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It was well after midnight, and blacker than the Goblin King's wardrobe in the small apartment. The only sound was some heavy breathing, and the occasional moan. A woman whispered something inaudible, and a man laughed softly, then groaned. Someone else coughed.


"Who's there?" A woman's voice said into the darkness.

"Me," said another woman's voice, sounding highly amused. A match was struck, and a candle lit. Sarah turned to the man beside her, who wore an expensive looking black suit, and a gray silk shirt, and whose mismatched eyes regarded her with a heady mixture of lust, love, and longing.

"We have light switches, you know," she said to him.

"Considering the circumstances," Jareth said. "Candlelight was kinder." On the floor Jen squinted up at them.

"How'd you get in?" she asked. "And where'd you two disappear to? We looked for you for hours."

"We?" Sarah asked. A blonde head popped out from under the blanket, and a very mussed looking Prince Charming grinned.

"Hey man," Chet said. "Didn't see you two there."

"I stopped by to get my things," Sarah said. "We didn't mean to interrupt." She glanced pointedly at Jen, who blushed and rearranged the blanket to cover what she hadn't been covering. Then Sarah went into the spare bedroom. Jareth sank into a nearby armchair and regarded the two mortals on the floor.

"Hmm," he said, after a long moment, in which they merely stared back at him in some surprise. "I'll have to try that." Jen's mouth dropped open and Chet coughed and shifted Jen to a less acrobatic position.

Sarah returned, holding a suitcase and a smaller bag. "Jen," she said, looking down at her friend. "Please, stop drinking so much."

"Okay," Jen said. Jareth took the suitcase from Sarah, and put his arm around her. "Wait," Jen said, as he lifted the candle to blow it out. "Where are you going?"

Sarah smiled. "Home," she said, and the room went dark, and then the couple on the floor were alone.

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