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"Hey you guys!" Haley said, greeting Lucas and Brooke at the door with Michael in her arms.

They had called Nathan and Haley immediately after Brooke's appointment and told them that they were going to be over in an hour and that they had big news. Peyton was over as well, and ecstatic Haley had called her and told her that there was big news to be shared.

Brooke and Lucas walked in to the apartment that their friends lived in and saw Nathan and Peyton on the couch playing NBA Live.

"Hey guys." Peyton said glancing over her shoulder before pausing the game.

"So what's your big news?" Nathan asked, turning his attention to his brother and friend.

"Well, we, uh kinda got a good news, bad news situation." Lucas stuttered out and Brooke crossed her arms over her chest, giving Haley enough time to spot the ring on Brooke's finger.

"OH MY GOD!" Haley yelled, causing Michael, who had been sleeping peacefully in her arms, to wake up. " You got married?!"

Peyton and Nathan immediately looked over at Brooke's hand and saw the ring that laid there. "You guys got married?!" Peyton asked in shock as well.

Nathan just shook his head and smirked. He should've known that's what they were going to do over the weekend.

Nathan walked over and took his screaming son from Haley so that she could hover around Brooke with Peyton. Once he had calmed his son down, he went over to give his brother the knuckle bump. But, he caught sight of Lucas' face. His eyes were swollen and red and then it just kinda clicked.

"You said you had bad news." Nathan said quietly. Lucas just nodded, not being able to speak. He followed Lucas' eyes that were completely focussed on Brooke. "No." he said loudly, already knowing what the bad news was. "No, no, no. You're lying right?"

By now Peyton and Haley had turned to look at him, confused by his actions. He looked over at Brooke, her eyes red and swollen just like Lucas'. "Nathan? What's wrong?" Haley asked concerned.

He ignored Haley's question and walked straight tup to Brooke. "Tell me it's one big joke." he pleaded and before Brooke knew it there were tears in her eyes.

"What's a joke?" Peyton asked, aware that something bad was about to be released.

It was still silent, neither Lucas nor Brooke offering a word. "What is a joke?" Peyton asked more sternly, focussing all her attention on Brooke.

"My...um, my body," Brooke squawked out, trying with all her might to keep back her tears. "re...re...rejected the che...chemo."

"What do you mean your body rejected the chemo?" Haley questioned, only taking her eyes off of Brooke to look at Lucas.

"It's stopped working." Lucas whispered and everyone turned to look at him.

"It stopped working?" Peyton said slowly, as if Lucas were speaking a foreign language.

"I'm dying." Brooke said quickly, finally tearing her tear filled eyes away from Nathan's who had tears in them as well.

"No. You're not. Stop lying." Haley said, laughing a little to try and convince herself that they really were lying.

"Haley." Lucas said, reaching out to touch her, but she turned away.

"Don't. Do not touch me until you tell me that this is some big cruel joke. You can not be dying! You have done everything to stay healthy! You got the chemo, you got the surgeries. You can not still be dying!" Haley yelled, directing it all towards Brooke. "This has to be a joke..."

Peyton hadn't been able to put herself in a denial like Haley had. She had already begun crying, already knowing how this process worked. "Brooke..." had somehow managed to fall out of her mouth, and before she knew it, she was wrapped in Brooke's arms, Brooke patting her back gingerly.

"It has to be a joke Brooke..." Haley cried, and Brooke lifted her head to look at Haley. She ushered her over, and now both Haley and Peyton were in her arms, sobbing.

"It'll be okay you guys." she whispered, although she knew it wasn't going to make them feel any better.

The two brothers looked on at the women in their life. Nathan turned his head to look at Lucas. Crying isn't something men do in front of each other. Let alone in front of their brother. But, Lucas couldn't hold back his tears and let them fall freely, as he saw two stray tears slide down his younger brother's cheek.


"What are you doing?" he asked as he walked into the room he shared with Brooke.

The room had been turned upside down, clothes flung everywhere. But, Brooke wasn't making it messier like she had been known to do in the past. Instead, she was cleaning.

"I'm reorganizing everything." Brooke said as she folded yet another shirt and added it to the pile next to her. His mom had done something similar to this when she was pregnant, a way of nesting he guessed. But, he knew Brooke wasn't nesting, she was getting ready. "Your shirts and pants were mixed together and well, your closet looked like crap."

"That's because I was making room for your clothes." he said, looking over at his closet. He noticed that it was completely redone, and organized by color(and season but he didn't know that yet). He dropped his basketball on the ground as Brooke grabbed a pile of his shirts. "Why exactly are you doing this?" he asked, his eyes still watching her. She closed the drawer that now held his shirts.

"So that you can be organized and know where everything is." she said simply, grabbing a stack of pants and walking back to the dresser.

