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Of course when they got back to Sena's house, Hiruma invited himself in. He left the bike out in front of the gate, where he had earlier, and sat down on the couch in front of the television. Sena bustled around the kitchen and living room, cleaning everything up as best he could, nervous about Hiruma being there alone with him as well as wanting to give off a good impression.

Sena snuck a few glances at Hiruma, curious as to why he would practically force his way into his house just to sit and watch the TV. After everything seemed acceptably tidy, Sena rubbed the back of his head, slightly deflated. A second later he walked back towards the kitchen, not really wanting to watch TV.

"Hey, I'm going to run and change, okay?" he yelled to Hiruma in the front room. Sena heard some sort of scoff-y reply, then headed up the stairs towards his bedroom. Sena really didn't want to wear what he was in anymore after he had gotten all sweaty at the theme park. He would go back down after putting on some pajamas or at least clothes that were more comfortable. They could have ice cream or something.

Sena entered his room and had just pulled off his small white shirt (which was harder than he thought it would be) when he head his bedroom door close a few feet away. His heart skyrocketed and he flew around, afraid of what he would find.

"H-Hiruma…?" he trailed off in a question. "Is something wrong?" Sena asked. He tried to cover up his scrawny chest with the discarded shirt without seeming overly modest. Hiruma was leaning against the closed door and looking down at Sena in a predatory fashion. From that alone Sena backed up a few feet, wishing that he had somewhere else to go.

Hiruma slowly walked over to where Sena was cowering, abruptly pulling the white shirt out of his hands. Sena looked up at him with a terrified face, next trying to cover up his bared chest by crossing his arms. Hiruma pushed him against the wall and wiggled his own hand between Sena's, prying them apart. They unfolded easier than they could have.

"D-don't…" Sena complained, looking away from Hiruma's face. He braced his hands on Hiruma's biceps, since he wasn't allowed to fold them anymore.

Hiruma didn't listen to Sena (of course) and immediately went to one of the nipples that he had been playing with earlier. Sena didn't give as much of an audible sign this time, but he did squeeze his eyes shut, momentarily halting his verbal disagreement.

He squeezed the hard nub in between his fingers, eventually causing Sena to start trembling.

"You like that… fucking boyfriend?" Hiruma grinned in an evil fashion, lowering his head so that he could talk closer to Sena's ear. The boy only shook in response, especially when Hiruma stuck out his tongue and licked his earlobe.

This time Sena really did gasp, tightening his grip on Hiruma's arms, which was one of the only things keeping him from collapsing onto the floor. His already weak knees were giving out easily under the pressure that Hiruma was presenting.

His mouth had moved down to bite gently on his neck now, and Sena could feel the slight points on each of his teeth pressing into his skin. At least they weren't making him bleed, and Hiruma seemed happy to suck away any marks that may have been left. His hand had moved across Sena's chest to the other nipple now. Hiruma was tugging on it and squeezing it like he had the other one-- he seemed to try his hardest to get Sena to squeak again.

Soon Hiruma's free hand had trailed down Sena's stomach and went straight for the zipper of his jeans. When he felt that shock, Sena finally somewhat realized what was going on again.

"N-no, Hiruma, stop!" This time Sena actually made some effort to push Hiruma away.

What about his mom and Mamori and all the rest of the football team? What if they somehow found out? They shouldn't be doing something like this together!

"Fucking Boyfriend." Hiruma looked slightly annoyed. "If I thought that there was no way in hell that you would do this with me I wouldn't have started," he blatantly stated with a slight frown. Sena looked at him nervously, trying to deny him with his eyes. "Right when we get back to your house you have to 'change your clothes'?" Hiruma asked him skeptically. After a pause, instead of continuing on and convincing Sena that it was okay, he just leaned down again and kissed him firmly on the lips. Sena's mouth was forced opened and immediately Hiruma took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside, as he had before. His fingers began working at Sena's nipples again, trying to keep him distracted and not complaining.

Hiruma's other hand went back to the front of Sena's jeans, awkwardly unbuttoning them because he only had one hand to work with. Sena began to struggled against him again, but quickly gave up when Hiruma groped his erection, pressing firmly against his boxer shorts. He rubbed through the underwear until he felt a little wetness on his palm, then pulled away, grinning again. Hiruma picked Sena up by the armpits and carried him over to the bed, laying him down somewhat gently.

Instead of going back to kissing and ravishing the boy, Hiruma removed Sena's socks first, then slid his jeans off easily. Sena flushed and turned his head into the blankets, embarrassed by Hiruma seeing so much of him and also because he was unable to stop him. The captain leaned over Sena, pushing his legs, that were half hanging off the bed, apart, and firmly took a hold of his chin again.

