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Chapter 1

I woke up, laying on my side with my back against Fang's. My stomach hurt a little from my laughing fit the other night. I slowly stood up, feeling a pain in my side. I had been laying on a stick, probably all night. Better than waking up in a dog crate. I thought, looking around at my flock. Nudge was sleeping against a tree, mumbling something about burgers. Angel was laying on her side hugging Celeste, with Gazzy laying next to her, holding her against him. Total was at Angels feet, twitching.
From the looks of it, Iggy was on watch. I got up as quietly as possible and started walking towards him.
"Morning, Max" Darn.
"How'd you know it was me?"
"No one else would try as hard not to be heard." Well, he had a point.
I woke up the rest of the flock and guess what Nudge's first words were, upon waking up.
"I'm hungry." Yep.
"Fang," I called. "Yeah?"
"How many power bars do we have left?" Nudge asked, sleepily. "About seven." The power bars tasted horrible, like vitamins, but it was better than dumpster diving.
There was a peaceful silence, everyone sitting around, eating power bars, me admiring the view around us. It was nice, a bit cold though. We we're surrounded by pine trees and the ground was basically pine needles, with the occasional grass.
There was a peaceful silence, that is, until Nudge opened her mouth.
"So…" Oh here we go.. "Max, where are we going?" I waited a second, waiting for her to say more but she just stared at me. Wow, I think that's the shortest sentence she's ever said. I thought to myself, and smiled a little. Then I remembered something, I didn't know where we're supposed to go.
Pennsylvania. The Voice chimed in.
Why there?
What'd I expect? It to come back with a direct answer? As if.
It was kind of my only choice at the moment, with everyone staring at me, waiting for me to say something. Plus, it was a random place, out of the way, so it might take a bit longer for Erasers to find us. Yeah, right.

Fifteen minutes later, we were up in the sky. It was the perfect day for flying. No clouds. And it was kind of warmish, with a little breeze. I closed my eyes just enjoying the quite.
Of course, that didn't last long.
"Max?" I opened my eyes to see Fang, next to me. I knew he was going to ask me why I picked some random place like Pennsylvania. "Why are we going to Pennsylvania?" See, I told you.
What excuse did I have except, that the weird voice in my head that I cant get to go away, told me.
"The Voice."
"Oh.." At least the conversation ended there.

We'd been flying for about an hour, and Nudge came over.
"Hey Max, So.." I tuned her out after that, nodding and occasionally saying "Yeah".
When I refocused on her, she was saying "I mean, how funny is that!"
"Hysterical" I said, under my breath.

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