IDIC – New Beginnings

By Lisa Beta Terry who made this monster readable.

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Full Disclaimers: Star Trek in all its many versions belong to Gene Roddenberry and The corporations that own the copyrights. This is a simple fan fiction written to amuse the author and hopefully others. Grab a seat have a look and I hope it makes you smile. Unless you are Vulcan then I say I hope it enlightens. Peace and Long life.

Summary: Who is Amanda Grayson? What if she was not some simple school teacher that caught Sarek of Vulcan's eye? What if instead she had been expecting him to come from the stars? What if she was his equal in mind and soul? What if she was intended to be his soul's mate? Perhaps there was a hand or two guiding the future? Destiny can be pushed and guided and so it was with Amanda and Sarek.

A/N: Words in or bold italics indicate thought or telepathy depending on where it is posted. Contains adult situations violence and bigotry. It may start out lightly but it will have darker tones. So please be advised. Any spelling or grammar errors are mine.

Thanks Terry Gardner for being a great beta and for your suggestions.

Part 1

Sarek of Vulcan was walking to the lecture hall. It was a relatively warm day by Earth standards but he was wearing the long traditional robes of his office. He was deep in thought as he considered how he the ambassador from Vulcan to the Federation had been convinced to speak at a human secondary school. He knew that it was illogical to do this given his very busy schedule. Yet here he was walking to a high school classroom. He entered the building and quickly found the room. He was greeted at the door by Amanda Grayson who was, as usual, smiling at him. A mere human and a child herself by his people's standards. At twenty, she was still quite young.

Her eyes lit up with joy as she saw him. "Mr. Ambassador I am so pleased you could come here today."

At her smile Sarek felt light hearted. His dark eyes sparkled and Amanda felt she could fall into their depths.

"It is my honor to be invited to the embassy school. I do not believe any of my races have been so honored before."

Amanda smiled. Amazing how he could make one feel important. "The honor is ours, sir. Please come in." She opened the door and Sarek of Vulcan entered her classroom.

Somehow, Amanda knew he had irrevocably entered her life as well. She blushed as she over heard a student whisper, "He is so hot."

Sarek heard the comment but having no understanding of human idioms merely looked at the girl." Thank you for your concern however the temperature on Vulcan is usually twenty degrees higher then here in San Francisco."

Both Amanda and the student blushed red. Several students burst out laughing much to Sarek's confusion.

Amanda however knew she had to quickly take charge or it would be to embarrassing to bear. "Class, please be seated. We do not wish to waste the ambassador's time. He has much to teach us and a very busy schedule."

Sarek was impressed that without raising her voice the classroom immediately obeyed Amanda Grayson. She was not a tall woman or powerfully built yet her students responded in and instant. A rare feat from what he had learned of humans and their young ones.

"This is Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan He has kindly agreed to meet with us and tell us of his home world and how Vulcans and humans may form a better understanding of each other."

Once more, he was impressed. He listened as she gave a brief description of his home and his people.

"Sir, if you be so kind as to begin."

Sarek rose and faced the students. "As most of you are aware. Vulcan and Earth are two of the founding members of the Federation. We have found we share many similarities as well as being unique. I would be honored to explain some of our differences and answer your questions. I have long felt it important that the people of Earth come to a better understanding of Vulcan and that Vulcan learn to understand humans more."

A hand rose. "Sir, is it true that you do not have emotions?"

Sarek brow rose. "Vulcans have emotions. The reason we endeavor to control them and do not express them as humans do is our past. We are a primeval race. While we appear cold and controlled this was not always the case. Many years ago we were a violent race. We allowed our emotions to rule us. If we loved, we did it in excess. If we hated, we killed whole civilizations. This extreme and dangerous activity brought our race to the edge of extinction. Surak taught us that this was not logical, that if we could not gain control we would destroy ourselves and Vulcan."

There was a collective silence.

"Logic brought emotion under control and allows us to see the greater good. We have sought to stop violence in ourselves and others," Sarek explained.

"How can one find logic?" a young man asked. "Humans will always do what is in their best interest. Logic has no place in it, sir. It is amazing to me that we have not killed ourselves off. Emotions run hot and cold. We rarely act in humanities best interest. In fact I am amazed that first contact went so well."

Sarek brow rose. He looked at the young man, a boy who clearly wanted to understand.

"Perhaps humanity seeks logic. I think you believe that peace and logical thinking happened over night on Vulcan?"

"How long did it take for Vulcan's to learn logic?" Amanda asked.

