It was just another day at the office…oh how Fujioka Haruhi wished that were true. She had graduated from Ouran, and in the natural progression of things went on to college, and then law school. Having graduated top of her class she was now a practicing lawyer, specializing in contracts (something that she wished she had during the long years of hosting at Ouran (since she was certain that Kyoya had not been completely forthcoming about the real timeline of her indebtedness to the host club)). Today was anything but normal, however. The small law firm that she worked for, Tanaguchi and partners, has recently been bought out by a larger company. The acquisition had been all over the papers, and today was the day that the new owner was coming to visit the firm. There were several female clerks and interns at the firm, though Haruhi was the only true lawyer. Haruhi had been hired on initially as a clerk, but had quickly climber her way up the ranks to a junior partner. She had a lot of respect in the field, and drew many new clients to her. It seemed that Ouran still remembered her fondly, even after the revelation of her femininity, and that she was one of the few lawyers that the Ouran graduates would go to if they were in need of help with a legally binding contract.

All that was to say – the office was in chaos. The senior partners, male partners, had their hands full trying to get the women back to work. Apparently, if the rumors were correct, the new owner of their firm was a rich, attractive, intelligent bachelor. The women were in a tizzy. All the women, that is, except Haruhi. She had been awoken that morning by the delivery of a package. Inside the package were several new client folders, with a note for the new owner.

"Fujioka Haruhi: I need these by the end of the day. I hope that you will have them finished by the time I arrive for my inspection of the new company. Sincerely, O.

Haruhi had her suspicions about her new boss, and she was rather unhappy about the entire situation.

She was in her office, frantically working through the contracts, hoping to finish them before the new boss arrived. She found it rather ironic that she was working on the employment contracts for the current employees in the company. It seemed that the new owner wanted a few changes to be made. The first and foremost that the salary of the employees would be based on the number of contracts that they assisted in writing or wrote up, and the number of clients they had. Additionally a bonus would be added to the check if new clients were drawn in by the quality of the work. It seemed that a few people were going to be taking severe pay cuts, but Haruhi thought that the policy was fair. She would not be effected, she hoped. The senior partners, while strong in their own right, had a tendency to hire pretty interns. They had hired her on the strength of her resume alone, though Haruhi had been told later, that the Hitachin original suit that she had worn had helped. The girls at work reveled at how Haruhi could afford a suit by the Hitachin's, but Haruhi would smile and laugh. The twins liked to dress her up, and her old clients, some of which had turned into new client, still fangirled slightly to see the 'natural' Haruhi dressed up in a suit by the twins. If it helped business Haruhi didn't mind too much, and the twins did not attempt to force her femininity down her throat any longer.

Haruhi noted that her contract of employment was not in the bunch, but she didn't worry. She was sure that the new owner saw the conflict of interest in her drafting her own employment contract, and felt sure that it would be brought when the owner came. Haruhi was working on the last contract when she heard commotion in the lobby behind her. It seemed that the new owner had arrived, and the squeals coming from the lobby reminded her of her days of hosting.

"How sickeningly unprofessional." Haruhi mumbled under her breath, continuing to enter the changes in the contract that had been specified. She clicked save on her computer and printed the final contract, tensing as she felt a presence behind her, and she heard the footsteps of her boss.

"Stalking is illegal, Kyoya-senpai." Haruhi smiled to herself. "Unless you have somehow managed to twist that law to your purpose."

Haruhi could her the senior partners sputtering behind her, and the scandalized gasps of the women in the office.

"Ootori-san, I –"

The partners voice stopped suddenly at what Haruhi assumed was a gesture from Kyoya.

"I wouldn't have bought the company if you had had not been so good at your job, Haruhi."

"If I had known that this would be the result I might have been a little less good." Haruhi spun her chair around and smiled at Kyoya. "It is good to see you again, Kyoya." Haruhi didn't get up from her chair, her smile shifting into a frown. "I would appreciate it, however, if in the future you did not send contracts to my hour before the sun comes up. I work better when I have been allowed to get a full nights rest. More profit comes from a well rested Haruhi. I believe that is what you once said."

