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Up until Hiruma had stopped him after morning practice, it had been a completely normal day for Sena Kobayakawa. Wake up, put on his school uniform, jog to school, avoid Mamori as much as he could in his football gear, and run as fast as possible. Even practice wasn't quite as hard as it usual, although Sena didn't really complain about it when it was (after all, the more he worked, the closer they were to the Christmas Bowl, right?) It was probably because Hiruma seemed to be in a fabulous mood this morning, though Sena couldn't quite decide if that was good or bad. At the moment he was leaning towards bad.

"Hey! Fucking chibi! Get over here!" he called as soon as most of the equipment was put away. The practice dummies were still out, but Kurita was already handling those. Sena, smiling nervously at Monta, who gave him a big thumbs up, jogged slowly over to where Hiruma was. Mamori followed immediately, not wanting Sena to be bullied more than necessary.

Before Hiruma could pull out any sort of illegal weapon, Sena smiled kindly at her, shaking his head a little. "Don't worry about it; I'll be there in a minute." He hoped he hadn't left room for argument, which must have been the case since Mamori glared at Hiruma for a second (while he gave her a very pointy-toothed grin) and walked off towards the school building. Sena turned back to his captain and waited patiently for what he needed to tell him. He figured that it had to be something about Eyeshield 21, since he had waited for Mamori to leave.

Hiruma loomed over him and smiled sadistically, like he had so many times before. But now that it was just Sena on the receiving end, he was a bit more intimidated. Continuing his disturbing smile, Hiruma swiveled his body and pointed straight at Sena's nose.

"Starting right now, you're my Fucking Boyfriend!" he bellowed, following it up with a cackle of happiness. Sena's first reaction was to blush from the tip of his hair to his protruding collar bone.

"Wh-wh-what?" he replied immediately, jumping back and clutching the bottom of his shirt so hard his knuckles started losing color.

"You heard me!" Hiruma laughed again, pulling a small bazooka from the back of his shirt, even though he would have to balance on his shoulder before he could use it. Sena prickled up like a cat and backed away a few more feet. "And I'm walking you home, so make sure not to leave too fast!" With that closing comment, Hiruma threw his head back and cackled again, louder this time. As soon as he was satisfied that Sena wasn't going to say anything in argument, he turned back towards the club house, tucking the firearm under his shoulder.

Sena simply stood there, staring at the back of the green uniform, feeling some sort of impending doom pressing down on him. After a while of not moving, he finally heard the school bell ring in the background and moved to the school so fast that only a cloud of dust could be seen. What was he going to do now?


Sena was really more confused than anything else. What advantage could Hiruma have in dating him? It definitely wasn't cool or popular with his classmates. It was true that he was important to the football team, but that wasn't really a reason for any of this, was it? Maybe Hiruma was trying to get dirt on him… but he didn't really have a reason for that either. If he wanted Sena to do something, Sena would just do it, he didn't need to be blackmailed into it. He shook his head, looking out the window directly to his left. Usually he could concentrate during English class, even if he wasn't very good at speaking, but obviously today he had other things plaguing his mind.

Maybe Hiruma simply wanted to because… he liked Sena? He turned back to his desk and blushed at his open English book.

That… C-c…

No… really…

It… it…

Sena's entire face, including his ears, was bright red again, as it had been that morning. That definitely couldn't be the case! First off they were both boys! Second, Sena was expected to ask Mamori out sometime. It was true that she was older than him and that he really wouldn't have had much of a chance with her if they hadn't grown up together, but his mom kept hinting that he needed to get a girlfriend. On top of that, every once in a while Mamori would lean over him and flutter her eyes shut like she wanted Sena to kiss her. Maybe he was looking too much into it, but he had definitely gotten that impression.

And if it wasn't Sena surely she would eventually get Hiruma. It was true that they argued a lot and that she was always trying to keep Sena away from him, but every once in a while Sena would catch her looking at him with That Glazed Expression. And when they were in America, she had bravely stepped forward to take care of him when Sena couldn't muster the courage. At first he had been confused, but Hiruma was tall, handsome, and eccentric… A girl-next-door like Mamori couldn't help but like that.

Sena sighed and leaned his forehead against his desk. His inner monologue wasn't helping him solve the mystery of Hiruma.

He wasn't planning on waiting around the school for Hiruma to walk him home (although that could possibly cause some harsh consequences) but he did take an extra five minutes straightening his desk and changing his shoes, just in case Hiruma had been completely serious.

Apparently he was, because as soon as Sena headed out the front of the school, Hiruma walked over from under a huge shade tree and said in an annoyed voice: "That took long enough, fucking chibi."

"S-sorry," Sena replied in a squeaked voice. He was shocked, not only that Hiruma had been serious, but that he was so prompt about it. Hiruma made a 'hmph' sound and started towards the school gates. Sena walked quickly to keep with Hiruma's fast pace and waited until they were a few blocks away from the school before speaking at all.

"H-Hiruma-san?" he asked tentatively, looking up at his football captain. Hiruma turned to him and smiled manically.

"Yes?" He sounded like he was trying to hold back another cackle.

Now Sena couldn't bring himself to ask. "N-nothing…" he turned away, looking at the ground directly in front of his feet, and blushed again. Hiruma didn't seem to notice or care about his discomfort and continued to look forward and make his way directly towards Sena's house without any directions from Sena himself.

