Solstice with Oberon

Jareth strutted proudly beside Oberon as they made the rounds showing off the baby. Sarah stood beside Lady Gwendolyn, watching.

"You must forgive them," a feminine voice from beside her said laced with amusement. "Men can be so foolish when given a son." Aillen, of the Daoine Sidhe had quietly moved to where Sarah was. "Like father, like son," she sighed.

Lady Gwendolyn looked at the newcomer. "Greetings Aillen. Nice to see your face openly at court."

Sarah turned to look at the woman. "You're Jareth's mother?" The creature before her was youthful, and could have been Jareth's sister with the exception of the hair color. Hers was like autumn leaves. "You look too young to be his mother."

The woman inclined her head, "Thank you, my dear. You must be Sarah… his…consort."

Sarah curtsied to the woman. "Yes ma'am."

"Dear child, no need to bow to me…" Aillen held her arms open instead. "Come let me embrace you."

"For the love of the Gods." Gwendolyn huffed. "Now Banyon's gotten into the act. Look at the three of them strutting, as if they and they alone had anything to do with the birth of that child."

Aillen led Sarah to a shady area under a lovely old oak, and took a seat beside her on a bench. "You must remember, Sarah, no one expected Jareth to succeed. No matter that he is the High King's son, he was not considered seriously by many in the court. Thanks in part to his stepmother."

"Are you making excuses for him?" Sarah accused gently.

"Perhaps," the other said grimly. "But don't think I don't see his faults."

"Do you?" Sarah watched the three men with her infant son.

The woman with the flaming red hair looked at her with troubled eyes. "I know he can be a sneaky little bastard."

"That's putting it mildly." Sarah turned her eyes to her. "Are you my mother-in-law?"

"Not precisely." Aillen frowned. "I'm not the High King's wife. I am only Jareth's mother, Oberon's… concubine. I have no status in the court. You my dear, are at least a Consort."

"Jareth told me some of your… history." Sarah felt sympathy for her new relation.

"I am what they call a hostage to the peace. Blood being thicker than mud, it was important for the Daoine Sidhe to have a strong alliance with Oberon's Seelie court. No better alliance than one forged in blood. So I was chosen to be my father's gift and peace offering." Aillen stated without emotion. "They had not considered that I might develop feelings of my own toward the High King."

Sarah looked at the way the other woman looked toward Oberon. "You love him?"

"Love is such a simple term. It hardly covers all that I feel." Aillen's voice went serene. "I love how he is with our son, and now our grandson. I hate how he and others plot to gain the means to an end. I detest his insensitivity toward myself and Tatiana. I crave him and dread him." She looked at Sarah. "I'm sure you understand."

Sarah looked at Jareth. "He raped me."

"So I heard." The older woman gazed at her son with eyes of steel.

"He tricked and trapped me." Sarah let the lump in her throat ease.

"He had a good teacher for treachery toward women, Sarah." Aillen sounded bitter.

Sarah looked at her, "And yet you stay?"

Aillen drew a deep breath. "Without him, I ache worse than with him." She looked at Sarah. "And you?"

Sarah nodded, crossed her arms and looked across the woodland garden. "He has my children, and I too am a hostage to the peace."

Jareth was now seated in the sunshine, the baby in his arms cooing and reaching for his face. Jenny and Gwynn had run to sit at his feet, leaving Willa's care. Oberon took a seat, pulling Jenny into his lap, and ruffling the golden hair on Gwynn's head. He looked to see where Sarah was. Seeing her with his mother, a look of guilt settled on his handsome face. He said something quietly to Oberon, who also turned to look at the women sitting under the oak. Both men looked like little boys caught with hands in a cookie jar.

Jareth rose and walked to where the pair sat under the tree. "Mother." He greeted her with formality. "Your Grandson." He passed the baby to his mother's arms.

"He's beautiful." Aillen whispered as she kissed the child's brow.

"Of course," Jareth said gruffly. Sarah glared at him, which he shrugged off. "He is my son, after all."

Aillen held the baby close. "My little prince."

"Sarah, walk with me," Jareth said brusquely. "Allow my mother time to get aquatinted with the tyke." He held an expectant arm out to his Consort.

Sarah took his arm and allowed him to lead her toward the woods that surrounded the glade the festival was being celebrated in. "Your mother is lovely." She said when they had walked a distance and would not easily overheard.

"She is indeed." Jareth agreed. "What were you discussing with her so intently, Sarah?"

"Family history," she said calmly. "She's a very interesting person, when one gets to know her."

"You don't know her." He grabbed her wrist halting the progression of the stroll.

He pulled her round to face him. "What did she tell you?"

"She said that she has no status at court, that she's only Oberon's concubine…and that I at least am a Consort." Sarah glared at him. "What did you think she was going to say to me?"

Jareth pulled her closer. "I wish to hell you got ugly when you're furious! But no, you become like an unrestrained passionate Goddess." He lowered his lips to hers, even as she struggled he hungered for her. "Oh yes, pet, fight me!"

Sarah closed her eyes as his heat stirred the heat within her. "I hate you," she whispered hoarsely. "I hate that I want you."

His lips moved over her throat. "You have me," he moaned. "Sarah, my offer still stands."

"Offer?" she gasped as he pulled her against him roughly.

He raised his head, the haughty look, and the dispassionate court mask gone. "I have been generous, but I can be cruel." He warned. "I once offered you your dreams… I once offered you a Kingdom."

"I turned you down, flat." She reminded him, cruelly. "You took my children."

"They were offered to me! Paul, remember?" He taunted, feeling heat rise and race in his veins.

"You lied, you tricked me, and you raped me!" she accused hotly. "Why should I ever trust anything you say or offer me, Jareth?"

He kissed her, dark desires and passion kindling both souls. "Take your revenge on me, Sarah… give yourself to me, and accept my offer…make me your slave."

"No, never," she hissed.

Jareth swooped her up into his arms. "I told Jenny and Gwynn that I always win, Sarah. I will never let you go. I will take my pleasure from you for the rest to time. Why not just give in?"

"Hell no, Jareth," she struggled as he carried her deeper into the woods.

"You want me."

"That doesn't mean I like it."

"You like it," he began to snicker.

"Bastard, put me down!" she growled.

"I love a good fight, Sarah." He growled right back. "Your struggles only fan the flames, pet."

"Not here in the woods!" she pleaded.

"We won't be missed." He found the spot he was looking for. "The children are with nurse, and grandparents. It's been weeks, Sarah, and I need to reclaim my woman." He knelt and imprisoned her beneath him, his body melding to hers. "Take my offer or reject it, does not matter…I will have you here and now." His mouth claimed hers yet again.

"Bastard," she moaned as his tongue slide in against hers. "I hate you." Her hands moved up his back. "I really do hate you."

"Do you, pet?" he made the clothes between them vanish; his body joined with hers without effort. "Do you?' His hips rose and descended as he reclaimed her. "I don't blame you."

Sarah smiled as he coaxed her to respond. "Bastard," she giggled.

He raised he head, looking down at her. "You can't resist me, so why try?" He took his time having his way with her there was no need to hurry. "We have a Kingdom we share, a son we've created, not to mention Jenny and Gwynn…" He pulled her closer as he moved deeper. "You are mine, Sarah, you have always been so. Just give in to it."

"No." she moaned as his thrusts deepened.

Jareth kissed her softly. "You love me."

"You'll never hear me say so," she said smugly.

Jareth smiled down at her. "Heartless bitch."

"Bastard." She raised her hips to meet his.

He nodded as he moved deeper still. "Your will is as strong as mine." He chuckled. "Enjoy your revenge, Sarah."

"I will." She promised.