"Why do I have to know where everything is? Why can't I just ask you?" It'd been a month and he was still sitting in his own little denial.

She slammed the drawer shut before resting her hands on top of the dresser. "Lucas." she said, sounding tired and irritated. She let her shoulders drop before turning around to look at him. "Will you please just stop?"

"Stop what?" he asked, throwing his hands up in confusion.

"Stop acting like I'm not going to die." she said bluntly, hurting him more than she would ever know. She turned away from him and walked back to the bed.

"Damn it Brooke!" he yelled, letting his fist hit the door. The sound was enough to scare anyone but Brooke went unfazed. She just shook her head as she grabbed his tie off of the bed and placed it around her neck. "Will you please stop it?"

"Stop dying Lucas?" she asked in a hostile voice as she began to tie the tie. "Sorry, no can do!"

"I don't get how you can talk like that." Lucas said and she finally looked at him, confused. "You talk about it like you're okay with it! That you're not scared and like you want to die!"

"You think I want this?" she shouted, thoroughly disgusted. "You think I'm okay with this? I'm scared fucking shitless Lucas! I'm doing ALL of this for you! I'm organizing everything so that you will be okay when I'm gone! I'm tying this fucking tie for you because you can't tie one to save your life! And I keep talking like this because I don't want to sugar coat anything and you turn in to this huge ass who is stuck in depression when I'm dead!" she screamed, tears falling from her eyes. "So can you please get the fuck off of my back and come out of your denial Lucas?"

She had been trying to be strong, to pretend that she was okay with this but she couldn't do it anymore. She was balling and Lucas was crying to and it as just to much. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to yell at you." she mumbled as he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"No. I'm sorry Brooke, I shouted have assumed. I should have just listened to you. I'm sorry." he cried with her. She lifted her head up to look at him, tears still cascading down her cheeks.

"I really am sorry Lucas." she sniffed.

"I'm sorry too." he said, removing his arm from around her so that he could wipe away her tears. "I love you."

"I love you too." she whispered, leaning back into his chest.


"Broody?" she asked quietly, almost in a whisper. Not because she needed to whisper, but because she was weak. It took a lot out of her everyday. Saying one word took almost half her strength.

"Yes Pretty Girl?" Lucas asked, looking down at the girl in his arms.

"Don't call me that Luke. I'm far from pretty."

He looked at her. Her skin was unbelievably pale. She had bags underneath her eyes, her eyes that had gotten darker everyday. She was wearing oversized sweat pants and his Body Shop hoodie. She looked so small in the clothes, and she was. She was much thinner now. She rarely ate and when she did it didn't stay down for long. Her thin hair laid flat and uncombed on her head. There had been no reason to brush it recently, she figured there was no point, and left it a mess.

And as he looked down at her, in the moment where she looked her worst, he uttered the words that reminded her why she loved him.

"I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do now."

She smiled and leaned into him. "Now," he began, "what were you going to say?"

"Tell me a story." she muttered, her eyes slowly closing.

He nodded, tears forming in his eyes.

"What do you want the story to be about?"

She opened her eyes when he spoke. "Us." He nodded again.

"Do you remember when we first met?" Lucas asked. The more questions he asked the longer he'd have with her.

"Of course. I still have the bra." she said smiling, willing her eyes to stay open.

"And do you remember the time we went to Myrtle Beach?"

She smiled her dimpled smile as she remembered the trip.

"How, half way there, the car broke down and we had to walk 2 miles to the next gas station? And I gave you a piggy back ride the last mile?" Lucas laughed.

"I never knew you had it in you." Brooke chuckled.

"Do you remember how once we got there, we spent the whole day at the beach? From sunrise to sunset?" He needed to keep her here just a bit longer. He wasn't ready to let go yet.

"That was a great day."

"Do you want to know when I realized that I loved you?"

Brooke looked up at him, her eyes seemed a bit brighter.

"It was a Tuesday, right after Winter Formal. I came over to hang out and you were washing dishes. You had the radio playing in the background and I remember how shocked I was when I realized you were singing along to 'Now That You're Gone' and that you knew all of the words. I just stood there, in the doorway, watching you sing, your hips swaying to the music as you washed a few dishes. Then, the song ended and a god awful Ace of Base song came on and you started singing along to that too, until you changed the station. Then, you started singing along to that Sheryl Crow song. And in that moment, I knew I loved you more than I ever thought I could love someone." Lucas said gently.

"I Shall Believe. That was the Sheryl Crow song." Brooke smiled. Her eyes were getting heavier and heavier and she became more and more tired.

"And Ace of Base was cool. 'The Sign' was an awesome song." Brooke managed to get out, which in turn got a laugh out of Lucas.

"Do you remember the night outside my house?" Lucas asked, knowing it was coming but not willing to accept it.

