I know its not Christmas but I was inspired by the home video my sis made this last year. In the video my 3 year old niece (who was a sheep) attached herself to my nephew (who is 11 and was playing Joseph). It was very cute and in my book cuteness SasuNaru fluff, so this was born. There's lots of little hints about characters in this instead outright information (like what was Sakura's roll and who is Anko's grandpa?) because I like being a tease. And you like me being a tease, you know you do

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As Itachi proceeded down the center aisle, his mother couldn't help but notice the boy's scowl. The eldest Uchiha son had not liked the idea of being selected to play Joseph in this year's Christmas Pageant and it showed, easily. Though Sasuke wasn't any more pleased as he was glaring balefully at everyone and anyone from his position at the "manger," which was really just the area in front of the altar. The smallest Uchiha tugged on his donkey ear in annoyance, and Mikoto had to hide her small laugh behind her hand. A grunt came from next to her, and the woman looked up to see her husband smiling slightly at the scene before them.

Itachi and Tenten (who was playing Mary) finally reached the "manger" as Ino read energetically the story of Jesus' birth. The full church watched with amusement as Tenten ripped her arm out of Itachi's grasp and stalked to her place next to the makeshift cradle. Mikoto could just make out a growl that came from her eldest son as he moved deliberately to his place. Sasuke stood off to the side of Tenten while the other "donkey," Shikamaru, lay curled up on the floor with his thumb in his mouth, apparently asleep. Sakura and Kiba were standing off to the side by Itachi. The pink haired little girl pouted, her hands crossed over her chest, as the energetic boy bounded around her giving small cries of "mooo."

Ino's high pitched voice continued on, telling the part about how the shepherds had come to visit the small infant and everyone turned to watch as Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara filed into the room followed by the "sheep" played by Choji, Shino, and Naruto. The energetic blond 5-year-old was looking around nervously at all the people staring at him. For a few seconds Mikoto was afraid the poor boy would break down and freeze like he had at the Easter pageant, but Naruto seemed to brighten up as his blue eyes landed on someone and Mikoto looked over to see Yondy giving his son the thumbs up.

Apparently resolved, the small blond followed the older children down the aisle only to suddenly shoot ahead of them and run to Sasuke, who he promptly attached himself to. The small Uchiha looked completely horrified and tried to push the other boy off. Fugaku made a coughing noise and Mikoto knew that he was trying not to laugh at their son's predicament. Someone else, however, couldn't control his laughter but did manage keep the volume down to a soft laugh. The Uchiha woman smiled brightly at the blond man before turning back to the front of the church, where Sasuke was still not pleased.

The smallest Uchiha currently had both his hands on Naruto's chubby little face as he tried to push the younger boy away. Naruto was proving to be stubborn though and clung harder. Sasuke heard a snicker and looked up to see his aniki smirking at him. In response, Sasuke turned his nose up and let go of the blond, which caused him to stagger slightly since Naruto no longer had any resistance.

When Sasuke looked up at his brother again, Itachi had turned away but he could see the glare on his brother's face and was very satisfied that Itachi had gotten the message. The girl Itachi liked may not give him the time of the day, but Sasuke didn't have any problem getting his overly cute best friend to engage in touching. Of course, this left the youngest Uchiha with a problem as said nervous best friend was squeezing him so hard he was having trouble breathing.

Glancing around the packed church, Sasuke could see that both Naruto's dad and his mom were trying to not to laugh. When the small Uchiha looked up at his dad, he saw the older man wink at him and couldn't help but roll his eyes. His dad had been giving him covert winks for a while now, and he couldn't figure out what was with them.

"Sassssuke!" Naruto whispered loudly, drawing the dark haired boy's attention away from the adults.

"What?!" Sasuke demanded quietly.

"I wanna go home, why's everybody looking at us?" Sasuke winced at the loudness of the blond's voice, but then again, for Naruto that was rather quiet.

"Cause we're in a play, dobe. I told you that before." Sasuke hissed back. Thankfully the blond had released his grip on the older boy somewhat and was now only clinging to his back, wiping his nose on the back of the donkey costume every once in a while.

"Oh, then I didn't do anything wrong?" This time Naruto really did whisper, Sasuke was only just barely able to hear him.

"Shhhhh!" Both boys suddenly looked over to see Anko-sempai glaring at them. As "director" she was not pleased to see her actors misbehaving. Especially since her Grandpapa was in the audience and she wanted to prove to him that she could make a really great Christmas play.

The blond boy huddled behind Sasuke more in order to get away from the freaky teenager's glare. Sasuke on the other hand just glared at the girl. He clearly didn't like her, especially when she was interrupting a conversation he was having with his friend. Sasuke reached back and grabbed hold of one of Naruto's hands and squeezed.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble. She's just being stupid." Sasuke said in a whisper. He felt Naruto nod into his back and squeeze his hand.

"Thanks, Sasuke jerk."

"No problem, stupid."

It wasn't long before the story was finally completed and Ino got down from the podium. By the end all of the kids had congregated in front of the altar. Neji, Lee, and Kabuto had rounded out the group as the three wise "men," with shy Hinata being the angel/guiding star. Everyone took a bow, which proved difficult for the youngest Uchiha because Naruto was still attached to his back. After the applause, the kids were allowed to go and sit with their parents. Sasuke immediately moved towards his parents but was brought up short when Naruto refused to let go.

"You can let go now, the play's over." Sasuke pointed out.

"I don't wanna." Was Naruto's response.

Sasuke sighed and decided not to bother trying to peel the younger boy off. Instead he shuffled down the aisle until he was next to the pew his parents and Itachi were at. Itachi was systematically removing the jacket and headpiece that had made up his costume.

"Why don't you both sit with Yondy?" Mikoto said smiling at the way Naruto was using Sasuke's tail to keep hold of him. Sasuke didn't bother to respond, simply moved to the pew behind his parents and sat down next to Naruto's dad. When he tried to take off his costume, which was actually just a modified pillowcase, he found that he couldn't. Naruto had wrapped his arms around him again.

"Let go, idiot." The youngest Uchiha said to the "sheep" clinging to him.

"But Sasuke, you make such a cute ass."

And after that beautiful statement all 3 adults freaked out, Itachi got grounded for teaching Naruto the word 'ass' and apparently calling Sasuke that at some moment in the past, and Naruto started crying until Sasuke gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Oh, an I have no idea who it is Itachi is crushing on.