Title: Simplicity Is All It Takes

Pairing: Ryoma And Sakuno

Rated: K+

Author: Jomai

Summary: Ryoma is going to propose to Sakuno and he enlisted the help of his former senpai-tachi.

Disclaimer's Note: I don't own Tennis no Ohjisama.

"Neh! do anyone know why Ryoma asked us to meet him here?" the ever so hyper Kikumaru asked his teammates.

"No!" Oishi answered his bestfriend as the other shook their heads no except Kaidoh.

"Shuuuu! Baka, coming here without even knowing why." Kaidoh murmured while Momo who was beside him heard what he said and started arguing with him.

"He he... they're still the same old Momo and Kaidoh we know. Neh! Tezuka?" Fuji the tennis tensai said to Tezuka with a laugh.

"Hai!" Tezuka answered in his usual stoic way.

"I wondern what Echizen needs us for." Fuji said eyeing the ever so silent Tezuka. Even though he had been the first one to be married in their group (which shock all of them) he still hadn't change a bit. "Especially when he had manage to get you to come." Fuji added with a tease, there's only one thing that had change in Tezuka besides tennis, and that is, his wife and baby comes first before tennis and anything else.

"Yamero! Momo, Kaidoh." Kawamura said as he and Oishi tried to break-up the still fighthing men.

"I'm one hundred percent sure that Echizen will arrive at this exact moment." Inui said and true to his calculation Ryoma came runnning towards their direction.

"Gomen-mina!" Ryoma said standing in front of his senpai-tachi.

"It's okay Echizen." Oishi said looking at Echizen then added, "So why did you asked us all to come and meet you?"

At those words Echizen started to blush earning a gasp from Kikumaru and a shout from Momo announcing to the wrold that Ryoma Echizen is blushing.

'Darn!' Ryoma thought as he try not to blush anymore. He'd been thinking about his plan for months now from buying a ring to proposing to Sakuno but then when it was time to propose to her he didn't have any idea how so he ended up with the prospect of asking for his senpai's help but he didn't think that this would happen. Sakuno, How she could manage to make him blush, he still don't know, where in the world is his old self.

"Echizen, you better tell us why you wanted to meet us. My wife is making dinner and she and my son would be waiting for me to come home." Tezuka suddenly said interupting Ryoma's thought.

"Well the reason I ask you all to meet with me is because I need all your help to propose to Sakuno." Ryoma said after he had recovered.

"Nani?" Everyone said in unison except Tezuka.

"I said I'll be needing your help to popose to Sakuno." Ryoma said as his senpai-tachi digest what he had said and give different reaction but all ending with a congratulation and accepting Ryoma's request of help.

"Neh! Ochibi." Kikumaru said after the congratulation was over.

"Nani? Eiji." Ryoma asked looking at Kikumaru as the others did the same, well except Inui who was writting furiously in his notebook at the same time mumbling 'I... I... Data...'

"Have you thought about how you're going to propose to Sakuno?" Eiji asked making Inui stop writting and listen to what Ryoma would answer.

"Well, I had bought her a ring." Ryoma simply said looking at all his senpai's stunned face.

"Your telling us that you don't have any idea on how you'll propose to her or any scenario." Momo stated rather than ask.

"That's a big problem." Fuji mused then looks at Tezuka "But our ex-buchou might be able to help Echizen." Fuji added as Tezuka gave him a deadly glare.

"Fuji is right, Tezuka maybe able to help Echizen with his problem." Inui said realizing what Fuji was trying to say. (A/N: Hey, it's rare to get Tezuka off guard.)

"Nani?" Eiji asked confused.

"Eiji, what Fuji's trying to say is that Tezuka could give Echizen a one on one lesson on how to propose to a woman because his the only one here that is married and had gone through with that proposing stuff." Inui explained earning a gasp from Kikumaru as he finally understand and a very deadly glare from Tezuka.

"Fuji is right." Momo said not looking at Tezuka who was trying his best to remain calm. "Can you believe it, Echizen is going to have a one on one lesson with Tezuka. Isn't he very lucky." Momo added in a way that made a vain in Tezuka's forehead to pop out a little.

"I think Fuji is right Tezuka." Oishi said this time agreeing with Fuji, since really, who else can give a proper advice, of course the one who had already gone through it all, and though luck for Tezuka because his the only one who had that experience. "You should give Echizen some pointers on how you asked Raiko-chan to marry you. So from there he cold get some ideas to work on." Oishi added looking at Tezuka who's vain in his forehead didn't vanish one bit.

"I think it would be even greater if we are here to hear the pointers so we can help Echizen thinks everything over." Fuji said eyeing Inui who caught his eyes and added "I agree with Fuji, nine heads are better than one."

Tezuka look at them all for a moment, Fuji and Inui's face looks like they are enjoying it, tormenting their former buchou, who also can't assign them laps, oh! how Tezuka miss the good old days, then Tezuka looks at Momo, Kaidoh and Eiji, who hadn't caught on with the conversation yet, Kawamura was eyeing him with interest although he could see that Kawamura is trying his best not to show it, Oishi stood there innocently not having any idea what he had just put his best friend through, and last he met Echizen's face and the boy had in his face the interest and attentive look. It's like any minute now Echizen would ask Inui for a pen and a piece of paper and would write Tezuka's word down word for word.

Tezuka sigh, "Are you sure that the reason you are all except Echizen interested with what I have to say is because of Echizen or because you wanted to know how I ask Raiko since no one had any idea?" Tezuka said and looking straight at Fuji and Inui.

"Believe us Tezuka, we are doing this for Echizen." Fuji said with his smile as he looks back at Tezuka.