"We are still learning, Ms. Grayson. But, it took over 500 years to begin to form a useful cultural acceptance. It would be illogical for us to expect humanity to adapt in an accelerated time table, for your values are different then ours were. That is not to say humanity can not learn logic only that perhaps you must find your own way to it." Sarek explained.

"That makes sense," a student said. "Could you help us learn some. Maybe if we understood how your people think, we can better communicate. I, for one, wish to join Starfleet academy next year and I think if I knew more, I could be a better officer."

"Excellent suggestion, Daniel," Amanda said. "Mr. Ambassador I was told Vulcan's use cubes to teach logic to their children."

"Yes, here they are. A logical suggestion," Sarek said, genuinely pleased that the
students were so interested.

Amanda smiled as her students mulled around. Usually at the end of the day they were most eager to leave. Yet today they were listening and truly eager to learn. Soon, however, the calls came in. "Children you must leave now or you shall miss your rides home."

"Aw, Miss Grayson do we have to?" Daniel said. "I want to learn more."

Sarek almost smiled at this. It seemed perhaps Earth had a genuine chance to learn logic or perhaps understand it better. "Perhaps if Miss Grayson will allow it I can arrange to return?" Sarek offered.

Amanda was shocked. However she quickly said, "We have no wish to impose."

"Teaching logic is no imposition. However, we shall have to arrange it around my schedule."

With this promise the children filed out not wanting to prevent the ambassador's return.

Sarek rose and Amanda escorted him out. He once more considered how much he had come to trust this young woman. Already she knew more about Vulcans then any other human. He had been draw to her from the first. He found himself unable and unwilling to let her go. She had learned his people's greatest fear. However she was inviting him to teach the children in her care at the embassy school. "Have you made plans for dinner?" Sarek asked. "Perhaps we could discuss my return over a meal?"

Amanda was surprised but quickly agreed. "I would be honoured, Ambassador," she said. She had finished her work for the day and gathered her books.

Sarek reached over and easily lifted the large bag. "Come, let us go then."

They walked out together much to the shock and surprise of the other faculty members.

Amanda knew she had a large foolish grin on her face. However, she was happy.

Sarek was aware of a sense of peace and contentment. This class had gone well and Amanda's students genuinely wanted to understand what Vulcans were. He found himself oddly drawn to this small human woman. He settled her bag into the vehicle that had drawn up to the curb. Both entered and sped back to the consulate offices. He spoke quietly into a communications device ordering dinner in his private quarters for them.

Amanda watched him; he was so calm and efficient. Debra was right; the ambassador was indeed hot. Or perhaps handsome was a more accurate term.

Sarek watched as Amanda sampled each food offering. She asked questions about the food and was delighted at each new taste and texture. Most humans disliked food that was not from Earth.

"Sarek this is wonderful. SO sweet almost like a peach. Yet the texture is more like a pear. "Can it be made into a drink?"

"Yes, it often is," he said. "So, you enjoy Vulcan fare?"

"Yes, I am and have long tried to be strictly vegetarian. I still like fish and eggs but generally I do not eat meat. I find it does not agree with me. Much to my family's disapproval and confusion. They are definitely carnivores. Oh, I am sorry," she said

"No, Amanda it is not your fault. I should be more sensitive to our differences."

She smiled. "Humans are very different are we not?"

"Yes, But fascinating all the same." He found he craved seeing the passion she showed for life. Rising he offered her his hand. Amanda took it before realizing it was an intimate gesture. Sarek felt heat flood him. He could sense her desire to be more even but she was afraid to offend him. They walked out of his quarters to the gardens. There under the moonlight he drew her close. "So, Amanda, what is it you wish of me?"

She froze. Suddenly realizing they were touching. Vulcans were telepaths and she was holding Sarek's hand. Her every emotion and thought flowed to him because she had not thought to block it. With him it seemed natural and right. She turned to face him." I want, want to be yours." She blushed as he pulled her close his lips finding hers as his hands touched her face.

"Be certain, Amanda, for I could never let you go."

She sighed knowing she was already bonded to him. She had been from the moment she had seen him. Her hands caught his and drew them to her lips." Do you not already know Sarek of Vulcan that I love you? I do not say it to make you uncomfortable or to place an obligation on you. I feel the need you have. I feel it coming now. Pon Farr. I will help you if you need me. I love you and ask only to be here to help you."

Sarek kissed her and the bond was formed. He knew deep down she was the one he needed. There were logical reason to claim her and more to walk away, yet in this place – this time – logic had no place, he felt. His heart opened and he loved. He was not certain he could explain it but he opened his mind and let her see his need. His lust, his fire, his claiming.

