21 Things I Want In a Lover

Chapter 17

By Princess Alexandria

Kate rolled onto the bed, her heart pounding and her breath was hard to catch. She smiled as Ororo leaned over her, seeming to have a bit of trouble catching her breath as well. "I feel guilty, we aren't even trying to show you New York now." Ororo grinned.

"I don't mind." Kate laughed just a little. "I like waking up like this."

"Yes, well," Ororo glanced outside and grimaced. "You are entirely too pleased with yourself." Kate just grinned, listening to the rain starting to calm outside. The forecast was for sun.

Kate glanced at the clock and some of her good mood faded. It was going to be time to check out soon. She didn't like thinking about that. She'd expected to enjoy the trip for about half of the time and be more than eager to go home, because she'd expected to be alone. Now she wished she'd asked for two weeks off.

"What time is your flight?" Ororo asked, and her voice didn't sound all that happy about it either. Kate looked over at the woman, and moved to caress a bit of hair that had decided to try and go straight up but partially failed. Ororo smiled at that.

"I should leave for the airport by one." Kate sighed, her hand still caressing white hair. Ororo leaned over her and ran her hair over Kate's breasts.

Kate did math in her head quickly, and thought she could probably wait another half hour before packing.

The hotel was nice, and didn't penalize her for checking out a half hour late. She checked her bags, and Ororo's shopping bags in, before following Ororo out to have lunch.


Ororo sat across from Kate in the booth, and grinned at her, while moving her foot to rest on the booth Kate was sitting on, resting it against Kate's leg. There was a definite depressive feel to lunch and Ororo was going to try and push them past it. It wasn't like she wanted Kate's vacation to end either, but she didn't want to lose their last hour to this feeling.

When Kate gave her a look and tried to rest her own leg on the booth Ororo was on, Ororo had to laugh. Kate's leg didn't fully reach. "Feeling short Amazon?" Ororo teased and Kate finally smiled. She hadn't smiled since checking her luggage at the hotel.

"I was Amazon #3, get it right." Kate grinned and took a sip of the water they'd been given when they sat down. Their menus still sat on the table, waiting for them to order.

The waiter interrupted them, but Ororo made sure to lightly kick Kate as she ordered. It made her smile as Ororo pretended to try and distract her. Once they were alone again Ororo resisted the urge to ask Kate about what she was planning to do for the rest of her week, or about her flight or how she was getting home.

Ororo paid the bill once they were done, and took Kate's hand as they got up to leave. Kate gripped her's a little more tightly than normal and Ororo smiled, understanding. Kate held her hand all the way back to the hotel.


It was time to go. Kate stood in the hotel lobby, her bags around her, as she watched Ororo set her shopping bags over her own arm. Ororo was amazing and Kate had no idea how to say goodbye. She felt a need to thank Ororo for everything, but she couldn't even identify what everything was. It was more than sex, more than dates, more than friendship.

"I'll get you a cab." Ororo spoke softly, picking up one piece of luggage and waiting for Kate to grab the other.

"Ororo." Kate spoke, before they stepped outside. Ororo turned to her and Kate just stared into Ororo's eyes. Ororo had blue eyes, pretty eyes. "I'm glad you sat next to me on the plane." Kate spoke softly, moving closer. Her bag set down on the floor as she reached up to caress Ororo's hair, run the back of her fingers along her neck.

"So am I." Ororo leaned down to kiss her, and Kate didn't care that they were standing in front of the hotel Starbucks.

It was awkward and a bit painful to stand there, wondering what she was supposed to do. She didn't want to leave the hotel, but she had to. Ororo glanced at the bag Kate had been carrying and Kate took it up again.

"I know you've never been in this position before." Ororo smiled softly. "Being your first, I'll tell you what to do. Remember me fondly, and I'll do the same for you."

"That's going to be easy." Kate smiled, and took a deep breath as they stepped outside. She felt a bit out of sorts, almost disconnected. It felt like a year's worth of Sundays, the day before all the fun of the weekend was over. It was a good day of the week, but it always felt like an ending of something good, which had forever tainted Sunday for Kate.

Ororo moved to the curb and held her hand out. Kate hated how easily she caught her cabs at that moment, as a yellow taxi stopped and a man got out to open the trunk. Ororo turned to her and Kate gripped her hand tightly, as the taxi driver loaded up her bags.

"Thank you." It felt inadequate, but Kate spoke it slowly, her eyes staying on Ororo. Ororo smiled.

"My pleasure." The beautiful woman spoke in her more seductive tone and Kate couldn't help blushing. It made Ororo laugh softly. "You have a nice flight." Kate held Ororo tightly as they kissed, and she barely was able to look away to get into the cab.

"I need to go to the airport." Kate spoke softly to him, forcing herself to look at him. He nodded, and as they drove off, Kate looked back to see Ororo starting to walk away.

The drove past the place Kate and Ororo had caught the subway a few times, and they drove past the restaurant they'd eaten at. Kate smiled softly, thinking about how Ororo was always going to be a part of New York to her.

Her smile stayed as she considered how great her trip had been, and how she'd have to thank her brother for letting her down again. He'd never understand how grateful she was for that now. Even if she told him, she couldn't do Ororo justice in the retelling.

Kate had been with a goddess.


The end