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It's Called Icha Icha

Chapter 5: Cryptonite!


"Are you going to be alright?"

Sasuke stood on a stone pathway, among many. The day was bright for such a time, and Sasuke didn't know whether to be thankful, or wish for rain. The grass at the edges of the walkways were green and healthy, and all around, bouquets and small ornaments gleamed brightly among the grey vaults, crosses, and tombstones. The raven-haired boy even saw a butterfly or two resting among the stones of those resting in peace.

A beautiful day. But to Sasuke, it was ugly. Just as ugly as the July 2, years ago, when his mother was killed in a fatal car crash. The cause? Summer storm. Sasuke particularly didn't like summer much anymore. He could no longer appreciate what the hot climate had to offer him.

The only thing he appreciated at this time was Itachi, who was in black as well, standing beside him, his gaze switching from their mother's grave to his younger brother's being.

Sasuke smiled bitterly at his brother's question. He bent into a squat, his slender fingers tracing over the carved words of the stone cross. Uchiha Mikoto.

Loving Mother. Kind Wife. Wonderful Friend.

"No," he answered, hardly above a whisper as the melancholy smile faded from his face. It was replaced by a look of deep thought as he continued to gaze at the grave. It was as if he were trying to look through the grave, to see his mother once again. And she'd be sleeping peacefully, like he always remembered when he was little. But this...this was more than sleep. Death hung over Sasuke like a rain cloud over a cartoon figure.

Itachi let out an inaudible sigh, blood red eyes leaving his brother once again. With little effort his free hand reached into his eye sockets gently, and took out the contacts he used for better eyesight. He would see his parents' graves with his own eyes, today, as bad as his eyesight was. It didn't matter, he thought. He could see his mother clearly. His father, too. With his heart.

The elder Uchiha laid a white rose at the base of Mikoto's grave, already occupied by a large bouquet of red roses, from none other than Sasuke. Sasuke always gave more when it came to their mother. And for Fugaku, it was the opposite. They had visited their father twice now, Itachi carrying a small bouquet of cattails and lilies (Fugaku had always been fond of ponds and gardens), and Sasuke would bring a special possession, like the set of knives he had given Sasuke on his eleventh birthday. Or the picture of him, Sasuke, and Itachi on their last camping trip; Sasuke was swatting a mosquito while Itachi and Fugaku were smiling, holding up the fish that they had caught. They had both teased Sasuke for messing up the picture and not catching any fish.

Itachi moved his gaze to the grave next to Mikoto's.

Uchiha Fugaku.

Proud Father. Caring Husband. Honorable Friend and Businessman.

Itachi reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small picture. It was a memory, captured long ago. Fugaku and Mikoto, in front of the same church where the graveyard was. In wedding suit and bridal wear. They were happy. A successful marriage. Itachi gazed at the picture for a few moments, memorizing the details of the photo before placing it under a smooth stone next to Fugaku's grave. He smiled.

You must be happy to be with her again, he spoke mentally to the grave. He looked back over his mother's grave. Sasuke was still hunched low, looking at the stone cross.

We miss you, Mom...Sasuke misses you, he thought as he took a few paces back, admiring his parents. He then began heading to the exit.

"Take your time, Sasuke. I'll be waiting in the car," he said softly, carefully, before disappearing through rows of graves.

Sasuke's fingers slowly slipped off of the edge of the grave. He sighed, and smiled a bitter sweet smile.

"Mom, are you listening? Can you hear me?"

A shaft of gentle wind blew past the young man. Sasuke smiled. Was that her, answering him?

"It's been a long time. I still miss you...Itachi and I...we're okay. Itachi works really hard. He hasn't brought shame to your company, though. He's been successful."

Sasuke glanced off in the direction his brother had left. He was no longer there.

"I've been doing really well, too. It's not a particularly fun job, but Naruto's there, and some of the employees are really nice...I have to get up really early. Remember how I never liked that?" Sasuke chuckled.

Sasuke stayed there, for what seemed like eternities, talking to his mother about everything. He talked about his job, mostly. He talked about Naruto, and his liking for Ino, who he also mentioned. He talked about Kiba and Gaara, and Shikamaru and Tenten. He even talked about his personal assistant, Haruno Sakura, and how he was upset when she never came to work with contacts on.