Before she could protest he picked her up and carried her to his chambers once more. Soon they were together as the Fires were triggered. Pon Farr had begun in an instant and for once Sarek relished the lack of control.

Amanda gasped but pulled him to her. He needed; she would give. Humans were not as fragile as Vulcans believed as she bit his shoulder.

She awoke slowly to find herself cradled in strong arms. She felt his gentle probing of her mind, his worry and his fear that he had harmed her. She smiled up at him and stroked the worry from his brow." Wow, she said attempting to lighten the mood" Sarek that was wonderful" She kissed his lips as she pulled him down to her. "Thank you."

Sarek had expected her to fear him, to cringe away yet instead he found total acceptance and love. The acceptance he put down to their newly formed bond, the love confused him. It was illogical that this small human could be so emotionally attached to him. He had offered her no more than the Fires but she had saved him. Taken his hand and allowed her calm to salve his burning desires. All he could say was, "Amanda, thank you. You saved my life."

She silenced him with a kiss. Sarek I love thee. I know you do not wish this or understand this emotion. I had to save you because you are a part of me. Even If I never saw thee again, I would love thee to the end of my days. I will always be here for thee.

Amanda, become my wife. Share my life. You are correct in that I do not understand emotions. But I cherish thee and would protect thee. I need you with me. I am complete only with thee at my side. So it is only logical that we become husband and wife

Amanda smiled sadly into his chest. She would not let him see her wish for more than just need. Yet, he was Vulcan and perhaps this was as close to love as he could be. She felt safe, cherished and, yes, loved in his arms, even if he never said the world she needed to hear. Yet could she settle for this? The alternative was to never see him again to share this bond and have him only in the pon farr or perhaps not even then should he meet another. She knew he was right; it was logical for them to be together for she knew she never survive alone again. I shall wed Thee, she said formally.

The hug she received reassured her as little else could. He had nearly crushed her to him. I am pleased. Now I do not need to steal you away.

Amanda felt his determination to hold on to her and she held him tightly. Maybe we could steal each other away? A honeymoon?

Sarek smiled "Perhaps," he said out loud. "But first we must marry by your people's customs."

"Sarek, it is not important," she said knowing he was busy and that it would seem odd to many. No, she had no need of more.

Sarek took her hand in his. Amanda was startled as she had offered two fingers to him. "Beloved. It is important, this wedding. I see it in your mind and I find the idea very important to you and thus to me. We will be married by both our people's customs. I would not have it said I do not value your religion or your culture. Besides this, all males who are human will understand you are taken."

Amanda smiled he was trying to tie her more firmly to his side. "My family must be told then. My father is a traditional man. He will be difficult; he does not like you Sarek."

"I have caused him to have to reevaluate certain parts of his shipping and trade policies. Amanda, I must always do what is right as the ambassador for Vulcan to the Federation Council."

"I know and believe it or not I generally think you have been logical and fair," she replied. She took his hand, not wanting to speak about this now.

The couple walked to the bathroom. "Come, I could use a sonic shower."

She smiled but followed him. She liked the sent of them together but knew he was trying to regain his center.

The chimes rang. Sarek wrapped a robe around him and sent her to the washroom. He opened the door.

Peeking out Amanda smiled at a sight one rarely saw a shocked Vulcan. Amanda knew it was wrong but she would treasure the memory of Tyler's shock for many years to come. Sarek had left strict instructions that they not be disturbed. She wondered if subconsciously he knew he was going to be in Pon Farr. Had he actually planned this bonding?

His aide recovered quickly. "Sir, there is a call for you. I am afraid Miss Grayson's family was worried when she did not arrive home. Someone told them you stole her away."

Amanda began to chuckle but slipped out of view. Her laughter could be heard. Sarek despite his control, smiled. "We will go reassure them."

Amanda smiled as they drove to her family home. It was amazing really how safe she felt with Sarek so right and so at peace. She did not kid herself in believing it would be easy. No, it was going to be very hard. Her father was not going to like this. Not so much because Sarek was Vulcan, though that would not help matters, but more because he was so much older and so confident in himself. Her father was a powerful man in his own right, wealthy and used to getting his own way. Sarek had come from powerful people, people who sometimes stood in opposition with her father's views on trade. Secretly Amanda was pleased. Because while she loved her father, she often believed he was to short sighted in business.

Sarek's mind drifted to the evening before. He was smiling despite his resolve. He felt so alive and so cared for. It was illogical to feel this need to just hold her hand, yet he wanted her again even as they drove to meet her family. It was not simply the Fires, though he knew that had been a small part. No, he had wanted her long before his blood began to burn with the fever. She was his. The primitive side of him awoke and he wanted to chain her to his side forever.

