Okay, so basically these are a series of cute(ish) SasuNaru stories that take place in an AU Konoha. There's not really an actual plot and each story is rather short, but I write them for fun between my uber angsty and emotional draining (for me) longer fics. So have fun with these.

Play Mate

Part 1

"Come on Naruto, it's gonna be fun, I promise."

"Promise, promise, Daddy?" The small blond boy looked up at the grinning blond man. Yondy nodded jovially before continuing to pull his son towards the play area. The four-year-old looked skeptically at his father. Ever since they had moved to Konoha, people had made fun of him and the other kids were mean to him. He didn't want to go to some play place where there were more kids that would hate him.

Yondy must have noticed the resistance because he turned around to regard the small boy. Even though Naruto was trying to be brave, his father still observed the way his lower lip trembled and the watery look in the boy's eyes. Crouching down, Yondy regarded his son. "Naruto, it's alright to be scared, but we can't let that get the best of us. You have to be brave in order to make something good happen."

Naruto's big blue eyes watched the older man as he considered the words as much as a four year old could. The blond boy nodded his understanding and then nodded again in resolve. Yondy couldn't help but smile when the boy's cute little face showed pure determination. This time when the man took his son's hand, Naruto didn't drag his feet.

The duo neared the play area, which consisted of large plush obstacles, including a small mountain, some toadstools, a small slide, and a couple of tunnels. It wasn't the biggest play area in the city, but Yondy didn't want to scare Naruto by having him around lots of other kids. About a dozen kids were running around the area. Parents sat at tables and benches surrounding the area.

The closer they got, the more nervous Naruto became, and he started to move behind his father in a show of shyness. Yondy moved to one of the empty tables and hoisted Naruto up. He sat the small boy on one of the chairs and removed his bright orange sneakers for him. Now only in his socks, Naruto hopped off the chair and moved towards the padded play area. Just as Naruto stepped onto the padding, another small boy with brown hair ran up to him.

"I'm Shino, what's your name?" The little boy stuck out his hand in greeting. Naruto took hold of the offered hand and shook it before saying his name.


"Do you wanna see something cool?" Shino asked. Naruto nodded, and the other boy immediately grabbed his arm and dragged him further into the play area.

Yondy watched the interaction with a small smile, happy that Naruto might get to make friends with at least one child here. The blond man looked around at the adults out of habit. Being a former cop he was well aware that perverts hung out around where kids played at. However, all he saw were several couples talking amongst themselves. Deciding he might as well be sociable, Yondy turned to the couple sitting at the table next to him.

"Hello, my name is Yondy Uzumaki, my son and I just moved to Konoha." The blond man smiled brightly at the dark haired couple. The stern looking man simply looked at him like he was crazy, but the woman smiled sweetly at him.

"Oh, well welcome! Konoha is a wonderful place to raise children. I'm Mikoto Uchiha and this block of ice is my husband, Fugaku." Mikoto laughed to herself. Yondy's smile became slightly strained when Fugaku glared at his wife before making a 'hn' sound.

Suddenly Mikoto got up from her seat across from Yondy and Fugaku. The woman walked around the table and started poking at her husband's side. Fugaku grumbled but got up from his seat and moved to another. Mikoto promptly took the empty chair making it so that she was sitting next to Yondy.

"What do you do, Uzumaki-san?" Mikoto asked.

"I work in the mayor's office under Sarutobi." Yondy said conversationally.

"Really? Fugaku here is the chief of police, I'm sure you two will become good friends!" Mikoto clasped her hands together happily as Fugaku made another 'hn' sound. But before Yondy could say anything, Naruto shrieked. The blond man spun in his seat and sought out his son. The blond boy, though, was just reacting to something that Shino boy was trying to get him to hold.

"Don't worry, all the children react that way to Shino at first. The little deary has a thing for bugs." Mikoto said, catching Yondy's attention.

"You seem awfully on edge, is there something I should know?" The quiet Uchiha spoke up. When Yondy turned to him he was met with intense dark eyes. The blond man smiled weakly.

"My divorce wasn't pleasant. My ex-wife made some threats, that's part of the reason I left. Sarutobi offered me this job and I jumped on the opportunity."

"She must have been pretty bad to lose all custody." Mikoto commented. Yondy grimaced slightly. "Oh, I'm sorry Uzumaki-san, I didn't mean to sound so callous."

"No, no, you're right. Kyuubi was terrible, thankfully I don't have to give her Naruto except once a month for supervised visits. And please call me Yondy."

"In that case call me Mikoto." Yondy nodded, and the two of them started to converse on more pleasant topics such as their children.

Meanwhile, Naruto had found more new friends. Everyone here was so much nicer to him than the other kids at his daycare. There was this boy with a small white puppy and another boy running around in what looked like a green leotard. There was also a very cute little pink-haired girl and a shy dark-haired girl with the whitest eyes Naruto had ever seen.

