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For a moment, Gaara wasn't sure it was actually happening to him. After all, he had been in plenty of fights before, but this time, something happened other than a detention or suspension. He stared at the woman across from him; he had never learned her name, not after nearly three years of attending her high school. All he knew was that she had blonde hair, amber-orange eyes and a HUGE rack.

"Listen Gaara, we've noticed that nothing seems to work for you. So we've decided to try something new"

The Sabaku tilted his head to the side, "You're going to make everyone stop picking fights with me?"

Tsunade's eyebrow twitched, "No. A professor American River College had contacted us about a few of his students. We have agreed to let one of them come here to volunteer for class credit"

"Professor of what pray tell" Said Gaara slowly, though he already saw where it was going.


"Hell no"

The blonde sighed, "Don't be difficult. It's either this or detention and Saturday school"

"I'll take Saturday school"

The principal shook her head, "Too bad. Your first session is tomorrow. You will see him every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for an hour starting at noon"

Gaara looked at her incredulously, "I'm going to miss learning time for this crap?"

"That's your art class Gaara, you'll be fine" Tsunade waved her hand dismissively, "You may go now"

The Sabaku stood up and stormed out, muttering under his breath in annoyance.

After school Naruto watched his impassive face with a hint of concern. "… Hey Gaara?"

The redhead looked at him, "What?"

"Uh… Is something wrong?"

"Why do you ask that?"

They were sitting outside the school on some grass, neither feeling like going home. Naruto winced, "You've been cutting off the circulation to me hand for the past ten minutes. I'm getting scared it's going to fall off"

Gaara muttered a quiet apology and let go of his wrist. Naruto sighed in relief, rubbing his fingers as the blood returned to them, making them itch a little. He looked at his friend, "so what's the matter?"

Gaara snorted, "Remember that last fight I got in?"

"Oh yeah. Don't tell me you actually got in trouble! That Dosu jerk totally started it!"

"I know," Gaara leaned back on his hands, "They want me to see a shrink"


"Well, sort of. The lady said they are going to have me see a psychology student from AR"

Naruto began pulling up grass and throwing in near the street, "Dude, that's gh3y with a G-H-3-Y!"

Gaara shrugged, "They are taking me out of art class too"

"WHAT?! But-but, that's our only class together!" Naruto wailed, grabbing Gaara into a hug, "What'll I do?! You're my only friend!"

The Sabaku shook his head, "Not like I picked the time slot. Besides, the fact that since coming here we haven't talked to anyone else might have something to do with it"

Naruto grinned, "You could have other friends if you wanted"

The redhead shuddered, "Don't speak of that. I still have nightmares"

The blond only laughed, "Better you than me. Anyway there's Iruka come to yell at me and drag me home. See ya tomorrow?"

"Session start tomorrow"


Gaara shook his head as they stood up and brushed off their pants, "Naruto, stop making up slang"


Gaara walked the six blocks back to his house, hoping to sneak in undetected. His father had gotten off his case less, since he stopped wearing all black, but that still didn't stop him altogether.

He opened the door quietly, his father's and Kankurou's cars were both outside. He hoped that would prove to be to his advantage.

He crept upstairs as quietly as possible, hoping to just finish his homework and get to practice.

His older sister Temari was three years older than him, she had moved out as soon as she turned 18. His older brother Kankurou was two years older than him. He had graduated high school a year early, but was staying home for another year so he could take junior college for free.

Temari and Kankurou were smart, capable, and strong and had exceptional people skills. He was smart, but chose not to do anything, his only accomplishment was learning to play the harmonica and bass, he had always been small, frail seeming despite his abilities to fight. And of course, he was extremely anti-social.

His siblings were both attractive people. Temari had sandy blonde hair and dark blue eyes, with a slender, full figure. Kankurou had dark brown hair that spiked up in some places and still fell near his narrow black eyes. Through middle school and high school both had been mistaken for years older than they truly were. Gaara on the other hand, at 16 was still mistaken for as young as 13.

He had almost reached his door when, "Gaara! Are you home?!"

He flinched; at least he didn't have to live with them.

The redhead walked downstairs, eyeing his father, uncle, and older brother who were sitting at the table with his other uncle, Shukaku. "What?"

