Merry Christmas, Batman.

(At the Daily Planet)

Unnamed co-worker: Hey Clark, anyone ever tell you, you'd look way better without glasses?

Clark: You'd be the first.

Unnamed co-worker: You should consider getting contacts?

Clark: Honestly, I wouldn't be myself without my glasses.

Unnamed co-worker: So, you got any plans for the holidays.

Clark: As a matter of fact, I'm flying up North for the weekend.

Unnamed co-worker: Family?

Clark: Just getting together with an old friend from out of town

(Killinger's Department Store, Lingerie Department)

Alfred: Excuse me miss, I may require your assistance.

Sales Lady: Certainly,Who are you shopping for? Wife? Girlfriend?

Alfred: No, Madame, Mister Bruce Wayne.

Sales Lady: Oh…any particular color?

Alfred: He prefers black

Sales Lady: Well, these ones here are nice.

Alfred: I'll trust your judgement miss.

Sales Lady: I'll go and ring you up. (Alfred Walks Away) I guess Billionaires really are eccentric.

(At the Fortress of Solitude)

Batman: Merry Christmas. (Batman hands Superman an x-mass present)

Superman: I wonder what it is.

(Attempts to use his x-ray vision)

Batman: No peaking.

Superman: A lead box, you must've wrapped this yourself? Touching.

Batman: Open it.

Superman: A lump of coal, Bruce you shouldn't have. (Squeezes coal in fist makes diamond).

Batman: Don't mention it.

Superman: I'll cross Lois off my Christmas list.

Batman: What else do you get for the man who has everything?

Superman: A gift card would've been nice.

Batman: Hmm, next year.This is for Lois (Hands Superman a gift).

Superman: More coal?

Batman: No. But it is tiny and black.


Batman: I didn't forget the dog. (Opens a second gift box revealing novelty superman dog costume) I told Alfred to get something practical.

Superman: Good luck getting it on him. I got something for you too. Go ahead, open it. (Batman opens the gift to reveal a grey Christmas sweater with the Bat emblem sewn on it.) For when it's cold in the Batcave.

Batman: Give Martha my regards.

Superman: Try it on, see if it fits.

Batman: It'll fit.

(At the Batcave)

Alfred: (Seeing Batman wear the Bat-Sweater)Master Bruce, I must compliment you on your impeccable taste in clothing.

Bruce: I was cold.

(Stately Wayne Manor, Christmas Day)

Bruce: Hold on Alfred there's one more.

Alfred: (opens gift) But Master Bruce your Sweater…

Bruce: After seeing you admire it, I spoke with Clark; Martha made you one … for when it's cold in the Batcave.

Alfred: Very well sir, there's always next Christmas.

Tim: I can't wait to find out what you got me.

Bruce: Don't worry, you'll like it.(Said with a subtle smile)

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