Naruto was playing hide-and-seek with the boy with the dog when he stumbled upon another little boy. The blond child had run into one of the tunnels in an attempt to hide and promptly run into another child.

"Moron, what are you doing?" Came an angry little boy's voice. Blue eyes blinked at the pale boy. At first Naruto got a little scared because this kid sounded like the one that had been mean to him, but then he just got angry.

"Don't call me that, jerk! And I'm playing hide 'n seek. What do you think you're doing?" Naruto bellowed back.

"Geez, idiot, you don't have to yell. I'm just waiting 'til my brother comes and then we can leave this stupid place." The dark-haired boy said as he rolled his eyes.

"If you don't like it here, why do you even come here?" Naruto wasn't curious, at least that's what he told himself.

"Hn. My mom makes me." The boy turned away and looked out the end of the tunnel. He could see his mom talking happily with some blond guy that just had to be this idiot's dad. Fugaku's dark eyes met his son's, and the man winked at him. The boy blushed before pouting slightly and then realized the idiot was speaking to him.


"I asked you what your name is. Now who's the idiot?" Naruto said sitting on his rump with a thump. The dark-haired boy bristled.

"Sasuke. What's yours, Stupid?"

"No, I'm Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki!"

"I told you to stop yelling, Stupid." Sasuke retorted.

"Gah, you are such a jerk!" Suddenly, the two boys heard barking and the next thing Sasuke knew, the blond boy had jumped him. Naruto wiggled over Sasuke's lap before huddling down on the other side of the pale boy.


"Shhhhh." Naruto hissed. For some reason Sasuke found himself doing just that. Kiba poked his head into the tunnel in his search for his new blond friend, but all he saw was the moody Uchiha boy. Giving the pale boy a glare, Kiba left in search of where Naruto could have gotten too.

"Thanks." Naruto said as he peeked from his hiding place. The blond rested his chin on Sasuke's thigh as his big blue eyes looked up at the other boy. Sasuke felt his face get hot but simply turned away.

"Whatever." Sasuke looked around and once again caught his father's eye. From their position Fugaku could see Naruto practically curled up against his leg. The man smiled slightly before winking again. Sasuke's entire face flamed to a bright red, especially after Naruto suddenly wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist in a lopsided hug.

"You're not so bad after all, jerk!" Naruto proclaimed.

"Hn." Sasuke refused to look at the other boy and instead looked out the other end of the tunnel. The pink-haired girl walked by with that Hyuuga girl and Sasuke couldn't help but cringe. But then he saw someone else pass by and jumped up from his position, which jarred the blond.

Sasuke ran out of the tunnel and after the figure until he could wrap his small arms around it. "Aniki!"

"Ah, there you are Itachi! Are you boys ready to go home now?" Mikoto asked the boys as they got nearer.

"Yes, mother." Itachi said. Sasuke simply nodded in agreement.

"Oh goodness, what happened to you?" Mikoto suddenly asked in astonishment. Everyone turned to watch as Naruto jogged over to his father, his hands were covering his nose but they could all see the blood running down his face. Naruto glared at Sasuke but since he was crying it wasn't all that effective.

"Daddy!" Naruto cried as he got closer to his father. "Sasuke hit me!"

"I'm sure it was an accident." Yondy said as he removed some tissues from the boy's backpack that he made a habit of bringing since it wasn't manly to carry a purse. Carefully, he peeled Naruto's chubby little hands away from his face. Blood poured freely down his face, and Yondy tilted his son's head back before pressing the tissues against his nose.

"Yes, I think Sasuke got a little carried away when he saw Itachi, and must have forgot to watch where he threw his elbows." Fugaku said as he stood up. Naruto didn't look convinced as the tears still rolled down his face.

"Geez, don't be such a baby." Sasuke said with a frown.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto scolded her younger son. Sasuke looked down at the ground in response. He was sorry he'd hit Naruto and made him bleed and now he felt worse because his mother had yelled at him. Sasuke felt tears of his own come to his eyes, and he moved slightly so that he could hide behind Itachi. However, Itachi moved away to stand with their father.

"Sorry . . . stupid." Sasuke finally said, adding the last word in pure


"It's okay, jerk! It'd take a lot more to beat me!" Naruto yelled back.

All three adults raised their eyebrows at the exchange before Mikoto started to chuckle.

"Perhaps Naruto-kun would like to come over sometime for a play date?" Mikoto asked the little blond boy.

"Umm, if daddy says I can." Naruto said. Yondy pulled the tissues back to see that the blood flow had stopped. After tossing the tissues into a nearby trash can he reached into the backpack and pulled out some wet wipes.

"I think that's a great idea." Yondy said as he attempted to clean the drying blood off his son's face. Naruto, however, kept squirming away from the wet wipe. "Now hold still, kiddo."

I tried and tried to think up a name for Yondy but after a while 'Yondy' just kinda stuck. (I don't use the more common name Arashi for the simple fact that someone else in the Naruto series already has that name). I'll probably update Pt 2 in the next couple of days.