Foreclosed Love

It was dark and windy. A storm was on the way and in a hose was a black mage named Vivi. Vivi was sleeping. with spellbooks at her feat. suddenl the door burst open and a guy walked in. this guy had yellow hair a cigarrete goggles and a staff. His name was Cid.

'I am cid and I am raping you now!" he scremed. He lept towards viv and began ripping his clothes off. Vivi screamed "HELP! HELP CALL THE POLES!" but to no avail. cid forced the small mag on his stomach and began raping her. Vivi scremed her heart out, when suddenly a small bespeckeld man came it. he had funny goggles on and was a dawrf.

"thanks for saving me!" said vivi, but suddenly he began stripping. vivi gapsed as she saw his old man penis, which was then forced into her motuh. she mouned as the two cids began raping her. suddenly a third cid came in and he was tall and had pink skin and wit hair

'thanks for saving me" said vivi bt soon he two stipped and all the cids rolled over and he bgan to buttsecks her viv was in for it now! when suddenly, a small white thing with a fork caem in.

"Are you here torape me too?" said viv disparingly. Suddenly the took the nearest cid and raped HIm! HAHAHAH REVENGE! he mounded and stopped raping vivi. Quina then raped all the cid until they all ran away.

"Thank you for hleeping me!" said Vivi, when suddenly QUina raped HER! HAHAHAH! DOUBLE REVENEGE! (A'sN:I was real clever when I thought of this!) then vivi cried and went to sleep.