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Chapter Six

Finally after what felt like forever, the teams finally met and then they descended upon the main force of the World Leaders, who were in the Center of town. There was a lot of sporadic fighting and several of the men were grazed but they kept on fighting. As they advanced closer to the Center of town it became clear to Yami that if they didn't do something really fast they could all be killed, so he sent a message to both Marik and Odeon by mind link to end it all.

End it all was a code that Seto thought up so that when it was used it meant to release the Egyptian Gods and as the message said end it all. So as if by magic they all called forth Slither, The Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor and they all struck at the same time. When the lights stopped glowing and the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of the World Leaders or their armies. As the teams walked through the Center of town searching for anyone that could of survived they found nothing.

Seto, Joey, Marik, Bakura and Yami held up their right arms and then the cheering began. Cheering because they had defeated the enemy and won back their town, well what was left of it that is. Seto suggested that they get back to the others and find out if they are alright. So they all walked back to the Manor not knowing what they would find.

As they approached the Manor tears came to everyone's eyes and they all began to run. Inside the Manor Ishizu received a message from Marik and she gasped and tears began to fall down her face. "They are all safe and returning to us" she yelled. Everyone dropped what they were doing and hurried outside and there in the distance they could see their fighting men coming home. The gates were thrown open and the ones inside began running towards the incoming hero's. Tears fell like rain down happy faces. There were hugs and kisses enough for everyone.

Mokuba and Serenity looked for their brothers and it was Serenity that saw them first and she grabbed hold of Mokuba and said "over there" she pointed and off the ran. Running with tears running down their young faces and as they reached their brothers they were engulfed by arms that seemed to not let go and then there were hugs and kisses. "You came home" Serenity sobbed and she held onto Joey. Seto and Joey looked at each other over the heads of their siblings and Joey mouthed I love you to Seto.

When the commotion quieted down and everyone was back inside the Manor, Ishizu suggested that they let their monsters whom were the real hero's return to their cards. And so it happened but not before everyone cheered for them. Solomon looked at everyone and he closed his eyes and said "Heavenly Father you heard our plea and have returned our loved ones to us, we thank you for your divine love that carried everyone of them through this terrible ordeal and brought them home again. Amen.

" Seto had to relay what they saw to the ones whom stayed at the Manor. Domino is nearly destroyed, but I know that with time and sweat and tears we will rebuild her back to the way she was. Who's with me?" Yami approached Solomon and whispered "The Shop was destroyed." Solomon felt like someone had punched him in the gut. All his beloved cards were gone, but as he thought about it, nothing compared to knowing that not one life was lost. Yami then told him "we saved everything in the Shop and they are in a safe place." Solomon's eyes filled with tears as he held onto Yami and softly said "thank you."

Everyone there stood and yelled "we will rebuild our town" and then there was cheering so loud you'd of thought that it would make the walls of the Manor collapse. You know what? They did rebuild Domino and the families whom left returned and to this day each and everyone in town now has a reason to be proud of their beloved Domino……. They placed a plaque in the center of town and it read "This is our town, we fight to keep what is our's!!"