Amanda felt his grip. She knew Vulcans were touch telepaths and that they rarely touched. Yet Sarek clung to her hand. The limo window was up so they had privacy. She leaned back against him, her head resting on comfortably in his lap. She needed to rest; she was very tired. She was sated but felt the need begin again. She smiled thinking, with gratitude, that passion was an emotion the Vulcans had not lost. Thank heavens for this. She felt his heart begin to beat hard once more. They were in private. That thought crossed her mind and she began to stroke him through his clothing. Her hand slipped beneath his robe and trousers finding him already hard and ready. She freed his body before he could protest and her lips found him. He groaned as she began to suckle him to make him come for her.

"Amanda...this is not a good idea." But his protests were half hearted as pleasure raced through him. Her service of his need made him hotter than he had ever been. She had sensed his needs and, without his request, was aiding him.

She touched his mind. Let me love you. I need to help you. I feel the fire. I cannot lose you. There was warmth of love he felt from her and he gave in to her wishes because it was his wish as well. for he wanted her to want him as much as he wanted her. No. Needed her. She was his life. Amanda please, he begged and she chuckled as she rose over him.

Their bodies joined as she thrust downward. I love you, Sarek. More than my own life

Amanda… You are my heart and soul. He could not say love but she felt it as they both exploded.

They exploded together and Amanda looked into her beloved's eyes. There was wonder and love so profound that she would treasure it always. Yes, he could not say the words but his look showed it deeply. He held her and kissed her with passion. His internal clock showed they would soon reach their destination and he gently lifted her off him. He reached for a small bottle of water and quickly and efficiently cleaned their lust from them. Only this started a new fire in her and she looked at him with raw need. Sarek groaned and kissed her. "I am sorry, beloved but we must meet your father. Please. Help me. I do not wish to make him angry."

She smiled. "I know, but it is so hard."

Again he groaned; her words were for him and an understatement.

Amada smiled as she set aside the water. I can hardly wait until tonight

I expect you to attend me.

Amanda smiled. It will be my honor and pleasure, Sarek.

The couple exited the limo and headed to meet Amanda's family. She was highly concerned as her father was xenophobic to the extreme. Then again, any man she brought home would have a hard time as he was old fashioned and protective. She blushed thinking much of his feelings had rubbed off on her and she was glad because it meant Sarek was her first and only. It was a gift she had been happy to give and it was what made her feel bonded to him. She wanted only one man for her lifetime.

They arrived at the mansion. It was a gated house built in the late 1800's. It had been in Amanda's family forever. She sighed with deep pleasure; it was home. She looked with surprise when Sarek offered her his hand to help her out of the aero car. She took it and smiled at him. She tried to remove her hand but he drew her close and kissed her fingers.

"All will be well, aduna," he whispered.

"I will never leave you, Sarek."

His look burned into her and he said. "And I will never let you go. We are one." With those words he released her hands and escorted her to the door.

The door swung open as Harris the butler opened it. He looked pleased to see Amanda. "Miss, it is a pleasure to have you home once more." Seeing the ambassador, he straightened and raised his hand in the formal salute. "Mr. Ambassador. Live long and prosper."

"Health and good life to you," Sarek replied, surprised at the man's knowledge.

"Sir, I hope I did this properly. I do attempt to carry out my duties well."

"It was kind of you to greet me so, Mr. Harris."

"Just Harris, sir. If you will both follow me. I will show you to your rooms. Miss, your father has had your room prepared and I took the liberty of having the BLUE room for the ambassador."

Amanda smiled brightly. "Harris. I thank you."

Harris smiled. "Well, Miss, I thought you like that. I hope it is not presumptuous?"

"No. I owe you," Amanda said. "Father still does not know?"

"No, Miss. I saw no reason to inform him."

Amada hugged the butler.

Sarek brow rose. Clearly there was a communication going on he did not understand.

"Please, Sarek, let us go up to our rooms. I am tired and would like to unpack and take a shower before we meet my family. Father will not be home until late," Amanda said

Harris replied, "Yes, Miss. He said he hoped to be here by 1900. Your mother will be here at 1800. She was upset that she would not be here to meet you. Dinner will be served at 2000. Drinks before at 1930."

"Oh, that will be wonderful. I hope Cook uses the recipes I sent?"

"Yes, Miss. We have a full vegan menu prepared as well as a traditional meat and potatoes one for your father," Harris said, smiling.

