Naruto, the Lycan Ninja:

Well I got to admit, this is my first shot at doing a serious Naruto fic. The other ones I had were just plain random. In short how I feel about myself writing about this story can be summed up in eight words, 'I think I can. I think I can.' Oh well, let's see if I can do this. Bold means Kyuubi's talking. Italics means Naruto and the wolf are talking to each other telepathically. Start the fic.




Naruto groaned, he felt like he had just been hit with a truck.

"Stupid Orochimaru! What the fuck did he do to me?! Hey wait a minute…where am I?" asked Naruto.

Naruto was in some type of…well sewer was the best way he could think to describe it.

There was ankle high water and he could swear he could hear arguing of some kind.

Curiosity getting the better of him he started to follow the sound until he was blinded by a shining light.

When it finally cleared Naruto was greeted with a rather peculiar sight. A wolf with silver fur was having a heated argument with a giant…monster behind some type of cage.

"And THAT'S why I'm cutting off your chakra from him!! I won't let you corrupt him!!!" shouted the wolf.

"I'd love to see you try and stop me!"

"Hey! What the heck is going on here?!" shouted Naruto.

The wolf blinked in confusion as she turned her head to see the blonde.

"Oh! Naruto, I didn't expect to see you so soon." Said the wolf.

"Who the hell are you? And what the heck is that thing?!" asked Naruto.

"Insolent whelp! Do you know who you address? I am mighty Kyuubi! The mightiest of all the tailed demons!"

"Quiet you!" shouted the wolf.

The wolf kicked one of the Kyuubi's bars with one of her hind legs.

"Don't you ever talk to Naruto! You're to blame for everything!" shouted the wolf.

Naruto was surprised to say the least. The wolf was obviously female and yet she seemed almost protective of Naruto.

She turned to Naruto and he almost flinched with how fast she did it.

"Naruto, come with me there is much to discuss." Said the wolf.

"Only if you agree to tell me what the heck is going on!" said Naruto.

The wolf nodded to him.

"I'll tell you everything!" said the wolf.

"Okay then!" said Naruto.

As Naruto and the wolf started to leave together silver bars appeared between the already present cage bars. The most noticeable feature about these bars was the fact that they had crescent moon marks on them.

"Hey! What the fuck is this?! Hey!! It's trapping my chakra!! Hey!!! Get your asses back here!!!" shouted the Kyuubi.

The wolf smiled smugly as she heard the Kyuubi's rant.

As Naruto and his companion continued their walk he couldn't help but admire her fur. It was so silver it almost hurt his eyes to look at it.

"So who or what are you?" asked Naruto.

"Well Naruto, I guess you could think of me as your spirit guide. Do you know what you are?" asked the wolf.

"I'm a ninja! Believe it!" said Naruto.

"No! Well I mean yes technically you are a Konoha Ninja but you're more than that!" said the wolf.

"Huh? What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

The wolf and Naruto stopped walking.

"This way Naruto." Said the wolf.

She turned down a corner and entered a dark room.

"Come Naruto, there is much to learn." She said.

Naruto shrugged and entered the room.

A picture of the Yondaime appeared next to her.

"Naruto, do you know who this is?"

"That's the fourth Hokage." Said Naruto.

"Yes, but he was more than that. He was a werewolf of the strongest breed but he was also your father."

Naruto stared at her for a moment with a blank expression.


"Now Naruto, I know what you're thinking but your father loved you very much. He couldn't bring himself to ask any of the other families of Konoha so he sealed the baka demon in you. It tore him up inside knowing that it would have to be his own son burdened with such a fate."

Naruto's eyes were hidden by the shadows of his bangs so it was nearly impossible to tell his emotion.

"The only thing he ever wanted was for you to be recognized as the hero you are. Naruto, I know that it might be possible that you hate him very much…"

"I don't."


That was one answer she truly wasn't expecting. Naruto looked at her with a confident smirk she had seen one too many times on his father's face.

"If I was the old man I probably would have done the exact same thing! I don't have any grudges against him so I'll do him proud and grant his final wish! I'll make the village see me for the hero that I am even if it takes to the day I die, I swear it!" said Naruto.

A smirk started to develop on her face.

"And I never go back on my word that's my nindo! My ninja way, believe it!"