"Fucking boyfriend…" he growled, turning Sena's head (and his eyes that had started to water a little bit) and leaning his own face close. He perched there for a minute until he finally descended a few more inches and kiss Sena again, one of those strange light kisses that didn't seem at all like Hiruma.

He pulled away after a second, touching Sena's face lightly and seemed to be gauging the running back's mood. Sena just looked at him, surprising calmed now, with a confused face. Hiruma was proving to be very unpredictable these days.

Suddenly, as if reaching a decision, Hiruma slid his hand up Sena's thigh, and under his loose shorts.

"Hi-Hiruma-" Sena was going to tell him to stop again, but he couldn't get it all out.

Although not as smooth as hoped, Hiruma reached up through the open bottom of the boxers and ran his fingers along Sena's erection. Sena shivered and leaned his face back into the bed, looking away from Hiruma and taking a few deep breaths.

Quickly Hiruma got fed up with the boxer shorts and tugged them off, causing Sena to squeak and turn a deep red. He arched his body against the sheets, trying to tangle himself in them and cover up his nakedness, but the only real benefit he got out of it was making Hiruma more aroused. That wasn't really what Sena was going for.

"Fucking boyfriend…" Hiruma unconsciously, giving Sena a good once over. He slid his hands down Sena's sides and rested them firmly on his hips, holding them in place.

"Hiruma!" Sena flung one hand over his face, the other gripping the sheets, and tried not to shame himself anymore. He could feel the tears becoming more prominent now, mostly because he really had no idea what was going to happen. He didn't want to particularly stop it anymore, but it was still scary.

The captain finally looked back to Sena's face, pulling his arm away and glaring at him lightly. "Don't do that," he commanded, wiping away the tears that had pooled in the corner of Sena's eyes. He looked up pathetically, ashamed that Hiruma had seen him. Instead of saying something else, Hiruma pushed himself off the bed and stood up straight in front of the bed. Sena hurriedly pushed himself up on his elbows and looked worriedly at his boyfriend. He began to say something until Hiruma began digging in his bottomless pockets for something. Sena almost really did begin to cry, finally seeing the old Hiruma again, but quickly stopped when he saw what Hiruma was holding in his hand.

Hiruma unscrewed the lip of a new tube of lubricant and chucked the little silver seal onto the floor. Sena turned away blushing, mostly composed again, realizing that Hiruma probably had the intention of doing this all day. Hiruma grinned and shrugged, pushing Sena back down on the bed. Sena began to protest again.

"You better have a condom, too, or we aren't doing anything else…" he said and threw Hiruma a shy glare. At least his mom had told him that much, although it didn't seem to apply to two boys as much as a boy and a girl. Sena hoped he wasn't making a fool of himself again.

Hiruma grinned sadistically in return and dug back into his pocket. Sena just realized that he had basically consented to have sex with him after that. Never the less, he just blushed deeply and resolved not to go back on his word. After a moment of fumbling, he pulled out a small plastic square, a small devil bat on the front of the package.

Sena looked at it quizzically and shook his head, face still bright red. Only Hiruma.

After showing Sena, he tossed into a few feet away on the bed, going back to his boyfriend, who was spread out on the bed and now at least somewhat willing. Hiruma placed a knee between Sena's legs while he spread some of the lube onto his finger. He tossed the open lube to where the condom lay and grasped one of Sena's inner thighs with his other hand. Before doing anything else, Hiruma slid his dry hand under Sena's legs to cup his butt, stroking the soft skin with his fingertips. In response, Sena opened his mouth a little, trying not to gasp but wanting to anyway. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand and averted his eyes from Hiruma's steamy glance.

A few more seconds of fondling later, Hiruma finally put his slick finger to use, sliding it against the outside of his entrance. Sena stiffened automatically despite the fact that Hiruma was still happily caressing his butt.

"I don't know… about this… Hiruma…" Sena struggled, breathing heavily.

"Just relax, fucking boyfriend." Hiruma sounded annoyed even though there wasn't much spirit behind it.

Sena tried to, but as he felt Hiruma's fingers press against his butt he could help but tense up again.

"Sorry!" he exclaimed, slowly tearing up again. Sena shoved the side of his face back into the sheets, squeezing his eyes shut.

Hiruma audibly sighed and Sena could feel his eyes sting even more. Without saying anything more, he moved his hand from Sena's ass and gently took his erection in his hand. He squeezed lightly and then began to stroke it upwards.