Shukaku raised an eyebrow, his golden eyes narrowing, "They came to visit you. Perhaps you would like to explain to them how you defended yourself at school?" His tone was sarcastic and condescending.

Gaara sat down at the table between Shukaku and Kankurou. He leaned back in the chair, "Someone in my art class picked a fight with me, and since I won I got in the most trouble"

His father growled, "You are NOT to go around getting in fights! Are you trying to bring disgrace to our family?"

Gaara glared at him, "You barely qualify as a parent, fuck you"

"Gaara!" Hissed Yashamaru, "Behave yourself, why can't you be like your older brother and sister"

The redhead hardly acknowledged him. Yashamaru was one of those passive-aggressive people, but Gaara had heard first hand how his uncle truly thought of him. He looked at Kankurou, "And your two cents?"

The brunette held his hands up, "I honestly came to see how you were doing"

Shukaku smirked, "Since the whole family decided to show up, why don't you tell them how school is going? Or maybe about that band you're in"

"A band?!" Roared his father, "What are you doing in a band?! You're failing school!"

Gaara scowled, "A C average isn't failing"

"I've had enough of your back talking!" His father stood up, but Shukaku stood as well, standing a full three inches taller.

"That's enough for now" Said Shukaku with the same mocking tone he always used, "I'll show you to the door"

Kankurou stayed behind while their father's older brother showed the two other adults out. The brunette looked at him, "Are things… Going ok?"

Gaara looked at him, his face once again neutral, "They're well enough"

"… Good. Shukaku said that Tsunade called to tell him you were going to start seeing a counselor…"

"Oh? Is that the word she used?" Gaara leaned more in his chair, "Tch, she just wants me to sit back and take a beating so that she can forget I exist"

Kankurou frowned, "Gaara…"

"I have homework" He stood up and tried to leave, but Kankurou caught him and pulled him into a hug, "Just tell me if you need anything, ok?"

Gaara nodded stiffly and Kankurou let him go, "You know me and Temari care about you, right?"

"Riiiight" Gaara turned and walked away, heading upstairs. The brunette sighed as Shukaku came back in. He smirked at his nephew, "Sometimes I get the feeling your dad hates me as much as he hates Gaara"

Kankurou frowned, "He doesn't-"

"Doesn't what? Hm? Hate Gaara? Of course he does, he'll never forgive me for what I did"

Kankurou looked away, "I… Know"

Shukaku pulled his shoulder-length golden blond hair back before releasing it, "You should go; Gaara doesn't like having people in the house"

"And you would know what Gaara likes? Since when do you care about him?" Growled Kankurou, bristling at his uncle.

"I care enough to let him live, which is more than I can say for your parents"

The brunette winced but sighed, defeated, "When he gets a gig… With that band, you think you could call me or Temari? We'd like to go see him"

Shukaku smirked, "Sure, sure"

The next day at school, Gaara sat in his art class next to Naruto. Normally it would be five or six people to a table, but seeing as it was Naruto and Gaara, they had their own. Everyone would rather be crowded in their work space then work with them.

They were working on shading for about twenty minutes, when a girl came in with a blue piece of paper.

Kakashi the teacher took a look at it and raised an eyebrow, "Sabaku no Gaara, you are wanted in the Counselor's Office"

Gaara sighed and Naruto whined as they began to put his stuff away. Gaara stood up and walked to the front of the class where he took the paper from Kakashi. He brushed past the girl who giving him the evil eye and made his way to the office.

He stood outside the door for a moment, steeling himself for whatever mind games were going to be thrown at him.

With a discontented sigh he opened the door and came face to face with an elderly woman. He approached her desk and gave her the paper. She read it and then smiled, "Ah. He is inside that door," She pointed to a white door a few feet away, "Just go one in"

Gaara nodded and looked at his bag in silent question, the lady noticed and said, "Oh, uh I'm sure you can just take that in there" She blushed slightly, "He seems like a lovely and polite young man"

The redhead grimaced, but nodded again. He walked over to the door and knocked slightly.

"Come in"

Schooling his features to something more threatening than his usual blank expression, Gaara opened the door and walked in.

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