After a few seconds of silence, Hiruma suddenly grabbed Sena's hand and held it loosely, swinging it a little between them. Sena looked at their hands, shocked, then at Hiruma's face. He was smiling like a monster at him again, almost daring him to pull away so he could proceed to the next step. Sena blushed almost purple, but didn't try to drop the entwined body parts. Hiruma had been serious after all!

They walked the rest of the way without saying anything to each other, Hiruma almost dragging Sena at some parts. He was embarrassed, yes, but he was getting flustered now, too. Up until that morning, Sena could have at least guessed at what sort of person Hiruma was, but now he had no idea.

A small sign with Sena's family name hung in front of his moderate-sized house. There was a fence with a short swinging gate, which is where they both silently consented to stop. Sena stood waiting for Hiruma to release his burning hand before even reaching for the gate. It was obvious enough that Hiruma got the hint, but he ignored it, as usual.

"Well, Hiruma… thanks for walking me home…" Sena started, blushing more and staring at the small gate keeping him from running for the door. What if the neighbors saw them holding hands? Well, at least then Sena wouldn't have to worry about his mom telling him he needed a girlfriend so often.

Hiruma scoffed and let go of his hand so he could pick Sena up a few inches off the ground. "Fucking boyfriend! You're not getting off that easy!" he giggled maliciously, forcing Sena to look at him in the eye. Sena began to panic, but there was just nothing he could do about it.

"W-w-w-what?" Sena asked, just so that he could get it over with and stop embarrassing himself.

Without replying, Hiruma pulled Sena's small body towards him and planted a kiss directly on his lips. It was only for a split second, but Sena's face flew to bright red in embarrassment. He squeezed his eyes shut so he didn't have to see Hiruma looking at him and laughing at him. His legs hung completely limp and useless underneath him until Hiruma gingerly placed him back on the ground.

"Shall I pick you up in the morning, fucking boyfriend?" he asked caringly, but he couldn't make it sound any less mocking.

"No!" Sena replied quickly, finally able to not stutter. "I mean… I can get there myself…" he turned to the gate, trying to hide his embarrassment, and placed his hand on the latch to open it up. Sena couldn't understand how Hiruma could just do stuff like that without being self conscious. For a moment he wished he could be cool like that, but soon after he scratched that thought. Of course it wouldn't be like him and he wasn't sure he would like it very much.

Sena rushed up to his house, but not before his manners kicked in. Tentatively he turned around bowed to Hiruma. "Thank you for taking me home!" he said again in a rushed tone and flew into his house.

He leaned against the back of the door, trying to calm his racing heart. Sena's hand flew over his mouth, pressing his fingers to his lips. Hiruma had taken his first kiss like it was nothing, and Sena was a little mad about that. Except… at the same time he felt like a girl must have, giddy and unable to wait for tomorrow to see what Hiruma would do next.


Luckily Hiruma didn't show up in the morning. Sena stepped tentatively out the front gate after a strange look from his mom, who was in the middle of waving her son good-bye. He looked up and down the street, checking for a mountain of illegal weapons of mass destruction heading towards him.



He made his way to school for early morning practice as usual and ended up meeting with Monta on the way. "Lucky Max!!" and a thumbs up.

Sena smiled and laughed, giving slightly weaker thumbs up back. "How's it going, Monta?"

"Awesome Max!" he replied enthusiastically. After grinning for a few seconds straight he asked Sena a question.

"How'd the planning or whatever go?" Monta asked referring to the situation with Hiruma yesterday. Sena turned away and blushed, definitely not willing to discuss Hiruma's decision to make him his boyfriend.

"Yeah, good…" he replied half-heartedly and shrugging.

"Sena! Monta!" Mamori ran, waving her hand at them from the field. Monta smiled, no longer really interested in what happened to Sena yesterday.

"Mamori! Good morning!" he ran ahead to meet her and Sena simply waved back.

Kurita and Komusubi were already there, unloading their equipment from the shed for practice, and of course the "Hah" brothers were nowhere to be seen. Sena ran towards them, ready to help out, but Kurita motion for him to head to the club house.

"Hiruma wants you to change into your Eyeshield outfit for practice today," he explained in a low voice. Sena nodded and turned towards the club room, as he did a few times a week. It was easier, actually, to practice with his gear on and Mamori was less likely to get suspicious.

Sena slid the door open and laid his bag down on a chair, stretching his sleepy muscles before heading towards the locker room. In front of him an ominous shadow appeared with demonic eyes and two gangly hands grasped his shoulders from behind.

"Good morning, fucking boyfriend…" Hiruma giggled, and Sena would have shot three feet in the air had his captain not been holding him so tightly. Before Sena could make any attempt to escape (or anything else for that matter) Hiruma spun him around and crushed him into his chest. Sena supposed this was a hug, but he couldn't help but feel that he was in the clutches of death. After a short delayed reaction, Sena flushed red again and gasped for air.

"Hir--Ha…" Sena choked when Hiruma gave him a tight squeeze, then dropped him onto the ground. Sena leaned against the wall and caught his breath, too shy to look at Hiruma.

"So let's do practice in your football uniform this morning," he commanded, pausing a split second before adding "fucking boyfriend," and another wide grin.

"Y-yeah, Kurita told me…" Sena replied, finally getting up the courage to face Hiruma. He really hoped he wasn't going to try and pull another kiss or something. He stood there, waiting for something but Hiruma just shrugged at him.

"Well? Are you going to change, fucking boyfriend?" Sena almost asked him to stop calling him that, but of course he didn't. Instead he just ran off into the locker room to put on his gear.

"And I'm walking you home again!" Hiruma called out to him before exciting the building himself to supervise practice.