any good. She had kept her gaze out towards the field, not looking at him once during this whole conversation. He didn't look back at her until he heard her sobbing.

He looked at her, surprised. She was crying. And not just small tears. Her face was soaked. Her makeup already running down her face.

"Brooke," he said, about to hug her.

"Please Lucas. Just don't."

"Brooke, I need you to tell me that you still love me. That I'm not fighting a lost cause."

She turned to look at him, disgust on her face. "You need me to tell you if I still love you? Do you really think I'm over you? Of course I still love you, Lucas! What hurts is that you saved Peyton again! You have been there for her so much more than you have been there for me when we were dating. You say you don't love her Lucas but I can't believe that. I see the way you look at her. I'd give anything for you to look at me like that again. You told me that I wasn't the girl for you and now you're basically saying I am again? Make up your mind, Lucas! Because I can't take much more of this." Brooke said. Her voice wasn't filled with anger, and the disgust in her voice was lost after the second sentence. She just sounded sad. She sounded sad and she looked sad.

Lucas looked at her helplessly, unable to think of anything to say. Then, the gym door opened to reveal Peyton. Brooke looked at her then back at Lucas who was still silent.

"Go be with her, Lucas." she said as she handed him his jacket.

"Brooke..." he started to say.

"Just go Lucas." Brooke sighed as she walked out towards the field, in the cold rain. And he stayed sitting there, on a bench outside of the banquet as Peyton looked at him and Brooke. He sat there contemplating what to do. Whether to go after her or to give up.

She had broken him, just as he had broken her. Is this what they were meant to do? To live amongst eachother, knowing that they love eachother but never acting upon it because of the pain they bring one another.

"Lucas?" Peyton had asked as Lucas sat there, watching Brooke get smaller and smaller as she walked away.

Lucas just shook his head and sat there. Not going back inside with Peyton. But not going after Brooke either. Just sitting there, watching his love walk away.