By this time, Itachi had come back. He kept himself to the side (Sasuke was well into talking enough to not notice his brother's return.), sitting on a stone bench, keeping busy as his eyes followed shapes of butterflies and dragonflies.

And then on a figure with a head of pink. Itachi took out his contacts and solution, and stuck them back into his eyes, changing his onyx orbs to red, to get a better look.

"Sasuke-kun?" the voice asked in mild surprise as the young woman strode up to Itachi's younger brother. Itachi smiled. She was a very pretty girl.

Sasuke was started out of his trance, almost causing him to fall back. He looked to his side, a little irritated. He was talking to his dead mother, couldn't this woman have any respect, for Jesus...


Sasuke did fall back after a view of the girl to his side. His face flushed. It was out of embarrassment from falling, he told himself. There was no other reason.

He quickly stood up, and dusted grains of pebble from his attire before taking another look at Sakura.

That CAN'T be her, he thought.

"S-Sakura?" he asked, his voice not hiding the questioning of his certainty.

Haruno Sakura, the girl with thick glasses, a tight bun, and granny suits. Where was SHE?

Haruno Sakura, Sasuke observed. Her eyes were no longer in glasses, but nude (Contacts, he presumed, quite satisfied.) letting her emerald irises glow on her soft face. Her hair was not in it's tight captive hold, either. No, her hair was now free, running just below her shoulders, straight and with shine. Her bangs curved in ever so slightly, framing her fine face into perfection. Even the soft, pink gloss on her lips and the tiny amount of pale silver eyeshadow seemed to wash away anything that made her less of a beauty.

And her outfit. A black dress (Sasuke noted how black contrasted to her light eyes and hair nicely.) tugged around her slim curves, but not tightly to where her modesty was in question. The dress's sleeves were cut at the shoulder, and black velvet material frayed from the edges, giving the sleeve a slight look of flutter and playfulness. The neck curved to her upper chest, giving no view of anything unsightly, but enough to reveal her slender neck, accented with a silver chain, black crystal beads hanging like charms. The dress ran down to just below her knees, and Sasuke found an anklet matching her necklace around her left ankle (Sasuke also didn't fail to notice the matching bracelet and earrings.). Her feet even contributed to her new look. Instead of ugly, pointed-toe heels, her small feet sported black sandal heels. It matched her dress nicely.

Everything matched her nicely.

Sasuke could feel his cheeks burning into a deep shade of rose, and he inwardly blamed Sakura for not dressing like this at work. If that were the case, he wouldn't be affected by this look so. But even Sasuke could admit. She was a young, beautiful thing, in beautiful weather.

The graveyard, and the day seemed a bit lighter, suddenly.

Sasuke smelled roses. He had a feeling it wasn't from his mother's bouquet.

"You...look nice today," the Uchiha muttered with a flustered expression.

Sakura, taken aback by such a compliment from such a person, became flustered herself, and her gaze turned to the side, as though her wide smile was something to be ashamed of.

"Th-thank you!"

Her gaze lifted, and landed on the other man. Itachi gave her a friendly smile, and he stood up in polite tradition. He took the few steps to reach her, and held out his hand.

"Uchiha Itachi. Pleasure to meet you," he said proudly and kindly. Sasuke watched as Sakura took his hand and nodded.

"Haruno Sakura, I work for Sasuke-kun, actually."

Itachi gave a look of interest. "Do you now?" he asked, "Well, it's nice to be able to meet people casually without the worry of business between you, isn't it?"

Sakura thought for a split second before nodding. "It really is," she answered.

Itachi smiled. And then a ring split through the conversation. Itachi frowned, and pulled a sleek Razor phone from his pocket. He grinned.

"Please excuse me, I must take this," he said before walking around the next corner to take his phone call.

Sasuke and Sakura stood alone among the graves.

"So, that's your older brother?" she asked, for the sake of removing the awkward setting.

Sasuke nodded. Sakura glanced down at the grave with the roses.

"I like the smell of roses. It reminds me of my mother."

Sakura's eyes saddened a bit.

"Is that your mother's grave?"

Sasuke turned to Mikoto's grave, and sighed quietly.

"Today is the anniversary of her death."

Sakura's head lowered. "I'm sorry."

Sasuke shrugged, pretending it wasn't such a big deal. "It's been years."


There was another silence, and Sasuke decided to speak before it choked him.

"What about you? Did you come to see a relative?"

