Ch 1 Miss Invisible

Hey everyone! I am writing my first multi-chapter story. It is a Hey Arnold fan-fic about when Arnold kisses Helga in a closet at Rhonda's Halloween party with out knowing it's her. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold.

It was only one week before Halloween in New York City; people were putting up decorations up all over town. Even the fourth grade class at P.S. 118 was flooding with excitement over Halloween and the fall dance following.

One morning before class, Rhonda barged into the classroom with her hands full of invitations. "Excuse me, Everyone, I have an announcement," Rhonda began, "I am having a party on Halloween. It is a costume party. I have invitations right here."

Rhonda walked around the room and handed each person an invitation as she passed them except for Helga who she seemed to not have seen. Rhonda walked to her desk and pulled out a mirror then began looking at herself in it. Helga walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. Rhonda turned around, "Oh hi, Helga. Did you not get an invitation?"

Helga responded, "Um, yes. Can I have one?"

"Sure, let me check my bag for one" said Rhonda opening her bag. Rhonda looked in her bag.

"I'm sorry Helga, I guess didn't make enough" Rhonda lied sweetly.

"Oh, it's ok, I didn't want to go to your stupid party anyway" Helga said as she stormed off back to her seat.

As Helga sat down in her seat she overheard some Arnold's conversation with Gerald. "What a loser, a weirdo, how I hate him and yet…"

Helga looked around and crawled under her desk. She pulled out her Arnold locket from her pocket, and whispered "I love him. Oh, Arnold, so popular, so kind to everyone, why can't I be like you?"

Helga turned around there was Brainy breathing down her neck. She punched him in the face and climbed out from her desk with her locket put away.

Later, at recess everyone seemed to talking about how excited they were about Rhonda's party, even Connie and Maria, sixth grade girls, were talking about the party. No one seemed to notice Helga as she walked by or even that she didn't receive an invitation. The rest of the school day dragged on. When school finally let out Helga walked home alone.

Things at home were no different than at school. Olga was home from college and getting all of her parent's attention as usual. Helga was completely ignored as though no one knew she existed.

I hope you enjoyed chapter one. I know it was kind of sad but things will pick up for Helga as the story goes on. Chapter two will be coming soon. R&R!