Watch Out! There's a New Mew In Town!

A Tokyo Mew Mew Fan fiction by Alakittynya

Chapter One: A Mew Generation

Clack clack clack went Ryou's keyboard as he was vigorously typing in some sort of code into his super computer. He was trying to reconfigure the Mew Mews DNA so they would be able to transform as normal. Lately, there had been some suspicious activity happening in Tokyo once again, which called for the super girls powers... But unfortunately they haven't been able to transform at all, possibly due to the DNA dissipating from their bodies over time, so the DNA could no longer respond to their transformation pendants. Being it had been 4 years since the last attack on Tokyo, that possibility made the most sense to Ryou. Regardless, he still needed to revive that DNA for the worlds sake.

Keiichiro put a hand on his friends shoulder with a meek smile, startling the blonde haired man slightly, but not enough to stop his coding work. His friend spoke, "Ryou... You've been up for God knows how long working on this. Why don't you take a break with me and drink some tea? Or perhaps take a short nap at the very least?"

Ryou didn't even bat an eye as he replied sternly, completely focused on the screen, "Not yet, I think I just about have it finished. Just a few more minutes..."

Keiichiro opened his mouth to argue but instead sighed while shaking his with a strained smile. He knew he wouldn't be able to change his younger friends mind about this, being it was so important to Ryou, and more importantly their very fate. He turned away from the blonde who kept clacking away and retired to the cafe upstairs, where the girls were waiting restlessly.

"Is he DONE yet?" Ichigo complained as she leaned back in one of the cafe chairs lazily, "We've been waiting here FOREVER!"

"Oh stop being being such a selfish baby Ichigo!" Mint retorted while sipping her tea in her normal snooty fashion, "You know this is important!"

Oh! OH! ME a selfish baby? Have you checked a mirror lately?" Ichigo shot back with her lips curled into a smirk.

Before Mint could fire another comeback, Zakuro interrupted the argument, "Mint is right..."

"WHAT?" Ichigo exploded briefly while Mint snickered to herself until Zakuro clarified, "This is very a important matter, so we must do our best to wait patiently," even as she said those words, it was still evident that she was also having trouble staying patient, as she was worried that Ryou wouldn't be successful with the recoding. Even Zakuro couldn't keep her composure for much longer.

"Yes girls, we must do our best to wait until Ryou is done! The world depends on us!" Lettuce meekly supported Zakuro's statement while pushing her glasses closer to her eyes.

"Pudding wouldn't normally have any trouble waiting for Ryou to finish his typing stuff, but Pudding is worried that she won't be able to make it to her siblings school on time to pick them up na no da..." The normally energetic Pudding sighed as she laid on the floor of the cafe looking up towards the ceiling, a bit worried but mostly bored.

Berried chimed in, "I'm sure he'll be done soon guys! Just have some faith in him, okay?" She was trying to be positive about the situation for everyone's sake, but worry was weighing on the back of her mind secretly as well. The last few attempts to get the DNA to work hadn't been successful, and it was only a matter of time before the enemy launched a full on attack towards Tokyo. It was imperative to them that this plan worked, or else they would be in for a load of trouble.

Keiichiro sighed, "He's been working on this without any sleep for the last 3 days girls. He only stops briefly to take bathroom or meal breaks, then he's back to work. Please try to cut him some slack, okay?"

The girls looked at him and and sighed in return but then smiled as Ichigo replied, "Okay, we'll do our best to wait patiently."

Just as soon as those words escaped her mouth, Ryou ran in with the most tired yet relieved look in his eyes, "Finished! Come on down and let's get this over with!" and with that said he ran back downstairs.

"FINALLY!" Zakuro blurted suddenly and everyone looked right at her with a raised eyebrow at her unusual reaction. The violet haired woman realized they were giving her weird looks then blushed a bit embarrassed while sheepishly mumbling, "S-sorry..."

Everyone rushed downstairs and took their places while Ryou was clacking the necessary commandments on his computer and then waited until the girls gave the signal.

Keiichiro looked at them all sternly and asked, "Ready girls?" As they nodded in response then braced themselves, while the raven haired man gave his friend the go in which Ryou initiated the DNA beam. The girls as well as the whole lab was engulfed in a rainbow of colors as the DNA was being forced into their bodies. This lasted for about a minute until the beam slowly faded out and then finally complete the process. The girls wobbled where they stood as they felt a bit light headed from the sensation, but quickly regained their composure.

