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Final Chapter - Strawberry Sundae



Joey was looking to the left… then the right… then, the two tall, white doors that were in front of he and Mai. Yes, Mai literally dragged Joey to Kaiba's mansion. "Now remember, Joey. You came here to apologize to your sister and Kaiba," Mai ordered him.

"I'll apologize to my sister, but-," Mai's fist was in his face. He didn't want to her to yell at him again.

Realizing she never wore any tennis shoes, he gulped and ranged the doorbell. He took a quick glance at her heels and noticed how pointed they were. "I know I would never hit a lady," Joey sighed sadly, as Mai clapped her hands and grinned.

"I know, Joey," she replied and gave him a kiss.

A sad, little boy opened the door, making Mai and Joey shocked for the first time. Usually, Mokuba was never like this. What did Kaiba do to make Mokuba look so gloomy?

"Are ya a'right, Mokuba?" Joey asked in concerned.

"I'm not going to get my allowance till six months later," Mokuba whined as Mai giggled.

"Oh, Mokuba. You and your love for sweets," Mai smiled as Mokuba nodded his head.

"Mokuba, where's yo' bro?" Joey asked, wanting to apologize quickly and leave.

"He's upstairs with Serenity. I'll take ya'll to them," Mokuba said, as Mai and Joey walked inside.


Joey was looking to the right… then the left… then, the two tall, white doors that were in front of he and Mai. He sighed and put his hand on the lever. Pushing the lever down slowly was making Mai irritated, "O', for Ra's sake! Just push it down and go in!"

The puppy did what he was told. He opened the door and the scene he saw had shocked him.

His brown eyes popped out and his jaw hung down. What is sister doin' on top of Moneybags? He rubbed his eyes just in case he's been having some sort of nightmare. Blinking a few times, he thought he might need glasses. Nope, she was still on top of him! Oh, that's not all. She's feedin' him!

Mai got behind Joey and started pushing him forward.

"Joey? Mai? What are you two doing here?" Serenity asked as she placed the bowl of shrimp soup on the desk. The silver spoon was in her hand.

How did dis happen? She feedin'… sittin'… livin'… Moneybags. This was just too much for Joey. I'm going to explode!

"You came all the way here to stare, mutt?" Kaiba broke the silence, wanting to get back to what Serenity and he were doing.

Joey looked at him. Kaiba stared back, his expression never changed, of course.

"I jus' came here ta… ta…" He started to stutter.

"C'mon. You can do it. I'll give you something special tonight, if you apologize to them," Mai whispered sensually in his ear.

He couldn't help it. He wanted that something special from Mai as soon as possible. Might as well apologize n ge' it over it.

"Look. I came here ta apologize ta ya n Mo-," Mai elbowed his right side, "Kaiba fo' wha' I did earlier today. Serenity, I'm sorry I kicked ya' out of de house. I didn't mean ta. I… I… I guess I'm jus too overprotective 'cuz ya' are still my baby sista'," Joey rubbed his hand on the back of his head.

Serenity smiled and looked at Kaiba. Kaiba nodded in approval. Putting the spoon in the warm soup, she got off him and walked to Joey.

"I know brother. You'll always be big brother. The overprotecting type," Serenity smiled.

"Are ya' sayin' I'm forgiven?" Joey asked, hoping that she would forgive him.

Serenity beamed, "Of course."

They hugged each other. Joey wanted to cry, but held his tears back. He did not want to Moneybags to see him cry.

"Mai, will you come with me to kitchen?" Serenity asked as Mai nodded. "Sure," Mai said happily as they left the room, closing the door behind him.


Joey walked towards Kaiba desk. Kaiba rose an eyebrow.

"Promise me one thang. Take care of my sista n don't break her heart," Joey extended his hand. Kaiba started to examine the hand, just in case the dog didn't do anything to it.

"I don't have anything on my hand, Moneybags!" Joey raised his voice. Kaiba stood up and smirked.

"I promise, Mutt," Seto grinned as Joey shook his head.

"For the last time, I'm not a dog!" Joey yelled as Kaiba laughed and extended his hand.

The both shook on and went their separate ways.



Joey was smiling. A huge smile that it frighten the teachers. Mai was… well, blushing. Tea was once again cheerful. Yugi was happy again. Duke and Tristan were holding a box of tissues, because they got "sick".

"I knew I shouldn't have ran in the rain," Tristan sniffed, wiping his nose with a tissue.

"I have allergies," Duke's eyes began to get watery.

The both looked at each other, glaring daggers.

"Bullshit!" they both yelled angrily in unison.


It turned out to be a beautiful day. There was a slight breeze in the air and Kaiba and Serenity sat underneath the Sakura tree. Kaiba told her to sit on his lap again and she complied. Mokuba told her last night that Seto never had sweets in his life, so, she decided to do something different for a change.

She pulled out the strawberry sundae from her lunchbox that made Kaiba stare with wide eyes. It was wide! The beautiful red strawberries were around the strawberry-flavored ice cream tower. There were strawberry and chocolate syrup, nuts, a few chocolate strawberries, slices of a banana, whip cream, and chocolate chips.

"Mokuba told me you never had sweets before," Serenity smiled as she took out a spoon from the box.

Kaiba could only stare… and stare… and stare.

"It's true. I never had any sweets. Did my brother put you up to this, because if he did-," Kaiba was interrupted by her giggle.

"No. I made it for you Seto," she grinned at him.

She dipped the strawberry into the whip cream, and held it for him. Kaiba leaned forward a little, bit it, and chew it on it. She smiled as Kaiba licked his lips, slowly. Every time he did that, it made Serenity shiver in excitement. Seto scooped a bit of ice cream with the spoon and held it for her. She leaned forward, opened her mouth, closed it and slid her mouth back, slowly.

Kaiba rose an eyebrow. She took the spoon, scooped the ice cream and held for it him, this time. He opened his mouth, closed it, pulled back, and let the ice cream melt in his mouth. Licking his lips, he smiled.

"I never thought that sweets can be so… sweet," Kaiba smirked as he took the spoon away from her.

"Of course. That's what make them so sweet," Serenity said blissfully.

Kaiba nodded and held the spoon for her. She took it in her mouth. Feeling ice cream on her lips, Seto leaned forward and licked the flavor off her lips. "You taste so sweet," Kaiba leered at her.

Serenity blushed at the comment, "I…" Having no idea what to say, she placed her lips on his. Kaiba's couldn't believe what was happened, but prayed that this was not a dream.

She broke the kiss and looked away. I can't believe I did that. Feeling his hand under chin, he made her turn to look at him.

In his eyes she could tell that he was happy. She felt his arms wrap around her petite waist and embraced her. Placing her hands on his, she snuggled with him.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" Kaiba asked, hoping that she would say yes.

Serenity looked up at him.

"Does this mean I no longer your chef?" Serenity winked at him.

"I do love your homemade cooking," Seto leaned forward, "I have grown to have fallen in love with you."

Serenity tilted her head in a cute way, that made Seto adore her even more. She smiled and exclaimed, "I love you, too!"

Seto hugged her and she hugged back. The students watched. The high school journalists were taking photos to put in the paper and yearbook. The teachers couldn't believe that the C.E.O. of Kaiba corp. finally got a girlfriend. The counselors actually needed counseling.

Joey and Mai were in shocked. Tea and Yugi couldn't believe it. Tristan and Duke were shedding tears horribly.

Out of nowhere, Bakura stole the strawberry sundae.

As for Mokuba, he was extremely in high spirits. He decided to skip school because Serenity told him about the gallon of strawberry ice cream left in the freezer.

And in the end, sweet Serenity became Seto's sweetheart.




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