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Chapter One

One morning before school, Yugi came running into the school yard and Joey could tell that something was wrong. "Hey Yugi what's wrong?" Joey asked.

"Someone tried to kill Grandpa last night" Yugi said through his tears.

"What?" Joey yelled.

"They broke into the Shop and said that they were taking over the Shop and if he didn't sign the papers, they would kill him but Yami and Marik got there just as they started beating him up, and they did some damage to the men and they ran away, but they said that they would be back to finish the job, and I'm really scared" Yugi said.

Just then the Principals voice came over the P.A. System " the school is canceled until further notice" and then there were the sounds of guns being fired and people screaming. Everyone ran for cover. We need to get the hell out of here someone shouted and the students all ran off.

"What the hell is going on?" Joey shouted.

Just then Kaiba's Limo came driving up and Seto got out and yelled "get into the Limo." As it drove off Seto said "someone is trying to take over all of Domino and we have to get everyone together and figure out how to stop them and we may even be in for the fight of our lives."

When they got to the Manor, there were cars everywhere. As they walked into the Manor, Mokuba came running up and he said "we have been getting calls from all over town asking for help."

As they walked into the Living Room, Joey couldn't believe all who were there. Sitting on one of the sofas were Tea and her parents, Mai and Valon, then there was Raphael, Allister, Tristan and Duke. One the other sofa were Pegasus, Croquet and the rest of Pegasus's men, Weevil, Rex, Marik, Malik, Bakura, Ryou and Espa Rosa and his brothers.

"What in the world is happening?" Joey asked. Just then his sister Serenity came in with Rebecca and her Grandfather Arthur Hawkins. Professor Hawkins asked Seto "who are these men who are causing all the trouble?"

Seto looked up from his computer and said "I'm working on trying to find out, but haven't found anything as of yet." he said.

Roland came into the room and announced "can I have everyone's attention, until further notice no one is allowed to leave without getting Seto's permission."

Yami, Yugi and Solomon came into the room. Seto walked over and asked "how are you feeling?" Solomon said "I'm a little sore, but I'll be ready when you need me to help stop those monsters." Seto smiled at him and said "you're a good man" and Solomon smiled at him and went to sit down.

Mokuba stood up and said "we have enough food to last for several months if need be. We have made a list of who is going to be sharing rooms with." He then handed out the list to each and everyone in the room. Ryou and Malik came into the pushing two very large carts and Ryou said "here are some sandwiches if anyone is hungry."

The phone rang and Seto answered it "Hello, Kaiba residence. Yes this is Seto Kaiba, and who am I speaking to?" Seto put it on speaker phone so that everyone could hear who was calling.

"We are the World Leaders and we have come here to make this place our" the voice said.

"What gives you the right to take any place over?" Seto asked.

"We don't need anyone's permission, we just come and conquer" the voice said. Your Corporation is our next objective and this is the last warning you are going to get" and then the line went dead.

"Seto" Mokuba said and he was really scared.

Seto walked over to his brother and put his arm around him and said "Mokie don't worry they will have a very hard time getting into the building with all the Security measures that I've installed" he said.

Serenity was walking around and said to herself, what we need is an Army of indestructible soldiers. What she didn't know is that Solomon had over heard her and he went to talk to Arthur about what he had just heard.

When Solomon had told Professor Hawkins about what he had heard, they put their heads together and between the two of them they came up with a plan, but they would need some Shadow Magic in order to make the plan work.

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