Immediately Sena became less upset. He had to cover his mouth with his hand again, but it did the trick and his bottom unclenched. Quickly Hiruma slid in one of his thin fingers, feeling much less resistance than before, and wiggled it around a little bit.

"Hi-Hiruma…" Sena gasped against the bed. "It's weird… It feels weird…" he complained, his eyes watering again.

Hiruma responded with silence, wiggling his finger into Sena some more.

"Hiru-" Sena started again, but stopped in mid-word, his mouth still open. His eyes grew wide and his back arched against the bed suddenly, heat rushing to his face.

Hiruma grinned evilly and withdrew his finger about an inch, watching in amusement as Sena's body fell against the bed, limp. Sena took a few deep breaths, looking confusingly at him, not sure what had just happened. But it had felt good.

Afterwards, Hiruma pulled out his finger completely, reaching over and pouring out some more lube on his second digit. He leaned back over Sena again and pressed both finger in now.

"W-wait!" Sena reached down and tried to push Hiruma's hands away, but he easily ignored the small arms and slowly inserted both fingers in a few inches. "Th-that hurts!" he squeaked, wiggling against the bed, which only made it worse.

Hiruma continued to not listen to his boyfriend and wiggled his fingers around again, probably trying to find the spot that had made him feel so good. Sena decided to not complain anymore.

The second time Sena didn't react quite so surprised. He gripped the sheets and opened his mouth again, but this time he let himself moan quietly.

"Ah… ahh…" He blushed as Hiruma thrust his fingers over that one spot a few times, sending pulses of pleasure across his face. "Hi-Hiruma… Stop…" Sena said in a breathless voice, rolling his head to the other side, ashamed because he was being so pleasured by this.

Sena was still flushed and breathing hard when Hiruma began to spread his fingers to open up his boyfriend more. Instead of protesting or putting up a fight, Sena lay limp and completely submissive to him, head dizzy and judgment fuzzy.

He wasn't at all sure how much longer Hiruma took, but soon he saw him reach for the lube again out of the corner of his eye. Sena turned back to look at him, trying his hardest to focus. He watched Hiruma tear open the condom and unzip his own pants, unable to react in any way. After more preparation that he couldn't see, Hiruma leaned over him, one hand between them and the other holding him up on his elbow over Sena's shoulder.

Of course Hiruma's penis was much bigger than the two fingers, even stretched apart, and it was starting to be painful again. Although still not 100 percent sure what was going on, Sena's eyes started to leak again. But when he saw Hiruma trying so hard not to look like he was feeling good, the running back couldn't say anything to stop him.

Instead he bit his lip and counted on that happy spot inside of him.

Hiruma was completely in him now, but it didn't feel much better. He was going faster than Sena would have liked, but there was no turning back now. He closed his eyes tightly as Hiruma began to move his pelvis around, grabbing Sena's hip with his free hand.

"Fucking… boyfriend…" It sounded like a curse. Sena looked back at him timidly, one eye still shut. Hiruma leaned over Sena, pressing their bodies together and faces only inches apart. Sena looked back at him, opening his mouth slackly, trying to figure out what he should do.

Hiruma thrust shallowly, barely moving in an out and inch, but Sena felt the head of his erection push over the spot that Hiruma had been playing with before. He took a surprised breath and grabbed onto Hiruma's t-shirt, lifting his legs up a little higher and resting his calves on the back of Hiruma's waist.

"Ahh…" Hiruam thrust again, this time making sure to his Sena's special spot. He blushed again and leaned forward and off the bed a little to rest his forehead against Hiruma's neck. He wasn't being really intimate about this, but that didn't mean that Sena couldn't.

Finally, as Hiruma thrust again, Sena moaned loudly into his black shirt. Slowly he began to feel dizzy again, heat flooding his cheeks.

"Hi-Hiruma! Ahh…" he had to lean back on the bed to arch his back and squeezed his legs around Hiruma's hips. His body began to push back without his brain telling it to, timed with Hiruma's ever increasing thrusts. Now he was able to pull out more than halfway and slam in with force.

Sena had to grip Hiruma's shoulder now, instead of his shirt, as the sex became more violent. He gripped hard, afraid that Hiruma would somehow slip out of him and stop.

His back arched again and he could feel a sort of pressing building behind his face. Sena felt like he wanted to come, but at the same time it felt so good he tried to hold it off as long as possible. He started to chant Hiruma's name quietly and little spots of light began to appear in front of his eyes. Any other time Sena would have taken this as a bad sign.

Looking up at his coach, Sena could see the corner of his left eye twitch, but otherwise his face looked the same. He might have been breathing heavily (he couldn't really tell with his dulled senses) but Sena hadn't expected any more.