'And why don't I bilieve you?' Tezuka thought before opening his mouth again to tell them but was stop when Echizen took something out in his pocket and what he took made Kikumaru and Momo laugh so hard that tell lay on the floor laughing, Kaidoh fshuu... trying not to laugh for it would be against his image, Fuji smile didn't change, Inui started writting in his book again with some calculation, Tezuka's expression didn't change while Oishi and Kawamura's looks at each other with a looks of surprise and disbelief, just who would have thought Echizen would bring a paper and a pen for him to write everything. I guess Tezuka was right about the pen and paper but instead of asking Inui for it, it turns out that Echizen had brought his own.

"What?" Echizen asked irritated as he looks at everyone except Tezuka.

"Uhm! nothing. So, shall we start." oishi said after he and Kawamura manage to calm Momo and Kikumaru.

"Well, I can't say anything more, I just went to my parents told them I wanted to marry Raiko and after they said yes, I got a ring from my mother, she said that it's tradition that her engagement ring would be pass on to her eldest son and after having the ring, I went to see Raiko and well I wasn't suppose to ask her yet because I wanted to prepare a romantic dinner and stuff but it didn't happen because I just ask her then and there for I felt that the time was right." Tezuka said all this while Ryoma wrote it all down while the others think of the same thing and that is how lame the proposal was.

"That's all?" Kikumaru asked voicing everyones question.

"Yes, that is all, as a man once said simplicity is all it takes." Tezuka said looking at everyone as if he had done his job to help Echizen.

"And I bet that man is him." Kikumaru whispered for everyone to hear except Tezuka himself.

"I must agree." Momo said to Kikumaru.

As everyone stop murmuring to each other about Tezuka's lame proposal they where shock to fnd that Tezuka and Echizen had already left, they look at inui for an answer even though he was listening to them and of course Inui never failed them, according to Ìnui, Tezuka had left for home since he had help already while Echizen left right after Tezuka saying that he had learned a lot from Tezuka's pointers.

"What did Echizen learned?" Momo asked confuse.

"Not to be lame." Kikumaru answered that earned a laugh from everyone including Kaidoh.

"Man, somehow it makes me want to stay single forever." Momo said as Kaidoh agreed with him.

"Don't say that Momo, Kaidoh, all of us would go through that stage." Oishi said blushing a little as an image of him proposing to a girl cross his mind.

"And when that happens, I'll have my notebook to take data and show it to your future kids." Inui said and everyone looks at him, putting in ming not to tell Inui about how they propose.


"Who on earth could that be." Sakuno said as she heard someone knocking on the door.

"Hi!" Ryoma said as soon as the door opened, "Mind if I come in?"

"Of course not." Sakuno simply answered. Ryoma went into the house and waited for Sakuno to close the door shut before swooping her off her feet and brought her to the living room to sit on his lap while he sit on her couch. "What's up?"

"Nothing." Ryoma said as he started kissing Sakuno on her neck then up her jaw to her lips. The simply trail of kisses became a make out session. After a long while, they needed to stop for air and Ryoma looks at Sakuno with hazy eyes and Sakuno knows that it was lust, love, happiness and need put all together.

They hadn't done anything beyond making out but tonight, there's something about the night that led Sakuno to initiate another round of make out session but that didn't stop there for they ended up making love for the first time. Now, as Ryoma lay on the bed with Sakuno beside her well half of her body is on top of his and her head lay in his shoulder but it's still beside him, anyway he was laying there awake while Sakuno had fallen asleep because of the said exercise, Ryoma was thinking about what Tezuka said and what he learned and he was thankful that he had a buchou like Tezuka. Ryoma looks at Sakuno and kiss the top of her head before going to sleep himself but the sleep part didn't go as planned because Sakuno woke up.

"Hey!" Sakuno murmured well more like purred.

"Hey to you too." Ryoma said looking at the woman who would soon be his wife and mother of his child.

"Did you get any sleep?" Sakuno asked shifting a little so she can see Ryoma's face.

"I'm just about too." Ryoma said looking down at her "But since you are awake, I would like to ask you something."

"Sure, what is it?" Sakuno said and Ryoma answered her by sitting up and bringing her with him. Sakuno covered her upper half with the covers of the bed while Ryomam took something under his pillow. "Ryoma?" Sakuno added as he saw Ryoma took out a small box.

"Sakuno, will you marry me?" Ryoma asked as he opened the box containing the ring he bought for her.

"Of course, I will it's as simple as that." Sakuno said and kiss Ryoma as Ryoma kiss her back while at the same time putting the ring on her left ring finger.

"Yeah, simple as that." Ryoma murmured as he kiss her again and again that they ended up making love the second time around.

The next morning Ryoma woke up first and he found himself in the same position as last night with Sakuno, and again he thought about what Tezuka said simplicity is all it takes, and indeed he was right, you don't have to go to romantic movies or dinner to propose, all it simply needs is the right time, mood and of course the love behind it. But then again, his one step up from Tezuka when it comes to proposing romantically, and that is because he did it after making love with the woman he loves.

'I guess, I'm better than you when it comes to romance buchou.' Ryoma thought to himself with a smirk.


"Achoo!" Tezuka sneeze suddenly as he watch his wife making their breakfast while their son Kyouya entered the room with his racket.

"Are you okay Mitsu?" Raiko asked looking at his husband, it's rarely for Tezuka to catch a cold.

"Yeah, I'm fine, maybe someone just talking about me." Tezuka said kissing Raiko on the lips then ruffling his son's hair.

"Oh dad, now you made my hair sticks in odd angles again." Kyouya said as he tried his best to undone the damage his father made. "Dad, who do you think is talking about you?" Kyouya added when he was satisfied that all his hair is back to it's original place.

"I don't know but I have a guess that it's one of your uncles." Tezuka said as he help Raiko with the breakfast plates while Kyouya sat on his chair waiting for his parents.


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