Brooke nodded. "You forgave me Luke. And I'll always love you for that."

"You had to forgive me too Brooke." he said as he felt her body start to go limp. "And I'll always love you for it." His voice cracked as he got out the last word.

"I love you Lucas." she muttered, her eyes closing for the final time.

"I love you too Brooke." he said, holding on to her body tight. He dropped a small kiss on the top of her head. Her eyes were shut now, never to open again.

He chocked back a sob, not allowing himself to cry in front of her. He rocked them gently back and forth, not willing to let them go, let her go. She was too young. She needed to be here.

But, she wasn't.

He wasn't able to save her.


"Lucas?" Peyton asked gently from the door.

He barley turned around to look at her. It was more of a half hearted glance really, not something that could be defined as a look. He had been sitting on the porch swing ever since they had gotten back from the cemetery.

Brooke had been buried 2 plots over from Keith, something that Lucas was silently thankful for. He was staring off into space, not looking anyone in the eye as they came up the walk to tell him how sorry they were.

That was the second time people did that to him. People he didn't even know coming up to him and saying sorry. What the hell were they sorry for? It's not like they really knew Brooke. They were simply coming because they had once known the girl he loves. They didn't know Brooke like he had. HAD. Past tense. That's what really hurt.

He felt the swing rock slightly, making him fully aware of Peyton's presence. Peyton. Brooke had wanted them to be together. That's why she had pushed them to date. In case this happened.

She put her hand on his shoulder gently, the shoulder that bore the tattoo he got with his pretty girl. Pretty girl. She looked a lot like his pretty girl today and that was something that really pained him. Sure, she was still thin and pale looking but she looked so peaceful. So content. And that was all he had been wishing for her ever since that day when the doctor had told her she was going to die. Of course, he had been wishing that she could've achieved that peacefulness and still be there with him. Without realizing it, he flinched under her touch.

"I'm a horrible person." he said almost robotically.

"What?" she asked. The word came out more like a noise fueled by confusion due to the tears that were gracing her cheeks.

"I promised to save her. I promise her that over and over again, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't do that one thing." he said, finally looking at Peyton, really looking at her.

She took that one brief moment to survey his appearance. His eyes were swollen, red, and bloodshot from the crying and lack of sleep. His white button up was wrinkled and mis-buttoned, he obviously hadn't put the effort into buttoning it. His slacks were wrinkled as well and pulled up to reveal his mismatched socks. The only put together part of his outfit was his tie. The tie that his Cheery had already tied for him, before she died, but nobody knew that except for him. His expression was sad and angry all at the same time, much like his voice.

"I couldn't save her." he whispered, turning his gaze away from her and bringing his legs up to his chest.

"Are you crazy?" Peyton asked, her voice crisp and clear, unlike how it was not even 5 minutes ago. He turned to look back at her, confused as to what she was going to say. "You think you didn't save her? What was she like when you met her Lucas?" She didn't know why she was getting so angry about this.

He knew what she was like, what everyone called her, but he could never call her that. Not now. "She was a whore Lucas." Peyton said bluntly.

"Don't call her that!" Lucas yelled, his eyes filling with tears.

"She was a whore, sleeping with anything that moved, going out at all hours of the night and getting drunk off her ass." Peyton yelled as Lucas just stared at her with hate in his eyes. He couldn't believe she was saying all these things about the girl who she had called her best friend. On the day of her funeral she was calling her best friend, his wife, a whore.

"But then she met you." Peyton said gently. "She met you and she fell head over heels. She only had one boy in her head and it was you. You were her first real boyfriend, her first love. Her first and her last. She never loved anyone before or after you. Don't you see Luke? You did save her. You saved her from herself. You saved her from becoming some drunk burn out. From the life that her parents had planned for her, rich old husband and all. You saved her because you loved her so god damn much."

Peyton stood up, Lucas' tear clouded eyes following her. "So don't give me that shit Lucas because you're selling yourself short." Peyton wiped away her tears that she hadn't even realized had fallen. She placed her hand on his shoulder once more. "You did save her Luke. Remember that." She placed a light kiss on his head before going back inside, leaving Lucas with his demons.


He walked up to the large house with the red door. He walked inside of the empty house. Her parents had moved out last week, not being able to live in the house that only reminded them of their dead daughter. Nobody had lived there since they had moved and that gave him a sense of comfort. Knowing that it was still hers and only hers. He walked over to the kitchen doorway, taking it in. This was where he'd first loved her. He closed his eyes and he could practically hear 'Now That You're Gone' playing.

I ain't afraid of hurt

I've had so much it feels

Just like normal to me now

He opened his eyes again to see Brooke standing over by the sink, washing dishes, and singing softly. She turned around to look at him and smiled.

