Title: The Republican in the Red Dress
Fandom: The West Wing
Characters: Sam/Ainsley
Rating: PG
Summary: Bored during the Christmas Party, Sam hides in his office. But the festivities are not over yet.


He was determined to avoid the party at all costs, and so Sam sat alone in his office writing a speech three weeks prematurely. Fingers eagerly pulled at his bowtie, leaving it hanging around his neck. He'd been there in the beginning. He'd watched Josh attempt to flirt with Joey Lucas, Donna try to find an available man, and CJ and Toby making jokes about boring guests. No one seemed to be interested in him, so he'd left the party and headed to his office.

"Hey, there you are," He heard the familiar Southern accent, and looked up to see Ainsley standing in his doorway. She'd rugged up under a large green coat which, on her, looked like she may have borrowed it from CJ. "I thought maybe you'd stayed at home, but Donna told me you disappeared up here." She smiled, and his eyes focused on her seductive red lips.

"I… I got bored, and there was no one to talk to."

"Well, now I'm here," She bit her bottom lip. "Wanna escort me to the party?"

"Ah, well, yes… that is to say," He flicked the end of his bowtie. "Provided you could tie this for me?"

"You don't know how to do a bowtie?" Ainsley couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, no. I've never really," He felt like a teenage boy before the prom. "Ginger tied it for me before hand, and now I'm stuck." He looked down at the ends of his bowtie and played with them as she considered her options.

"Okay," She shrugged off her coat. "Don't want my escort to look like a mess." Draping her coat over his desk, she moved closer to him and he looked up.

To say she was breathtaking would have been a gross understatement. A stunning red dress clung to her torso, closing in nicely to embrace her hips and then falling elegantly down to her knees. The neckline stretched very low, looking almost impossible for the dress to cover all the right places. There was no extravagant design to it. No sequins, no lace, and no frills. She looked heavenly and, at the same time, devilishly gorgeous. In all his life, Sam had never known a woman could look that good.



"I can't do this when your head's down." She smiled as her fingers slid underneath his jaw and pushed his head back slightly.

"That's a… a very… you look, very…"

"There's no need to compliment me just because you feel guilty for staring down my dress," She told him absently as her fingers worked quickly to fix his tie. "There, now we can go." Moving to grab her coat, she felt his fingers on her wrist, and paused.

"You look stunning Ainsley," He lightly pulled her back to him, his free hand resting on her cheek. She inhaled sharply, suddenly feeling quite light-headed. Unable to wait for him to move, she pushed up on her toes and kissed him. Hungry for more Sam moved forward, pushing her back into the wall. His hand slid around her waist and touched bare skin on her lower back. He pulled back, "How does this dress stay on you?"

"Way to kill the mood." Ainsley flashed a smile and shook her head in amusement.

"It's just amazing." Just as he was about to say more, Ainsley lightly kissed him again in order to silence him.

"Let's go to the party," She took his hand in hers and grabbed her coat as they headed for the door. "You can admire my dress and then…"

"I'd be happy to escort you home." A shy smile spread across his lips, and Ainsley was sure that he was almost about to blush.

"That would be nice," She felt a rush of adrenaline as he leant down and brushed his lips against hers. "But I have a feeling we're not going to get to this party." With that said the office door was closed, and the blinds pulled.