"Thank you, Harris. I knew we could count on you." She smiled and he stood straighter. He loved Amanda like his own child. He would do what he could to make her time here pleasant. "Harris, I will eat what Sarek has."

"Yes, Miss," he said, not at all surprised. "I anticipated this."

Sarek raised a brow. Clearly Amanda was very close to this person. He felt a little jealous until he saw the look on her face. It was the same look his nephew had for his father.

Amanda took his hand in hers. "Harris, Ambassador Sarek will need to be in contact with the consulate." Through their bond she showed him images of her childhood. Harris taking her to school to a picnic. All the things a father should have done. He relaxed and realized he been projecting. Amanda was really beginning to be able to read him. He stiffened wondering if his feelings were as obvious to her servant. If he noticed, Harris let it pass. He took them directly to the guest quarters.

Sarek was pleased to note that Amanda room was connected to his. Odd how that fact made him feel more at ease. He knew it was not logical to need to be with her as he slept, yet it gave him a sense of peace and contentment to have her in his arms and bed. He frowned knowing his behavior was not Vulcan. Yet ever since he had first touched her, he had needed her near. Yes, she was his bond-mate in his heart soul and body. He needed her far more then she needed him. She was so confident and comfortable around others. It did not matter their race or creed, she was just Amanda and everyone loved her. Sarek did not fool himself. Some perhaps respected him but many feared him.

Harris closed the door allowing them privacy. Sarek watched as Amanda took his case and began to unpack it. He was surprised she took on this duty, yet he was uncertain if it was normal hospitality or was she was acting as his mate? He found her care of him pleasant. He wondered if he would ever fully understand humans and if his lack of knowledge would somehow hurt Amanda. Sarek resolved to study Earth traditions and customs in more depth. While he intended to teach Amanda to accept the Vulcan way of life as much as possible, he knew she would still often react out of nature. She was human and as such, she would see their lives together from a human perspective. He would have to understand that to prevent disaster.

Maria Grayson could not believe her daughter had stayed all night with a Vulcan. It was just not to be believed. She understood her daughter was a gifted teacher and linguist. She even approved of her working at the embassy school teaching children from all over Earth; however, to have openly invited a Vulcan ambassador to her home? She shivered. She had met many different individuals from many species. She even found several charming and entertaining.

Perhaps ,her open and relaxed attitude had rubbed off on her daughter, so much so that she now felt comfortable... No, she would not think that. After all, Amanda knew that her attitudes and polite behavior was to help her husband's business. It was not as if she had close alien friends. No, it was merely social politeness. It was as Amanda said; it had just been stormy and late.

Amanda turned and Sarek caught her close." This is a nice room."

"It has its own temperature controls so you should be warm enough. Here, let me show you. This room is still very old fashioned, as is the house. However, I love it. It dates back to when the city was first built. I know it does not have the same history as some Vulcan homes. Yet it has survived three major earthquakes and the wars."

"Amanda, I find your home lovely," Sarek said. "It is different true but it has been built to last and your world is very different than Vulcan."

Amada looked at him. Perhaps she just realized how different they were? "Is it hard for you to be here? Is Terra too hard of a place for you to be comfortable? We can go for a swim later. One of the features I most love is the pool. My great-grandfather had it built. He suffered an accident and the water helped heal him. He was still alive when I was young and I learned to love to swim. It is different than the ocean but it is still wonderful. Perhaps I could teach you to swim?"

Sarek moved to her side, touching her face lightly. "Amanda, Terra is just different. It would be hard for you to understand. Terra is a water rich world. Perhaps that is what is so hard to get used to. Your people have no concept of how different Vulcan is. To us having the skies open and pour out rain would be… a shock. Water is the most precious natural resource we have. Yet here it falls from the sky. It is not uncomfortable, merely disconcerting. You are correct in that I do not know how to swim. It is not something we do on Vulcan."

"I have been to Arizona. Nevertheless, perhaps you are correct in that I cannot conceive of Vulcan. However, the desert has its own beauty."

Sarek wondered briefly if he was being fair. Then he put it out of his mind. She was his and he would do whatever it took to keep her. If she needed an open pool, he would build her one, perhaps undercover as to prevent evaporation, but she would have it. "I do not know if it..." At her look of hurt he knew he was going to learn to swim, even if the idea of a large body of water was a little

"It is okay, Sarek. I just thought...The pool is very warm. In addition, it's private. My family does not use it much." She blushed. "I just wanted to..."

He pulled her close, his hands on her shoulders and she felt the flame of desire shoot through her. "Maybe later... after we meet your parents. I admit to certain… apprehension."