Sakura smiled, and Sasuke felt a bit of relief from the grieving.

"No, actually, I'm here with Ino. We're visiting her twin brother. He died six months ago from a terminal disease."

Sasuke blinked. "Did you two get along?"

Sakura chuckled, but it was low.

"We were dating..."

The statement took Sasuke by surprise.

"I-I'm sorry to hear that. It must have been a very tough time for you."

Sakura laughed, which took Sasuke by surprise yet again. She playfully flicked her hand at him.

"Not really. He was an ass."

Oh. He was an as-

...Wait, what?!

Sasuke's mouth opened to say something, but his lips pursed together again. After moments of repeating that action, he gave up. He wasn't sure how to react on that one. Well, damn.

"Sasuke-kuuuuun!" another woman's cheery voice reached his ears.

Ah. Ino. Lovely! Fun!


"Ino," he greeted, coating the irritation with casualty.

Ino joined the two, wearing a black silk shirt, with short sleeves, and black pants, fitting her nicely, and matching with black heels, similar to Sakura's, but not exact. Her hair was tied into a long ponytail, with her bangs clipped back. Sasuke admitted that he preferred Ino in clothes as such rather than what her profession made her wear. She didn't seem as slutty.

"See?" Ino teased, her tongue sticking out for a moment, "When I'm not working, I wear decent clothes. I bet you're thinking that I don't seem as slutty, right?"

Sasuke's eyebrow quirked. He hated it when she did that! It was downright creepy!

Sasuke decided to avoid the subject.

"I'm sorry to hear about your brother," he said, hoping to change the subject.

Ino smiled kindly, but then shook her head, and scrunched her face a bit.

"Him? Bah! Don't worry about it. He was an ass!"

Sasuke mentally sat at his office in Icha Icha. Then he mentally slammed his head against his desk. Again. And again.

What do I SAY to that?!

"Sakura, I'll go ahead, okay? Meet me there!" Ino voice chirped through the cemetery. "Bye Sasuke-kun!"

"Alright! I won't be long!"

"Bye, Ino."

Ino left, leaving Sakura and Sasuke alone once more.

"She's really cheerful for being at a burial ground," Sasuke said, stress lacing his voice.

Sakura merely giggled. Sasuke found it grudgingly enchanting. Everything about her...was so different from at the workplace. Sasuke wondered what made her so different?

"She's always cheerful, don't you find?"

Sasuke nodded.

Sakura continued, "Her brother...was the one who suggested I dress like this, so modernly."

Sasuke's head tilted. "Really?" he asked. The pink-haired girl nodded.

"Yes. But I don't really feel comfortable. He said I looked pretty. But people would just stare at me, because I'm usually dressed like a total dork."

Sasuke had to chuckle, though it faded when Sakura gave him a weary eye. He looked up at the clear sky in thought, and then spoke up.

"Maybe if you dressed like that more often...What I mean is, people would stare for a while, but once they got used to it, they'd treat you like a normal human being."

Sakura looked at him, head tilted slightly to the side. Was it that simple? Certainly, Sakura had never thought about it. But she wasn't sure about so suddenly...

Sasuke glanced at her, finding it easy to read her expressions, through her eyes. There was doubt, he saw. She really WAS uncomfortable.

"You really do look pretty when you dress like the rest of us."

She blushed.

"T-that's easy for you to say!" she choked out. "You look nice everyday!"

Sasuke laughed. Or so he heard.

The Uchiha smirked, and put his hands in his pocket. He gazed to the side, where a yellow butterfly chased a smaller orange butterfly around a statue of Mary.

Sakura pulled her hair between her ears, still pink in the face. She slowly took steps past Sasuke, intending to follow Ino.

"Have more confidence, Sakura. It would suit you," his deep voice reached her. She laughed, and turned around, facing the back of her boss.

"I think a little tact would suit you, Uchiha-san."

Sasuke glanced back at her with a grin.

"Ah, so it really does suit you!"

Sakura huffed, but a smile and blush was plastered on her face.

"I'll see you Monday, Sasuke-kun!" she called before turning around and chasing Ino's path.

"Ah." he said, facing the opposite direction. She couldn't see it, but Sasuke was smiling and blushing (slightly), too.

Sasuke glanced at her mothers grave, and behind the corner, Itachi couldn't help but grin.

Thoughts of the two brothers were the same:

Did you see that, Mom?

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