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Title: First Come, First Serve
Pairing: Ryoma And Sakuno
Rating: K

Summary: It was told that Ryoma and Sakuno are meant for each other but why is Ryoma getting married with someone else?

"Sakuno are you okay?" Tomoka asked sitting beside Sakuno.

"I can't do it Tomo-chan." Sakuno said looking at Tomoka as tears started to fill her eyes.

"Oh! Sakuno, tell me, what can't you do." Tomoka said hugging Sakuno to her tightly.

"I don't think I can go to Ryoma-kun's wedding." Sakuno said hugging Tomoka back as tears started to fall.

"I know its hard Sakuno but what are you going to do then, if your not going to the wedding?"

"I don't know." Sakuno said miserably "Maybe I can leave Japan for a while to have a time to think and to forget." Sakuno added as thoughts of her leaving Japan and her friends behind for even just a while pained her.

"Leave Japan, but you can't, I'm getting married after three weeks with Kaoru and you're my maid of honor Sakuno, so you can't." Tomoka said panicking after letting go off Sakuno.

"Tomo-chan, I'll come back for your wedding." Sakuno said looking at Tomoka who was uncertain about what Sakuno had said, "Tomo-chan, All the sempai-tachi has someone and you have Kaoru even if it's very hard to believe that he actually know what love is, but me, I don't have someone." Sakuno added.

"Sakuno you have us, me, the sempai-tachi and your grandmother." Tomoka answered trying to make Sakuno see that she was not alone even though she clearly knew what Sakuno meant when she said she had no one.

"Tomo-chan you know perfectly well what I'm talking about."

"Okay! Fine I'll handle everything so you're free to leave Japan." Tomoka said finally giving up. I mean what was the point, when she herself rather see Sakuno go leave than see her sad everyday. Even, if her wedding is at stake.

"Thanks Tomo-chan! You're the best! And don't worry I'll be back for your wedding." Sakuno said hugging Tomoka again.

"What can I say." Tomoka said hugging Sakuno as tears started falling from her eyes too.

AT THE CHURCH AN HOUR LATER (A/N: At this part, everyone knows about Sakuno's departure except for the groom...)

It's three hours before the wedding and Ryoma was talking to Momo who seems a little distracted, well, not little but very. Ryoma needs to repeat his end of the conversation twice before Momo could answer him and get this, Momo only answer in one word.

"Momo are you okay?" Ryoma asked when he can't take it anymore.

"What?" Momo asked instead of answering.

"I asked you if you're all right. I've been repeating my end of the conversation twice for you to be able to answer me." Ryoma snap at Momo who only looked at him.

"Fine." Momo snap at Ryoma shocking Ryoma a little. Firstly because that was the first time he snap at him on that day, second is Momo was deadly serious today and last he still answered him in one word.

"Are you sure because you're not and you're too quiet to be okay." Ryoma said his voice rising a bit but still there's worry on his voice for his best friend.

"Look, I'm sorry okay, and I'm fine, I'm just worried about Sakuno." Momo answered rubbing his temple anger forgotten.

"Why? What happen to Sakuno?" Ryoma asked worriedly in fact he hadn't felt more worried like that to anyone except for Sakuno, not even for his soon-to-be-bride.

"Nothing is wrong with her." Momo answered trying his best not to ruin Ryoma's day even though part of him wants to, Ryoma must be the stupidest person he had met in the face of the earth when it comes
to love. How can he not see that he loves Sakuno, when everyone had known that ever since their freshman year in Seigaku when Sakuno would hang around Ryoma's side to cheer him on, in the airport when he had left and then in the airport again when all of them waited for his arrival to welcome him back to their tiny circle of friends.

"Momo, I don't believe you, so tell me what happen to Sakuno."

"She left okay! And it's all because of you!" Momo shouted at Ryoma who was shocked to find out that Sakuno had left on his wedding but there is something else.

Ryoma's POV

Why am I feeling that my heart had been torn into pieces? Sakuno had been my friend since I came back from the U.S. so she was a constant part of my life and not having her in my wedding hurt, but it seems more than that, something that I can't explain...

My mind help me by reminding me the times I spend with Sakuno and the times I spend with Ayako, and I can't believe the realization that hit me. Whenever I'm with Ayako I always anticipated to see and be with Sakuno and whenever I'm with Sakuno, I feel loved, happy, content and somehow I always find myself praying to God to make the moment last. And that's not all, I realized that when I was dating Ayako and I had a game, the person I look for is not her but Sakuno, the person I want to hear well wishes from of Good Luck and Congratulation before and after the game is Sakuno's, then it hit me again I can't marry Ayako, she's not the one I want to share my whole life with, it's Sakuno that I wanted, the woman I wanted beside me for the rest of my life, the woman I would want to see first thing in the morning and the last at night, before and after my games and most important of all is the mother of my child. Damn! Now I know what I'm feeling, I'm scared that I finally lost Sakuno because instead of accpeting the fact that I had long fallen in love with her instead I tried to fight it and finally ignored it.