Amanda relaxed. Of course he wanted to meet them first. He was very proper. She relaxed and leaned back against him. "I love you Sarek."

He kissed the back of her neck and she sighed with contentment.

"I will miss having you beside me this night," he whispered. "I find that I have become accustomed to your presence."

Amanda giggled. "Of course we will be together." She drew his arms around her." This is the Blue room. Come, I will show you what is so special about it. This room was once my great-great-great-grandfather's. He was a bit of... a womanizer. He and my grandmother... well, he cheated on her a lot. However, he respected her. I suppose. A lot of men did that in those days – married properly but had lovers on the side." She touched a brick on the fireplace and the wall opened. "Come." She pulled Sarek along a narrow hall then pushed aside a small window.

Sarek thought the man must have been a fool if her ancestress was as special as Amanda. However, he had to admit this was a great boom, for he knew he did
not wish to be apart from his bond-mate. Illogical as it was, he was comforted by her presence. When they shared a bed, he was at peace.

"Okay, the coast is clear." She pulled another lever and the door opened into a large room that was decorated delicately – clearly a woman's room. "Come in darling. This is my room. My grandfather used the room as a study; nevertheless, I liked it. There is also a way to the garage from here, but I can show you that later. I have no intention of sleeping alone unless you insist," she said.

Sarek pulled her against him abruptly and his searing kiss told her that he approved of her ancestors' foibles. Beloved come to me...I need you so much.

Amanda gave herself to his kiss; their bond made her desire flare. I am yours always, Sarek, and will always be there and come to you.

Amanda...I cherish you and I will never let you sleep alone if we are on the same planet. I find that this human custom is most logical.

Amanda kissed his lips with passion. He was her life and she was never letting go.

The Fires were hot and Sarek felt need again. He pushed Amanda's clothing aside and began to undress her. She freed him and before he could finish. She dropped to her knees in front of him. Once more her warm mouth found him and he bit back a cry. Let me love you Sarek

Amanda, he groaned as he suddenly found his release and she kissed his stomach. He jerked her up and pinned her against the wall. Before she could protest, he joined them swallowing her scream of passion. Never before had he needed so deeply. Against all custom, he loved her fully clothed. His hands tore at her dress and it shredded, baring her breasts to his seeking lips and teeth. He suckled her and she helped him. Come for me, Amanda

Even as he whispered the thought, she climaxed and nearly passed out from pleasure. Sarek!

There was a sudden knock on the door. "Amanda, are you in there?" her mother called.

Sarek stilled and kissed Amanda to stop her from crying out. She shuddered and blushed Sarek I have to answer or she may enter! Damn I forgot to lock the door. Amanda was a brilliant red and Sarek smiled deeply. His control for the moment shattered and he did not care. Reluctantly he removed his lips.

"Mother I am just going into the shower. I will be down in about 1/a quarter of an hour." She sounded breathless.

"Are you okay? You do not sound well. Should I come in and…"

"No, Mother. I just am rushing. I don't want to keep you and Father waiting. Besides it is rude to keep a Vulcan waiting."

"All right. I will see you in a little while then. Bring the ambassador to the lounge for drinks."

"I will. Mother could we have tea?" She pushed Sarek's tunic aside and kissed him, her voice slowly returning to normal.

"I will arrange tea... but surely the Ambassador likes wine or ale or beer?"

Sarek shook his head and bit his lip to keep from crying out his pleasure. Never had he felt so wonderful. Amanda taxed his iron will and control to its very limits. He wanted to lock the door and stay with her, never leaving the comfort of her arms and body.

"Tea, Mother, please," Amanda said, his thoughts and feelings arousing her more, making conversation almost impossible.

"Of course." She left a little perplexed.

Amanda sighed with relief. "Sarek I need to shower now and change. I fear…"

Sarek looked at her. He had shredded the dress to ribbons and she was naked and he was disheveled as well. He slowly withdrew and she kissed him, clinging to him.

"Amanda... The Fires... Forgive me." I should have waited to meet your family. I just want to be here.

She kissed him. "Sarek, it is fine. Perhaps it was best. Now perhaps we can both get through dinner." She smiled as he stepped back. "Go clean up please...I need you to go or I will not be done on time. Please... Be strong for me."

Sarek smiled, pleased she was as reluctant as he to stop their loving. Also, he was pleased she believed he was in control. He, however, wanted to take her to bed. Later. He would control his desire.

Amanda forced herself to look away. His need beat at her and she wondered why she thought they could come here and meet her family with the Fires under control. No they were merely banked. A look, a touch would spark them to an enraging inferno.