She looked like old Brooke. Her skin full of color. Her hair tied back in a messy bun. Her eyes are bright and she was smiling the dimpled smile, the one that reached her eyes.

"Hey Broody." she said in a singsong voice.

I'm alone and I'm dancin', with you now, in your old room, in your old house

I'm alone and I'm dancin', with you now, in your old room, but there's nobody there

Now that you're gone

Now that you're gone

He blinked and she was gone. He wore sad smile on his face as he walked upstairs in his black suit. The same suit he wore to Keith and Jimmy's funerals. The same one he'd worn to hers barely two hours ago.

He walked into her bedroom and stood in the middle, taking the room in. He'd never realized how small the room actually was. It always seemed so big when Brooke lived in it. Probably because she seemed so big herself, so full of life.

Everything you ever touched, the fingerprints like

Crime scene evidence undisturbed in dust

I don't dare touch anything of yours, because it's evidence of us

And it means everything

Well sort of

He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, she was standing in front of him.

She wore her bridesmaid dress. She looked exactly like she did at the wedding. She put her arm out, holding her hand out for him to grab. "Dance with me." she said softly.

He placed his hand in hers and pulled her close. She folded into him and he placed his arms around her protectively. They swayed together for a bit until she looked up.

"Do you miss me?" she asked him, sadness evident in her voice.

"Every single day Brooke." Lucas said, trying to remember every inch of her.

"I think that you need to hear my voice right now." She said softly. " Remember it Broody. You won't be able to hear it much longer."

It hit him then. "You knew. At the wedding, you already knew. When we danced you mentioned-"

She cut him off with a kiss. Gentle, yet full of passion. She put all of her into the kiss. He brought her towards him, pouring himself into her as well. He knew what it was, a goodbye kiss of sorts, and he was thankful for it. But, he'd rather have Brooke there with him.

When they broke apart, she put her head on his shoulder, letting the moment sit.

I'm alone and I'm dancin', with you now, in your old room, in your old house

I'm alone and I'm dancin', with you now, in your old room, but there's nobody there

He closed his eyes, trying to savor the moment, to keep her there with him. But instead, it ended. Once again when he opened his eyes she was gone. He wanted the moment back, cursing himself for being selfish. He knew it wouldn't last, but it had felt like she was there again. Loving him with all of her. Throwing herself into him.

Now that you're gone

Now that you're gone

Now that you're gone

Now that your gone


He tried again, closing his eyes, wanting her to appear. But, she didn't. And that's when it really hit him. She's gone and she isn't coming back. She's gone and he can't change it, or save her from it.

He finally allowed himself to cry. To let it all out. For the first time he didn't hold back from her.

I'm alone and I'm dancin' with you now, in your old room, in your old house

I'm alone and I'm dancin' with you now, in your old room, but there's nobody there

He cried uncontrollably in the middle of the room. Crying because he loves her and crying because she's gone.

He fell to his knees, shaking, he's sobbing so hard. Then he felt Haley's small arms wrap around him, whispering that it'll be all right. She cried with him, even though she can't even fathom the pain that he is feeling. But, one of her best friends is gone, and it makes her dull inside too.

Nathan and Peyton watch the 2 friends from the doorway. Nathan's face is stricken with grief, tears swelling in his eyes. He pushed back the tears, although one escapes and trails down his cheek. He wiped it away with his free hand, the other full with his son's car seat. Nathan needed to be the strong one now. For his brother, for his wife and son and for Peyton.

Peyton wasn't holding anything back. Her face was soaked with tears, her curls messy beyond belief. She'd really lost Brooke this time. There was no more second chances for her, no way she could get her best friend back. And Peyton hated her for that, but mainly, she hated herself. If she hadn't been so selfish, the last 2 years of their friendship would have been happy, no bad memories between them.

They watched as Lucas fell apart in front of them. Unable to do anything. They already knew it wouldn't be all right, that he wouldn't be alright until he was with Brooke again.

Now that you're gone

Now that you're gone, for good

Yes, I did it! I'm SOOOOO SORRY!!!!!! But I've had it planned for a while now! But, if you would all like to slip into a denial, this is what I have to offer you:

A month after Brooke was todl she was going to die, all her cancer miraculously disappeared, much to her and Lucas' delight. When they both graduated from UNC, Brooke got the first ever uterus transplant(which is in deed possible, I read an article on it) and nine months later gave birth to Wyatt( whom was their Weird Science name sake) and Abilene. They lived happily ever after until they both died in their sleep at the age of 101.

Hope you all enjoyed, I sure as hell did! It's been an amazing ride and I loved sharing it with you all! I hope you all review and tell me what you think, even though I'm sure you all hate me now hehe.

Lyrics- Now That You're Gone by Ryan Adams