"Momo, tell me, where can I find Sakuno?" Ryoma asked urgently grabing the other guy in the collar.

"Why? Give me one good reason why I should tell you." Momo said daring Ryoma to answer his question with I'm- not-going-to-tell-you-until-you-give-me-a-good-reason look that Momo only use a few times when his being very serious.

"Because if you don't, she'll never know that I love her and we would never get married and have childrens together and lastly you won't be able to be an Uncle for our children." Ryoma said looking at the shocked reaction of Momo. (A/N: I mean really, who won't be shock after what Ryoma had said.)

"She's at the airport right now." Momo said after recovering from his shock.

"Thanks Momoshiro! I own you one." Ryoma said using Momoshiro to express to Momo how thankfull he is and how much he appreciate it. Ryoma gave Momo a brotherly hug before leaving when he suddenly turned around "By the way can you do me another favor? If you consider the first one a favor."

"Sure thing Echizen!" Momo answered smiling at him.

"Can you, Ann, Tomoka and the other Sempai-tachi change the wedding day to tomorrow, also talk to Ayako for me, tell her about me realizing something and if ever she wouldn't listen tell her I'll come by tonight at her house to talk to her."

"Sure thing Echizen!"


"Ryoma before you go, please promise me you wouldn't hurt Sakuno again."

"I promise!" Ryoma said and run towards the church exit while he could hear Momo shouted, "Go get her Ryoma Echizen!"


At the airport Sakuno was inserting some coins on the vending machine for a can of Ponta.

'Damn! How can I forget him when I'm buying his favorite drink.' Sakuno curses in her thought.

"Leaving without even saying goodbye?" a voice behind her said that break her from his thought.

Sakuno froze and turn to look at the owner of the voice "Echizen!"

'Ow! Did I really ruin my chance to be with her? Where's my Ryoma-kun?' Ryoma thought but then asked, "So are you even going to let me know that you're leaving?" then he started to walk forward to Sakuno while people started to look at them.

"Why are you here? You should be at the church getting ready for your wedding." Sakuno said instead without looking at Ryoma's face.

"I'm here to stop you from leaving Japan." Ryoma said smiling, I hope my plan works. (A/N: His plan is to talk to Sakuno the way he always does laid back.)

Sakuno succeeded to force a fake laugh and said, "And why are you going to do that?" Oh! she can't breath, he's to close to her, very close that she can feel his breath brushing to her skin.

"Simple!" Ryoma said and without warning he raised Sakuno's face towards his and kiss her.

'Break it Sakuno, stop him from kissing you, you can't allow him to kiss you, his getting married to Ayako for Christ's sake.' Sakuno thought and finally had the guts to push him "Why the hell did you kiss me?" she said out loud while a little breathless.

"Why did you let me kiss you?" Ryoma asked instead.

"Echizen, I'm not going to play this word game with you, I want to know why you kiss me?" Sakuno said tears started to fill her eyes from confusion and pain.

"I kiss you because I love you." Ryoma simply answered without any hint of playing games or hesitation. In fact he is too serious, like never before, but Sakuno willed herself not to believe him.

"Ryoma how can you say you love me when you're getting married today?" Sakuno asked tears started to fall.

"I'm actually getting married tomorrow but, not if your not the bride." Ryoma said drying Sakuno's tears with his lips as people started to crowd around them, watching them both.

"But you love Ayako." Sakuno protested a little giving it another shot while at the same time her defences are weakening.

"Sakuno aren't you listening? I thought I love Ayako but I didn't know that there was already someone in my heart until today and it was you." Ryoma said kissing Sakuno before saying "It's a first come first serve basis."

"And I'm the first one?" Sakuno asked making sure and Ryoma didn't mind to assure her, in fact he smiled at her for he knew that he got her back..

"Yes! The first one and the last one." Ryoma answered with full of love.

Sakuno smiled and hug Ryoma as he hug her back.

"By the way, it's Ryoma or Ryoma-kun, not Echizen." Ryoma said correcting Sakuno.

"I know, Ryoma-kun." Sakuno answered and they kissed again making the people around them clapped their hands.

"I hope I have that kind of love life." One girl said who was clapping along

"Me too!" said the girl beside her

"Oh! How I like happy endings!" an old man said as he squeezed his wife hand.

The End

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