"Heh. You are your father's son alright, there's no mistaking that. You have the same confidence and arrogance he always showed."

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck slightly embarrassed in how much he was presumably like his father.

"Well…let's move on. What's this about him being a werewolf?" asked Naruto.

"Yes. He was a very rare type of werewolf; he had silver fur and was undefeated when it came to fighting in his hybrid form."

"If his fur was silver then how come he was a blonde?" asked Naruto.

"Uh well you see hair color kind of changes when one changes into their hybrid form."

"Well I guess I can swallow that. Okay, new question; if he was a werewolf how come no one ever knew?" asked Naruto.

"Werewolves are kind of looked down upon in societies as monsters. They would have grabbed any silver weapons they could find without so much as batting an eye. Which brings us to why you haven't ever changed before…"

"Yeah, what's up with that?" asked Naruto.

"Before your father died he summoned me and how should I say this… 'called in a favor'. He asked me to lock away all your lycan abilities, features and powers until I saw fit that you were ready to both handle them and hide them. You have enough trouble with the villagers as it is."

"Well can't argue with you there. So you think I'm ready for them?" asked Naruto.

"With a little help from me, but let's take things slow first. You have to learn to walk before you can run. But the one thing you must always remember is that you must keep the fact that you're a werewolf a secret, otherwise the residents of Konoha…"

"Hold it! Say no more, please just don't go there, they treat me bad enough already." Said Naruto.

"Exactly! But know that being a werewolf does not make you a monster, just different. It may even help you in your journey to become Hokage."

Naruto smirked.

"Sounds like fun!"

"Like I said, you're definitely your father's son. But let's take this one step at a time. If you need to talk to me you can do so telepathically by merely opening our link. Right now you need to wake up."

Sasuke smirked to himself while breaking the Sound Nin's arms. Suddenly a hand firmly gripped his arm stopping his action.

Sasuke looked at the owner of the arm to see a changed Naruto. He was kind of like how he was when endowed with the Kyuubi's chakra except he didn't look demonic, instead he looked more animalistic.

"That's enough Sasuke! He's beaten, let him go!" said Naruto.

Sasuke glared defiantly at Naruto.

"If not for your sake or his then do it for Sakura's! Just look at what you're doing to her!" shouted Naruto.

Sasuke looked at Sakura and what he saw shook him down to his soul. She had a look of fear on her face and yet it also at the same time had a mix of sadness.

Sasuke could never remember her ever looking at him like that. It seemed, almost unnatural.

The markings on his body receded back to the curse mark on his neck. He fell to his knees panting.

"What happened to me?" asked Naruto.

"Think of this as a pre-stage before you could enter the hybrid mode. Soon you'll learn how to bypass this stage and go straight into hybrid mode but for now this is necessary."

"Okay, how do I change back?"

"Just think about it."

Naruto started to picture himself as his normal self and before he knew it he had changed back.

Naruto shook his head for a moment to regain his bearings. A lot had happened during his little talk on how to change back.

The Sound Nins eventually left leaving behind their scroll. Ino gave Sakura a haircut to balance out the hair she lost. But for some reason Ino seemed awfully distant. Tenten had woken up Lee by shaking him violently. He and Sakura were apparently talking about something or another now.

Tenten was now walking over to Naruto for some reason. Naruto didn't really know her that well; all he really knew about her was that she was Lee's teammate.

"Hey, you're Naruto right?" asked Tenten.

"Yep. What can I do ya for?" asked Naruto.

"Back there, you looked pretty feral. How did you do that? Was that some type of jutsu or something?" asked Tenten.

Naruto suddenly started to sweat.

"Um no…it was a…bloodline! Yeah that's it! It's the bloodline of my family!" said Naruto.

He congratulated himself for a moment on thinking so quickly but then paused.

"Why do you want to know?" asked Naruto.

"Oh no reason, just curious." Said Tenten.

She started to back away sheepishly but tripped over a rock. She got up and ran back to Neiji and Rock Lee.

"That was weird." Said Naruto.

That's all for now, this is a Naruto harem fic. For me having Hinata in it is a priority, and Temari has always maintained a solid 2. However, for women like Kurenai, Anko, Hana, and Shizune I won't pair up with Naruto. But I might be convinced to send them Iruka's way, he seems to be a good guy to me and probably deserves someone…maybe even a harem.