-Obsticles of Love-


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in this one Sasukes whole clan is ALIVE.



and theyre 18 years old.

and it's set in kohona, but i dont think i'll mention anything about them being shinobi.

use your imagination.


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A melodious laughter filled the room as Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto fell upon they're bed in the house west of the Uchiha district. For three years the two had been in love, and today was their anniversary. The blond smiled and drew lazy circles in the Uchiha's chest while Sasuke simply laced his arms around Naruto's waist. They layed together in silence after a day around the villiage. Everyone accepted the two lovers, even Sasuke's own father, Fugaku Uchiha. Mikoto was ecstatic and even his older brother cracked a smile.

Though, not specifically everyone accepted their relationship. The Haruno clan wanted to join the two clans together for a 'stronger unity'. But the Haruno's were all for greed. They wanted Sakura to marry Sasuke. ((A/N. -gag-)) This bringing a 'stonger intellegence' the Haruno elders said.

Sasuke let out a sigh of content as they basked in eachothers presance. A small knock at the door interupted the soft moment.

"Sasuke-kun? Naruto-kun? Are you there?" it was Hinata. Sasuke stood up, much to his other's protest and opened the door. She smiled as he door opened, Ino standing with her. She held a small gift in her hands wrapped in purple paper. Ino held her own bouquet of flowers which were an array of various whites, blues and yellows.

"Happy anniversary you two!" Ino said, pushing the flowers into Sasuke's hands. He laughed as Naruto came from behind him and greeted the two females. Hinata handed the box to Naruto. He looked to the flowers and smiled.

"Thank you Ino-chan! They're stunning." He ran his fingers over the pedals gently, admiring the choice of colors. Sasuke invited the couple in as they all sat on the sofa. Naruto peeled the purple wrapping off of the gift, gazing at the oak wooden box. Sasuke gazed over his shoulder as he lifted the lid. They both gasped.

Inside was two necklaces, both having a stone that was a blend between black and blue that hung down beautifully. An ingraving of the Uchiha fan and the Uzumaki swirl was on them as well. Tears welled in Naruto's eyes and he gazed at it in his hand. Ino and Hinata smiled brightly before grasping their hands together.

"They're from Getsugakure. We went there a few weeks ago and ordered these. Hinata and I have one too." Ino said reaching under her shirt pulling out the same stone, but with puple and white. Sasuke took one and clasped it behind his neck as Naruto did his.

"It also tells the other when one of us is in danger." Ino handed Sasuke a kunai from her pouch. "Cut your finger." Sasuke stared at the kunai and brought it across the tip of his finger. The blood welled slightly as Naruto's necklace brightened and let off a glow. Sasuke stuck the bleeding finger in his mouth and the glow dimmed before completly dissapearing. They stared in awe at they're gift as the two girls smiled again.

"Thought you'd like it." Hinata said. Naruto nodded and smiled.

"Thank you. For the flowers as well." Sasuke said and Naruto agreed.

After they sat talked of recent things that were happening around Kohona. Staying and simply laughing after a memory or a joke. Ino and Hinata stood and said they're goodbyes before being interupted by the stomping feet of running and Itachi bursting into their house. But if the fact that Itachi came bursting in wasn't enough, it was a frantic and pale look on his face that shocked the other four. Sasuke immedietly stood.

"Sasuke.." Itachi said inbetween pants. "the Haruno clan are demanding the bond between our clans." His face set grimly.

"They're demanding that you marry Haruno Sakura.."

And Hinata Fainted.



"I demand to know the meaning of this!" Uchiha Fugaku slammed his fists on Tsudane's desk. Tsudane was furious just as Fugaku was. The Haruno clan's elders stood smugly. Tsudane gripped the edge of her desk, cracking the wood.

"In the law of the first hokage.." she said through gritted teeth. ", two clans that could be of help to the villiage of Kohona.." the desk was splitting with meanacing cracks. "must be joined together to form a stonger bond!" She screamed the last word as the desk shattered in to pieces. Mikoto leaned against her husband as she cried. Tears struck down Tsudane's face. And yet under the pressure of two of the most powerful people in Kohona, the Haruno's still stood with their heads held high.

The news must have traveled fast. Hyuuga Hiashi burst into the hokages office with a paler looking Hinata and Ino with her arms wrapped around her. An obviously fuming Neji beside Hiashi.

"These laws cannot be true..." Hiashi said meanacingly.

"They are Hyuuga. Deal with it." Akane, Sakura's mother said. Hiashi glared.

"I'm no fool Haruno. The Hyuuga are of a superior clan as well. Are you saying that we must be joined with another superior clan?.!" He all but yelled. Akane leveled his glare.

"Neji is already aquainted with a one in a superior clan. Shikamaru is-"

"The purpose of joining two clans is to reproduce a new clan.! They are both males!" Fugaku yelled, still holding a tear stricken Mikoto in his arms.

"And yet they are still joined!" Akane said with a final tone. She placed her hands on Sakura's shoulders and she smirked. "Uchiha Sasuke will marry my daughter. That is final." Fugaku and Hiashi's shoulders sagged. It was evident defeat.

"And besides," Sakura spoke in a defiant tone, "The Uzumaki clan was useless. And so is-"

And she finally snapped.

Hinata wrenched from Ino's grip and delivered that hardest, fiercest, chakra infused punch to Sakura's face. Smashing into the wall, splintering and cracking it, Sakura slid down clutching her face. Hinata stood over her with tears pouring over her cheeks.

"If you ever, ever talk of Naruto or anything that relates to him again," She picked the girl up from the floor and pinned her against the wall. "So help me Kami, i will kill you where you stand." And she dropped her to the floor leaving everyone in a stunned silence.



and you guys thought she didnt have a mean bone in her body.


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