"Alright, now take out your pendants and try to transform!" Ryou hastily commanded as they nodded in response once again.

They shouted out their respective henshins while holding out their pendants in front of them and waited for them to react... Yet there was no response. They began to all carry worried looks on their faces but tried once more to transform, yet the same result happened.

"Mew Mew Berry Metamorphosis! Mew Mew Berry... M-Mew Mew Berry Metam-" but as she was about to desperately attempt transformation, Ichigo rested her hand on her friend's shoulder and just shook her head sadly. Berry turned her head back and slowly rested her pendant against her chest. This was the fifth attempt that Ryou gave to restore their DNA, but it seemed that no matter what they tried, the DNA just wasn't reactivating. Her mind was racing so much with worry and frustration about the DNA was rejecting them, it felt like she wanted to cry. Berry put all of her effort to keep herself together by holding back tears and instead asked Ryou shakily, "S-since we can no longer transform, there's no telling how much time we have until the enemy strikes against the world... What are we going to do? Who's going to save us all?"

Everyone gave Ryou a concerned look, then brought their gazes down at the ground feeling utterly helpless. The blonde haired man just sighed and closed his eyes, then slowly stood up, "Well... I didn't want it to come to this, but I guess the time has come... for that."

"THAT?"Mint questioned while raising a confused eyebrow and folding her arms, "What do you mean, 'that' ?"

Ichigo knew exactly what he was getting at but responded in a worried tone, "You don't mean-"

But Ryou cut her off, "Yes, I mean exactly that!" And turned towards his keyboard and started typing hastily.

Mew Berry stepped in, "Wait! You can't put them through what we went through! It wouldn't be-"

"FAIR I KNOW BUT WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE?" Ryou's voice shrilly cut the air as it went dead silent with his words that spoke nothing but painful truth. The man just continued typing away as they just stood there in silence, not able to give a valid argument.

"... He's right. Like Berry said, we don't know how much time we have and the process to find another way will take much too long. The enemy could strike any time soon, and we'd all be in grave danger. We just can't afford the risk of waiting it out to see if we can make our DNA react to us again," Zakuro spoke up solemnly, while the girls listened and nodded in agreement reluctantly. A few more moments of silence swept the room as they mulled over the thought of not being to help the situation further. They all knew that this was a desperate situation, yet they knew how gruesome that task was being the heroes. They were used to it, but they didn't want anyone else to go through the hardships they had to endure. Yet here they were, sitting right back at square one with all other options exploited. It left a sort of emptiness not being able to be of use anymore...

"So... Will the new host's use our DNA then, na no da?" Pudding finally inquired, breaking the silence while walking over and poking her head over Ryou's shoulder. She watched all of the confusing coding being typed into the computer as Ryou answered while staying focused on his task, "No, that DNA was made specifically to work only for one compatible host each. It seems that since you girls had previously fulfilled your duties, the DNA didn't feel as if they need to react any longer. Or, to put it simply, they expired on their expiration date."

"I... Didn't think it really worked that way..." Ichigo scoffed skeptically at hearing the ridiculous explanation, in which Ryou ignored her snarky comment.

"Then that means you must be using new DNA for them, am I correct?" Lettuce chimed in as she stood over his other shoulder with a look of curiosity on her face as she was genuinely intrigued by how this all worked.

"That's precisely right Lettuce," Ryou gave her a kind smile as she blushed slightly as he turned back and kept working, "But it will take some time until all six new hosts are found and the DNA is ready to be injected into the new hosts...They should be ready within a week or less."

"Let's hope so, for everyone's sake..." Ichigo murmured, a tinge of concern in her voice as she stared up at the large monitor with everyone else, studying the new set of DNA being prepared.

The world's fate rested in those hands now, whoever they might turn out to be...

-Chapter one conclusion-

Hello there readers! Yes this is a remake of my old TMM Fanfiction ~ Since the original was made back when I was a teenager, I decided this story could use some TLC. What better way to do so than to start over with an improved writing style? I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing it :)