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Tenten was sitting in the Konoha library and was feeling quite frustrated.

"I just don't get it! I've been through like a hundred books on Konoha's history and I still can't find anything about an Uzumaki clan! The closest thing I can find is a picture of some redheaded woman! It's almost as if she's taunting me!"

Tenten rested her head on the library table. "I need a break…"

"A break huh? Maybe I can help with that…" said a male voice from behind.

Tenten let out an annoyed growl, the last thing she needed was some thick glasses nerd hitting on her.

She sat up and turned around. "Why don't you just take a hi…" However, when Tenten actually bothered to look at the man she was at a loss for words.

Hinata and her father sat down on the backyard porch enjoying a cup of tea.

"You've been doing very well in your practices lately Hinata."

"Oh um thank you father."

The truth of the matter was she had only gotten better in her practices because she had gotten so much closer to Naruto. The boy did wonders for her, she always got a little farther, benefited a little more just by having him near her. Or maybe that was just because she was genuinely happy with him around. Who could say?

He took a sip of his tea. "I know I can seem awfully harsh on you." Hinata quickly turned her head to him in surprise. This wasn't like him, he wasn't one to admit such a thing, he would always say that he treated her so because the Hyuugas had expectations to live up to, a bar that had to be met. From his frown she could tell her look of surprise must have come across as something else to him.

"Okay, I can be down right cold."

"I…I never…"

"Now! This needs to be said, and it needs to be said now. I'm hard on you not just because you're the heiress; Hinata, when you were a small child and you told me and your mother that the type of person you wanted to be was someone who was kind but strong…well, we were delighted to hear it."

Hinata continued to stare at him. This was a whole other side to her father she had never seen before.

"But the world is a harsh place, filled with many wicked people who survive by stepping on kind people, to be kind yet strong you must put up with impossible odds in the most unforgiving of circumstances. To become strong and still retain the kindness in your heart your very character must be pushed to its limit. There are many in this world who view kindness as a weakness, but given the right environment it can grow into righteousness."

He turned to her with a smile she hadn't seen on him since her mother was alive. "And I like to think, that is the kind of person you are turning into."

Hinata felt her eyes water, her vision of her father became slightly distorted from the developing tears. And then, finally she could take no more and threw herself upon her father's lap and sobbed uncontrollably.

He was more than a little surprised at his daughter's sudden show of emotion, he was a little unsure how to handle such a delicate situation. Then he noticed the smile on her face he spotted in-between sobs, she was crying out of joy.

So he did the only thing a father could in these kind of situations, he held her tenderly and told her to let it all out.

Vampires swarmed the Village Hidden in the Grass as its ninjas did their best to try and defend it.

"PROTECT THE VILLAGE! DON'T LET EVEN ONE IN!" shouted one of the shinobi.

Kenzal and Keyzal appeared out of the shadows and grabbed the shinobi from behind by the shoulders.

"Dude, all we want are your women and children. Just be cool about it, dude." laughed Keyzal.

"Specifically the babies, vampires bring a whole new meaning to the term 'baby back ribs', dude." grinned Kenzal.

The ninja responded to their 'attack' by taking a kunai and burying it deep into Kenzal's skull before running off. Kenzal fell to the ground with only a handle sticking out of his head.

"Oh my God! They killed Kenzal! You bastards!"

As Kenzal slowly moved on the ground his twin started to scratch his head. "Wait a minute…something doesn't quite add up here…now what could it be?"

Kenzal let out a small groan.

"Oh wait that's right…he's already dead…undead as matter of fact. Hey Kenzal, get up dude!"

Kenzal sat up and replied groggily "Okay." He reached for the handle and started to pull but it seemed to be stuck. "Hey, Keyzal, dude? I think I might need some help on this one, mind giving me a hand, dude?"

Keyzal grabbed his hand then put his foot against Kenzal's chest. "Okay dude, on the count of three. One…two…THREE!"

On the word three Keyzal pushed off of Kenzal and pulled out the kunai. Kenzal seemed to stagger for a moment but the wound soon started to seal up.

"Glad that's over with."

"Dude! Look, it's the Master!"

Indeed their dark master had arrived floating in the air bringing storm clouds behind him.

"It is time these mortals learned their place." he threw his arms into the air and the very ground started to shake "One village at a time!"

Small mountains started to form in some areas while the ground gave way into chasms in others, terrifying the ninjas and throwing them off balance.

Kenzal jabbed his brother in the ribs. "Dude, advantage: us!"

"Yeah dude, time to increase our ranks!"

Keyzal grabbed the charging ninja and sunk his fangs into his neck. The ninja struggled weakly against the vampire but it didn't last long, soon enough he had stopped moving all together.

Keyzal dropped him and licked his chops. "Dude, that is some sweet human nectar they got pumping through their vines.

The ninja suddenly sprang up as pale as a sheet, two long fangs protruding from his upper jaw.

Kenzal wrapped his arm around the new vampire in a brotherly sort of way. "Welcome to the undead dude, you can find the all you can eat buffet to your left."

The vampire sprung forward, eager and blood thirsty…and then started to wander off to the right.

"Your left! Your left! Your other left! Watch out for that chasm! Dude!"

Said changed vampire had not listened to any of his senior's advice thus fell directly down the chasm.

Keyzal shook his head. "Dude, new vampires are so stupid."

"I know dude, it's friggin ridiculous. How long do we have to wait for their stupidity to fade away?"

The twins changed into a couple of bats with a puff of smoke and flew down the chasm. Once at the bottom they changed back to normal and started to help their new comrade in arms to his feet….by pulling him out of the dirt he faceplanted into.

Once up they dusted him off and helped him regain his balance.

"Left is THAT AWAY dude!" Kenzal pointed dramatically to his left.

Meanwhile inside one of the Grass Village's hidden bases, their kage frowned deeply as he read the

latest news from the front.

"Sigh, the Kusanagi Sword would really be helpful right about now."

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