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Summary: When a spell goes wrong at Shiz, Galinda and Elphaba wind up forward in time by 20 years. There they meet the formerly 'Wicked' Witch of the West, who is oddly familiar. Can the two estranged witches put aside their differences and work together to save their own future?

Four Point Compass


Stupid green-skinned…stupid…um…toad-face! Ugh. The very sight of her made Galinda want to throw up. 'Accidentally' spilling gnarlsom root sap right in Galinda's direction! And she was wearing her new, latest-thing straight from the Emerald City shoes, as well! Now the little green bows on the edge of the heel were covered in sticky, gelatinous brown, and she was pretty sure that stuff wasn't coming off anytime soon.

"Miss Glinda, please pay attention! What did I just say?"

Galinda scowled and pouted, whirling on the bench to fix Doctor Dillamond with an icy glare. It was Galinda. Ga-Lin-Da. Was it really so hard to pronounce one tiny, teensy weensy little 'a', for Oz's sake?

"You were…uh…telling us all about pixie dust, Sir."

She muttered sullenly, shooting a glare across the aisle at the bowed form of the source of all her displeasure. Elphaba refused to meet her gaze, and simply continued calmly taking notes, the smallest of quirks at the edges of her dark green lips indicating the presence of a smirk. Frustrated, Galinda huffed, slammed a fist down on the edge of the bench and folded her arms, continuing her perusal of her ruined shoes.

Doctor Dillamond cleared his throat, and continued.

"As I was saying. Pixie dust is among the rarest of substances in all of Oz. Not much is known of the Pixie race, only that they were said to have great prowess in the magical arts. Their full capabilities are unknown, but it is believed they once lent their talents to those they deemed worthy to manipulate time and space, and…oh, yes, Miss Elphaba?"

Galinda's head shot up, to see Elphaba had momentarily ceased in her attentive note-taking to ask a question.

"Sir. I have heard that the Pixie race once resided here in Oz, but that one day they simply vanished, leaving only small traces of themselves through dust found in dark, forgotten places. Is it true?"

Galinda rolled her eyes to the ceiling, and began examining the nails upon her right hand while Dillamond praised Elphaba for her knowledge. Teacher's pet. She would be a goody-goody-two-shoes if she wasn't so ugly and green. Hm. The edge of the right forefinger nail seemed to be a little sharp. She would have to file it later.

"…indeed, that is so. Pixie dust is said to have many qualities, depending on how one uses it. When consumed, the consumer is blessed with extremely good luck for many years, only to meet a most unfortunate and usually painful end by combustion. Magically, Pixie dust is unreliable. It is rumoured to seemingly act of it's own accord, initiating magic at any given point in response to verbal or mental instructions, whether intentional or non."

Once again, a long-fingered hand (with quite horrifically neglected bitten nails, she might add) ascended into the air, and Galinda pulled a retching face at her fellow bench-mates, who grinned in mocking sympathy, and nodded.

"Can you give an example, Sir?"

Doctor Dillamond stroked his forked beard, considering the question, a deep frown set in his rather comical features. Both Galinda and a few scattered others giggled, and Dillamond puffed out his chest, flushing a little, and paced as he spoke.

"Why, um…yes, of course…uh…for example: there is a story, of an ambitious young man, who though poor, was very intelligent. He craved fortune, but had little prospects, working as a servant for the Governor of a far away land. It is said when sweeping in the gardens of the Governor's Manor one day, he discovered some strange silver powder."

Galinda found herself listening attentively despite herself. Glancing briefly around, she saw every other student in the class staring unblinkingly at Dillamond also. She sniffed in disdain, but continued to listen, nonetheless.

"Believing it to be of some worth, he immediately began dreaming of wealth and fortune. But instead of selling it, he kept in a small pouch in his breast pocket. Over the next few days, he found that as he swept the pavestones each morning in the garden, the grey dust he collected turned golden and solid."

Galinda clasped her hands in her laps and smiled. She loved stories like these, of incredible deeds and strange happenings. She had always loved fairy tales as a child. It was one of the main reasons she wished to learn magic, to become like the people in such tales…powerful enough to be adored, to make a difference.

"Now, as you can imagine, the young man quickly grew obscenely rich. Eventually he himself became Governor. For a while, the land prospered under his rule, but the richer he grew, the greedier he became. Then, one day almost precisely five years after he had first discovered the strange powder in the gardens, he somehow accidentally swallowed a particularly large pebble of gold and choked to death. Curious, isn't it?"

Doctor Dillamond said, mildly. Galinda shuddered in revulsion, the mental image of a handsome (of course) man turning purple in the face, choked on his own ambition a little too grotesque for her liking. Horribly ironic, too. That was the point, she supposed. She didn't want to hear any more of this business.

"Sir…is there any Pixie dust left in Oz?"

A hopeful voice from somewhere near the back of the class piped up. Immediately everybody sat up straighter, rapt with attention. Everyone except Elphaba, of course, who was looking around in disgust. Personally, Galinda was just as eager to hear the answer to that question as the majority.

Doctor Dillamond hesitated, looking taken aback, faced with a sea of overly eager faces before him.

"Uh, well, um…as a matter of fact, I am in possession of a very small amount myself…but you must understand, it cannot be bent towards a single person's will. It will only take effect if it is supposed to."

Immediate uproar drowned out the elderly Professor's feeble protests:

"Oh, please, Sir, just a quick look!"

"It might just work, right?"

"Oh, just imagine-!"


Dillamond roared a little hoarsely, but the effect was instantaneous. He stared intensely at the now quietened class, studying every face in turn, his gaze lingering upon Elphaba's features. Galinda glanced over and saw that Elphaba seemed to be fighting an internal battle. Of course. The ever righteous yet so, so ambitious Elphaba would find extreme difficulty not being interested by such a surreal prospect.

