By Icha


Just a one-shot I wrote about Bruce and Diana when they were aloneā€¦

Batman and Wonder Woman are characters of DC Comics. I own neither part of the couple, though I wish I couldā€¦Special thanks for A Little Summer Wine for her supports and beta!


It seemed to be the only time they could be themselves, without any of their titles that the world had attached to them. Without having to be the Ambassador of Themyscira or the CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Without having to be Wonder Woman or Batman. Without having to be members of Justice League or the protector of Gotham City.

Whenever the two of them were alone, especially curled up on his spacious bed at the Wayne Manor, they could be just themselves.

Bruce and Diana. Just that.

And they loved and treasured the wonderful feeling of freedom. The feeling of nothingness that coexisted with the fulfillment that bathed their souls.

And whenever they talked of what came into their minds in between kisses, when they finally let go of all outside stresses with their love making sessions and countless orgasms, when they touched each other gently as if to say thank you to each other, it was then that she realized how lucky she was to be with Bruce. Just Bruce.

And when he whispered that he loved her, and she smiled and said, "I know," it was then that he realized how lucky he was to be with Diana. Just Diana.


Author's note:

Written after I finished a very hard meeting marathon at a beautiful mountain in Bali. I wish I had my 'Bruce' with me.