Messages In the Night

Summary: Locke finds a cell-phone in the jungle receiving prediction messages. One coincidently comes true…then another... Jack goes temp. insane forcing Kate away.

A/N: Hello all, this is a thing I usually do at the beginning of every chapter I write. This is my first Lost story and it's placed before the opening of the hatch and Boone's death. I hope you all like it. Also, I'm looking for a proof-reader, so any interested parties feel free to e-mail me. Oh, and I love reviews!

Main character list : Sawyer - Kate - Jack - Locke - Claire - Charlie

Chapter 1: Chirp

The wind at his back, sweat pouring down his chest, dirtying his already off-white shirt. This is what he lives for, this is his life now. A chirping sound, just a cricket, makes his head shoot to the side. There it is, sitting on a log, chirping away. He blinks, wondering why this is so fascinating to him. A cracking branch makes him turn and look in the opposite direction.

A well-built, sturdy man with shaggy blonde hair and rough exterior stands there.

"Sawyer," the first man says, voice sounding far away, "what are you doing out here? It's far away from camp and it's dangerous."

Not a word, not a movement comes from the second man, this 'Sawyer'.

The chirping starts again, louder this time. Sawyer lifts his arm and points to it, never taking his eyes from those of the first man.

An un-trusting glance thrown at Sawyer and the first man turns back to the chirping sound. Where the cricket once was is now a cell phone. The intensity with which it rings almost makes it shake it's way off the log to the jungle floor.

"What-" A detached word comes from the first man. He turns his head to where Sawyer was once standing. A petite blonde woman stands there now. "Claire, what's going on? Where's Sawyer?"

"John," she replies in a melodic, Australian tone, "Answer the phone, it could be the baby."

"The baby?" John, the first man, replies, looking at her flat stomach. "My God, Claire, where's the baby? What happened?"

She moved her hand in front of her face, dismissing the question. "Answer the phone John, don't keep him waiting."

With a frown, John turned back to the phone and started to inch towards it. The closer he got to it, the more shrill the ringing became until it was almost deafening. He made a grab for it and picked it up. It was small and light, a dark blue flip-phone. John glanced at Claire once more, who was waiting expectantly. The look on her face saying 'go on, now, open it'. He breathed deep and opened it. The shrill ringing stopped, all the noises of the jungle stopped. John looked at the screen and was met by the small block letters saying "No Signal".

John awoke with a start. He looked around, seeing hardly anything on the darkened beach. The numerous torches set at the beach limits truly threw little light throughout the camp. A frown set on his lips as he rubbed his hand over his forehead, trying to rid himself of the dampness setting in there.

Getting to his feet slowly, he listened for any sound and was greeted by a rough southern voice from one tent over. "Well, now, where do you think you're goin' in the middle of the night?"

John sighed and looked at the tent. Sawyer sat outside of it. "So, being awake means I must be going somewhere?"

A tiny smile played on Sawyer's lips. "You've got that shifty look, means you're up to somethin'. And, I want to know what it is. Call it curiosity."

"Well, you know what they say, Sawyer, about curiosity." John replied, stretching his back muscles and hearing a crack.

"Let me guess, that it killed the damn cat right?" Sawyer replied, getting to his own feet. "Sing me a new song here sometime."

John chuckled. "I'm really not doing anything, Sawyer. Just can't sleep is all."

"So what, you decided on a midnight stroll through the jungle? What are you trying to put over on us? Isn't taking that boy out there with you every day and bringing back no God damn food enough for you?" Sawyer asked, coming closer to John. "Now you have to go out at night too?"

"What do you want, Sawyer?" John asked, following a sigh. "I hardly have anything worthwhile here, nothing you can lift off of me."

"I want in." Sawyer replied. "I don't know what the two of you are up to, if you're gonna make a fool out of all of us, I damn well want to be on your side of it."

John looked at the ground, contemplating his next words carefully. He looked back up at Sawyer. "I'm really not going anywhere tonight, although when dawn breaks, yes, I will be doing some exploring in the jungle. You're more then welcome to come with me if you'd like."

Sawyer's eyes narrowed as he took in the older man. "And whatever are we goin' searchin' for, pops?"

John chuckled. "A cell phone."

Sawyer's eyes widened as he scoffed. "A cell phone? Really now?"

John nodded in response. "Yes, that's right."

"Well, now I know you've gone and flipped your lid." Sawyer shook his head slightly. "What makes you think there's a cell phone out there?"

"I dreamt it." John replied simply.

"You dreamt it?" Sawyer repeated, throwing his arms in the air. "Well, if that's the case, why don't we wake up the whole camp now? And all go runnin' into the jungle to look for your cell phone?"

"There's no need for sarcasm, Sawyer." John told him. "So, are you still interested?"

"Only because I think you're puttin' me on. There was no dream, you're just makin' stories up, tryin' to make me not want to go with you." Sawyer leaned in towards him. "Well, it's not gonna work."

"Good." John replied with a smile. "The more the merrier."

Chapter preview:

Locke and sawyer go after the phone from Locke's dream only to find it does in fact exist. Not only that, but it carries a dangerous prediction for the Lost crew. Kate and Jack are entered into the story.