Haruhi noticed the frown that flickered across his face, and gathered that the contracts should have been sent to the office, not her house.

"Fujioka, don't speak to Ootori-san in such a companionable way. He deserves—"

The senior partner stopped speaking as Kyoya leveled a glare at him.

"You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I purchased this firm for the merit of work of the senior partners." Kyoya sneered. "Fujioka Haruhi is the only reason whatsoever that I have taken an interest in this firm. Given that Haruhi and I attended not only Ouran High School together but University as well she may speak to me in whatever fashion that she deems appropriate." Kyoya leveled his gaze at Haruhi. "I am going to assume that your new contracts of employment are ready…" Kyoya paused and Haruhi nodded. She had finished the last one before turning around to talk to Kyoya. Haruhi stood and moved towards the printer. Placing the contracts into folders she handed the contracts to Kyoya's assistant and resumed her place in her chair as the assistant handed out the folders.

"Life for most of you in this firm will continue as it always has." Kyoya fixed his gaze on Haruhi. "I will however be requiring Haruhi's skill in contract law, and she will be working for me. She will remain here in this office, for her presence brings in much interest and new customers. She will dictate her clients to you if she is too busy to help them, if they desire someone else at the firm. I would encourage all of you to try in bring in new clients on your own, but having talked to many of Haruhi's clients they are quite loyal to her and will wait until she is available, so if you wish to continue your comfortable lifestyles…." Kyoya saw Haruhi nod, unsurprised at the declaration. The others, however, were not to accepting of the changes as they gazed at the contracts.

"If you have a problem with any of the changes you are more then welcome to find another firm. I will, however, tell you that not many people would be willing to hire someone who left a firm owned by an Ootori given that they will be told that you left because you did not agree with the idea of actually earning your wages." Kyoya glanced to the others. "I would suggest you get back to work. Haruhi, it seems, it the only one who has earned any money today."

Kyoya waited until the others dispersed before he entered Haruhi's office. He noticed that she had yet to look at the contract his assistant had handed her.

"The contract for employment was a little harsh, Kyoya." Haruhi scolded him, not for the contract, but for adopting her blunt method of dealing with truths. Kyoya understood the scolding as it was.

"It is not unreasonable. I will only employ those who bring profit." Kyoya stood. "I will have contracts delivered to your office in the morning. With them will be a deadline. When you are down you will bring the contracts to my office." Kyoya sneered. "I do not wish to associate too long with the others that this firm. I trust that you added the additional clauses that I wanted." Haruhi nodded.

"Given my suspicion on who the owner was I took appropriate measures to ensure that the client attorney privilege remain intact. You were a little vague on some of the privacy issues dealing with your contracts in the initial letters." Haruhi handed Kyoya a paper from her desk.

"I anticipate that you will be pleased with the changes."

Haruhi took a paper from her desk and handed it to Kyoya. Skimming over the document he raised his eyebrow questioningly.

"Who is the one who is harsh now." He smiled. "I do approve though."

Haruhi nodded. "Have you told Tamaki that you bought this firm?"

Kyoya shook his head, but raised an eyebrow in question.

"I am behind in my work already due to your visit today and the added contracts. If your presence causes this much of an interruption I do not want to think of the distraction that a visit by Tamaki would be." Haruhi sighed. "Unless you have more to inform me of I have work to do, Kyoya." Haruhi turned to the computer. "You did buy this company because of my work skills, and the longer you stay the more clients I disappoint." Haruhi did not look up but she heard the gasp of his assistant, and she heard Kyoya chuckle as he walked over to her. Leaning down close to her ear, he whispered.

"It is good to see you again Haruhi. You haven't changed much. I am glad."

He was gone before Haruhi had a chance to process his words, and with the absence of Ootori Kyoya came the questioning, interrogation and complaints about the new owner.