At First Sight

It was one of those few moments in which one twin was present without the other-Kaoru was in the bathroom. They had ten minutes before the first guests were due, and all were too busy changing to bother Haruhi for the moment, save Hikaru, who had also finished changing early. For some reason, Haruhi mused as she waited with the elder twin on the settee, a simple change of clothes managed to be an event all by itself when the host club was involved. She could hear Tamaki from here, carrying on dramatically about how his costume flattered his beautiful form and occasionally calling upon Kyoya for help getting into it.

Actually, tonight's theme- Shakespeare- had become the topic of conversation between the two waiting freshmen. Tamaki had happily accepted the role of Romeo on the grounds that Haruhi be Juliet. She had protested, of course, but Tamaki got his way as usual, thanks to the twins who just couldn't pass up a chance to egg Tamaki on. Since their mother supplied many of the costumes, they had the power to make the final decision for a lot of the themes.

"I personally don't understand it at all," Haruhi muttered, referring to Romeo and Juliet. "The entire story is based on the presumption that love at first sight is real. But doesn't it seem like pure fantasy?" She fidgeted in her Elizabethan dress, modified to be sexier by modern standards while still concealing her gender.

Hikaru slouched into his palm and answered nonchalantly, "Well, of course it's fantasy... but even fantasy can be realistic. Anyways, you only think that because you're, well, you." He had no reason to tease her further, because Tamaki wasn't within earshot.

"What about you, Hikaru? Do you believe in love at first sight?" Haruhi asked, turning her wide, curious eyes on him.

Kaoru entered the music room at that moment, locking eyes with his twin from across the room as he crossed, as if to apologize for being gone so long. (Deciding he needed to use the restroom after donning a complicated costume probably wasn't the smartest thing Kaoru had done all day.)

Hikaru smiled into his hand. The younger twin was still out of earshot, but Hikaru replied without breaking contact with those glittering, identical amber eyes:

"I might be able to believe in love at first sight, if only I could remember that far back."