Sarek entered the passageway. He could feel her through their bond and wickedly he ran his fingers up her thigh. Amanda almost collapsed against the wall. Anyone who said Vulcans were passionless had clearly not met her Vulcan. I cherish thee and will show you soon.

I can hardly wait, Amanda said, barely managing to stumble into the shower. She grinned wickedly herself. He was so locked to her. Of course, it was cruel... She turned on the shower to icy cold! An icy cold water shower.

Sarek bit back a curse and silently vowed she would pay for that. He stripped and entered the shower. He disliked water showers but he knew he could not go to Amanda's family with their scents locked together. A primitive part of him wanted it clear she was his, yet he loved her enough not to embarrass her. They would be shocked enough. He did not intend to let them see beyond his controlled mask. He felt Amanda's giggles and smiled, grateful she was a part of his life. He burned but the Fires were calmer and he could think. He would wait. She would pay for that shower; he blocked his plans. Yes, it would be most pleasurable to remind her who was in control of this relationship.

Amanda caught that last thought. He would be shocked to learn she was becoming so adapt at reading his emotional state if not his actual thoughts. She smiled. It was never dull and he indulged her so deeply. She leaned against the shower stall. He said he was incapable of love, yet in his arms, she felt cherished and safe. Love… Well, surely it could not be more then this. A small tear fell and she shielded. She loved him so deeply. His pain was hers. She would love him enough for both of them. If he never could say it, he surely showed it.

John "Jack "Grayson was not happy. He could not believe the news he had received. Apparently the news vids were accurate. His daughter was now considered Vulcan – property of Sarek by their laws and customs. No, he was not going to allow her to be anyone's slave and property. For all of Earth's ills, slavery and women as second-class citizens had gone out a hundred years ago. He stepped out of his flitter and entered the house. He was not going to allow his daughter to leave. She was too young and to impressionable. Besides, the
Vulcans had stepped in and disrupted his recent trade negotiations.

Part 2

Sarek was ready to go in a matter of minutes. While he still felt his control to be tested, he was far calmer. He wondered why he had been so insistent in that they meet Amanda's family at this time. It was hardly logical given his current state. Then again, maybe it was? Could it be he simply desired to claim her and that this meeting was to demonstrate that she was his? He considered that as he
recalled the mark he had placed upon her neck. A clearly visible sign of loving for humans, it was not something he would have normally done. He recalled "seeing" this mark on other humans and long ago overhearing a conversation:

"Geeze, Jenny. What did Michael do to your neck?" a giggling woman asked her companion.

The woman had blushed a deep red and answered, "I guess Michael just wanted to let everyone at the dance know I was taken. I so hoped the make up would conceal it better." But clearly the woman had not been totally displeased with the idea.

"Well, what is next? Him keeping you home barefoot and pregnant?"

Sarek wondered what that meant? Surly a man would not deny his mate the proper clothing especially given the inhospitable climate? Or was this a custom to ensure that the mother of his offspring remained in his home safe and secure? Sarek would have liked to have asked but knew it would be a breach of privacy. He had , had Soran research the topic, but the computer did not have the information.

When had he developed a need to claim Amanda? They had known each other for so short a time. Yet he knew deep down from the very first he wanted her and would stop at nothing to obtain her. He considered how he had arranged to meet her and how he had ruthlessly pursued her. He recalled the event clearly. He had been invited to visit one of her father's industrial plants. He and several members of the Federation Council had been invited to tour the space docks in San Francisco.

John Grayson's firm had put in a bid to help retrofit all of the aging Starfleet battleships. He had been listening with care and calm until John Grayson mentioned it would be greatly appreciated if Vulcan would consent to sharing the latest photon torpedo and deflector technology. He was, of course, willing to compensate the High Council and Vulcan as well.

Sarek had refused. It was still Vulcan's contention that Terra was not ready for such an advanced weapon's systems. While the Federation was an organization designed to promote peace, Sarek had serious reservations about the Starfleet arm. He understood that all ships needed some form of defense system, yet he had no doubt that Earth was still suffering growing pains. Humans were still too ready to engage in a fight. No, it was better if they thought about it more before they attacked those who might have superior firepower. Sarek was under no illusions the Terrans would advance quickly. He and Vulcan, however, were not about to help the process. He already knew many on Earth were xenophobic. He had no intention of helping that element reach the stars faster then they could on their own.