Galinda wouldn't mind a peek herself, actually. Dillamond sighed, his shoulders slumping.

"Oh, very well," he said, resignedly "but only if we all remain calm, and pass it around in silence and without fuss. I must also stress that you are all heading for a disappointment. The likelihood of anything happening whatsoever is about as likely as…oh…Miss Galinda's shoes ever being restored to their former glory; I fear we are all very much aggrieved."

He said, sarcastically. Galinda felt her face flush hotly as the entire class laughed, and she cast her eyes down to said ruined shoes. She knew it was silly, really, but these shoes had been important to her, and it had taken a long time for them to come all the way from the capital city of Oz. She had always wanted to go to the Emerald City and, well…who knew? These shoes might have been as close as she could get, a little snatch of glory she might never gain.

Raising her head defiantly, she glared around, and was surprised to see that Elphaba was not among those laughing. Instead, the green-skinned girl was watching Galinda's face intently, frowning slightly in confusion and possibly even…sympathy? Galinda huffed, and snapped her head away. She did not need anyone's pity. Especially not hers.

"Oh, please, do be careful, Mr Boq! Gently, gently, now…"

Galinda tapped her foot impatiently as several long minutes passed, the pixie dust being eagerly handed along the benches. So far, all had been met with disappointment. The small pouch of glittering silver powder was just thus; a pouch of powder. No loud bangs, no flashes of magical light. Zit, zippo, zilch, nada. Nothing. It was all rather anticlimactic, Galinda thought.

'Famous last words', as the saying goes. Galinda should have known not to think such a thing. Piously declaring something with magical prowess 'anticlimactic' always leads to trouble, as fate seems to posses a rather vindictively ironic sense of humour. As it was, the bored blonde suspected nothing as she watched Elphaba handle the pouch with reverend awe, peering cautiously through the stringed opening.

Galinda yawned absently, the tapping of her foot increasing in pace, reflecting her irritation. A full minute passed, and Elphaba continued to study the small pouch in great detail, pinching a little of the powder between forefinger and thumb and holding it up before her face, squinting at it.

The last trickles of patience Galinda possessed ran dry, and she abruptly leant across the aisle and made a wild grab for the pouch. Elphaba snapped her head around in surprise, and her eyes narrowed as she held the pouch just out of reach. For a moment, the two simply glared at each other.

Elphaba broke first.

"What do you think you're doing?"

She demanded incredulously, as Galinda pursed her lips in frustration and made another sweeping snatch, which Elphaba narrowly avoided. Suddenly, both women had jumped to their feet, and before they even knew it were locked in a vicious struggle for the glorified prize.

"You've had it for an age, pass it here!"

Galinda snapped loudly, digging her fingers into the green-skinned forearms beneath her hands in an attempt to free the pouch from the iron grip Elphaba held it in. Elphaba winced at the pain and shoved back, outraged.

"Let go! You'll spill it!"

Galinda pushed back, harder, the loud protests of Doctor Dillamond and the class provoking their mutual anger and stirring something deep and dangerous inside the pair.

"Give it me!"

Galinda's palm caught Elphaba in the face.

"NO! Let GO!"

The elbow of Elphaba's free hand swung around, connecting hard with Galinda's jaw. The struggle grew more and more frenzied as the pair grappled fiercely with each other, a few unnoticed blows actually drawing blood from skin both peach and green.


Both Galinda and Elphaba cried out in shock as a resounding ripping sound filled the now strangely empty air. For a fraction of a second, their eyes met, a mutual realisation bringing them together to share a sickening moment of terror, and they watched in horror as the pouch split cleanly down the middle.

In slow motion, the silver powder was tossed into the air around them in an explosion of bright, blinding, pearly grey mist. Galinda ceased to breath as the dust seemed to hang in mid air, undecided, stirred by the raw emotion still lingering, imprinted by the echoes of the fight.


Was all Galinda could force out, before her world exploded into pure, blinding white light and a horrible sensation of weightlessness. Chaos descended upon them, blurred colours and shapes spinning around, faster and faster. People were screaming, shouting:

"Miss Elphaba! Miss Galinda!"

"Somebody do something, make it stop!"

"I can't see anything!"


Galinda clenched her eyes tightly shut as the voices faded, and curled in on herself as she was buffeted this way and that by an unseen force. Pressure built higher and higher, pressing in on her from all sides, suffocating, painfully claustrophobic. She dared to peek her eyes open.

A single blurred shape was unclearly defined within the endless blinding whiteness. She squinted. Green and black, she thought, and her heart sank. Above the roaring and the rush of hot air which whirled around her, she could just make out a quiet, disgruntled mutter:

"Oh, great. Just perfect."

Flushing hotly, she opened her mouth to snap a haughty response, but cried out in surprise when the blurred form (which was unmistakably a certain green-skinned fellow classmate) was whipped away too, leaving her quite alone in the penetrating blankness. Nauseous, she whimpered breathlessly, and twisted her fists in her hair as she was tossed and thrown in the chaos.


Pain immediately assaulted every fibre of her senses as she was abruptly slammed into something reassuringly solid. She could practically feel her flesh compress and her veins constrict under the sudden pressure, before a hot ache broke over the pain and bruising blossomed all along her left side.

In shock, she lay sprawled and quite still, choosing to remain blind rather than face what was undoubtedly one more shock than her abused body and mind could handle. Breathing heavily, she opened her mouth, swallowed, and felt the familiar cold of faintness overcome her fading consciousness.

"This…has not…been my day…"

She murmured hoarsely, before the darkness swallowed her whole and she slumped bonelessly to the ground, surrendering to blessed, empty nothingness.

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