John Grayson had, of course, been disappointed even more so when he learned that over half the allotted ships would be designated as science vessels – that these ships would be built by Vulcan and have only Vulcan crews. This was his world's way of meeting its requirement to serve in Starfleet. Vulcan would not and could not endorse the more military side of the fleet. This meant he was losing over twenty billion credits. The human had become angry but said little as they finished the tour.

Later that evening at the dance and reception, Sarek had meet Amanda Grayson for the first time. He had been a little concerned that the Terrans were so interested in the social aspect of things. He suspected the party was designed to help them change the Federation Council's mind on the proposed fleet, yet he and his aide Soran had attended with his father, the former ambassador – Skon.

Skon had been recalled only a month earlier to take his seat on the High Council of Vulcan due to the unexpected death of his brother Selin.

Sarek had been appointed in his place and this is what had given John Grayson and many others hope that the plans could be altered. After all, Sarek was new to his post. It had been hoped he could be convinced that altering the fleets size and build up would improve Earth/Vulcan relations which had been become strained.

Sarek never had any intention of altering his father's plans. He firmly believed that he only had to give logical and firm reasons for Vulcan's reactions. He had been unprepared for John Grayson's response.

"Sir, you and Vulcan still have a defensive fleet. Earth, however, is firmly behind Starfleet. We feel that in the interests of peace it must be the main military force. It is open as you know to all member races. It is our belief that this fosters a greater peace."

Sarek had to admit that this was indeed a logical point. However, he was still not convinced that Starfleet was diverse enough to be considered more than an extension of Earth's own military. Until it had a larger representation of non-human captains and crews, not to mention the top positions, Vulcan did not intend to give away strategic information.

Sarek had arrived at the Terran Embassy and had found he was indeed correct as to the purpose of the event. While it was officially hosted by Earth and her government, there was no doubt at all who had set the agenda. He had partaken of the excellent dinner. In this he could not fault the Earthlings. They had laid out a feast fit for a king. Every variety and style of Earth, Vulcan and many other cultures' foods and drinks had been offered.

He had been eating quietly as was Vulcan custom when he first spotted Amanda. She had arrived somewhat late. Her father's look showed clear disapproval. She sat at his table and he had immediately noticed her choice of nourishment. Salads, fruits, and vegetables of many varieties. Much to his surprise there was no meat at all. She sipped a hot cup of Vulcan tea.

He watched her as she ate slowly and with care, her actions similar if not exactly the same as a Vulcan woman. He would later learn she had been late due to an accident on the highway; she had been run off the road by a drunken driver. While she had been uninjured she had lost time in waiting for transportation home. Her father's reaction was merely concern for her well being.

After dinner Sarek had deliberately sought her out. She was a lovely young woman with rich dark hair and vivid blue/green eyes. Her pale complexion reminded him of the sand by Nomad Sea. He was drawn to her laughter and smiles. He listened carefully as she explained to her fellows why education of the young was so important. Why Earth should learn to accept the many advances Vulcan had to offer. While she was uncertain she agreed with all Vulcan's educational practices, she firmly was interested in exploring the differing methods.

Given that his people were soon to offer internships to a number of humans, Sarek made a decision. Amanda would be offered the chance to come and study at the consulate. He stood by and watched as she held her audience in the palm of her hand. He had a deep suspicion that few would ever be able to deny this small human woman anything, that he himself would give her the moon and stars if she asked for them, illogical as the thought was.

Amanda had looked up from the group and suddenly stopped speaking. She had blushed deeply and apologized for offering an apparent degradation of his home world's educational value system. "It is not that I find the methods of Vulcan incorrect. Only that they might need to be adapted to human ideals as we generally as a species do not have the same learning styles."

"Miss Grayson, offence is an emotion. I find your logic to be sound. Humans and Vulcan children learn at differing rates even among their own peers. Suggesting that our methods might have value is an honor. It is not a point of disrespect. It is also wise to accept that sometimes we can all be culturally blind to the value a differing approach to learning may offer."

She had turned even a deeper shade of red but accepted his words at face value. So began his pursuit of her. He had found her to be intelligent and insightful. Often he was surprised at how well she could predict the actions of others. Not just of the humans he encountered but of other races as well. In the three short months he had been pursuing her, her comments had often made him reconsider a point or even alter his position. The summer classes had exposed her to a many Vulcan customs. To his surprise she had rapidly learned the language. It was almost as if she was meant to be there at his side. A fanciful un-vulcan thought but true. Even before they had bonded she had been able to read him as few could. She laughed and said she was just good at body language. This had disturbed him at first, thinking he lacked proper control. That was until he saw her do the same thing with the Andorian ambassador.