"Nnnnn…" he let out a sound from the back of his throat as Hiruma hit The Spot particularly well, taking shallow, fast breaths through his mouth.

Sena closed his eyes for a second, squeezing them and trying to get a hold of himself. It wasn't working. He was going to come soon, the first orgasm induced by something other than his own hand. He should probably tell Hiruma.

"Hiruma…" Sena squeaked as he was thrust into again. The response he got was a questioning grunt. "I th-think…I-I…" he couldn't concentrate enough to get anything out.

It must have been obvious, though, because Hiruma reached between their close bodies and firmly gripping Sena's erection, pressing his thumb into the swelling head.

Sena gasped loudly and cried out, arched his back completely off the bed.

"Ahhh… Hiruma… Oh God… Ahh… Ahh…" Sena moaned as waves of heat crossed his face and he ejaculated into Hiruma's hand, some spilling over and onto his stomach. He froze, back still arched high, and clenched his ass unconsciously. It felt… so good…

Hiruma thrust one more time, much slower than before, and Sena finally noticing his boyfriend's scrunched up face and heavy breath. After a second he could feel the pressure inside of him lessen, and it took him that long to register that Hiruma must have come too.

"Fucking… boyfriend…" he almost spat. Sena finally relaxed against the bed, the last of his orgasm wearing off, and looked up at Hiruma, unsure what would happen now.

It was quite possible that the quarter-back would just get up and leave.

There was silence for a second, except the puffs of both of their breaths. Sena looked away from him, leaning his head across the sheets again. He could still feel Hiruma inside him, but now it was a little weird. Sena felt like he needed to take a shower and clean out that icky stuff that was all over his stomach, but he would definitely have to wait for Hiruma to do something.

Finally, although slowly, he pulled out, letting Sena's aching legs fall onto the bed, neither of them caring what the predicament was now or how it looked. Hiruma sighed softly and ran the back of his hand across his forehead, wiping the thing line of sweat away and looking pointedly at Sena. The runner was still looking away.

Hiruma backed up a foot, frowning a little, then turned and headed out the door. Sena heard him as he padded across the floor and into the hallway, then closed his eyes, trying not to be depressed. He sort of felt like he'd been used and now Hiruma was definitely leaving for sure.

But Sena wasn't going to cry. He had anticipated something like this happening and he had already prepared himself and he really didn't think that Hiruma could have actually liked him, what was he thinking? He squeezed his eyes shut again, unable to talk himself out of the thin line of salt water that slipped down his cheek and onto the messed up blanket underneath him.

A minute passed. Sena pushed himself up, not bothering to wipe the thin sheet of tears, and frowned. He felt some his own semen slide down his chest and some of Hiruma's had leaked out onto his thigh. Right now he felt disgusting.

He felt sadness well up in his chest and couldn't stop more tears from streaming down his face. This time he wiped them away angrily, which really only made him cry harder.

"Hey, fucking boyfriend-" Sena's head suddenly shot up to look surprised at Hiruma. Didn't he leave? Now he was standing in the doorway of his room, a wad of toilet paper in one hand and the other holding up his still undone pants. He looked a little surprised.

Sena immediately sobered up and tried to force any tears left on his face off. He was surprised, too, but he couldn't hide it as well.

"Why are you crying?" Hiruma demanded, stomping over to Sena and throwing the toilet paper onto the bed beside him. He knelt down in front of Sena, abandoning his pants, which slipping down his hips a few inches. Sena tried not to look at him, but Hiruma wouldn't tolerate any of that and forced him to with his hand.

"I…I… S-sorry…" Sena felt ashamed as another tear ran down his left cheek. Hiruma immediately wiped it away, still frowning deeply.

"Did it hurt?"

"N-not much…" Sena wished he could look away.

Hiruma didn't reply, and Sena could see him thinking overtime through his eyes.

"It's okay… re-re-really…" Of course he wasn't going to stop because of something whiny like that. He would have to say what he was really afraid of.

"I… thought… you were leaving…" he said, his voice cracking at the end and more tears slipped out. Hiruma's brows uncreased and he looked a little less disturbed.

"No." He paused. "You have to put up with me all fucking night." Sena sniffed and wiped his eyes again, relieved.

Hiruma finally let go of his face and instead spread his legs apart. Sena fell back on the bed because of the awkwardness of the position, wondering what Hiruma was doing now. He picked up the toilet paper that had been abandoned and began to clean up the goop that was still sticking to Sena's thigh and chest.

"Stop! You don't have to do that… I can-" Sena leaned forward to push Hiruma away, but before he could actually do something, Hiruma grabbed his ankles and lifted them up and farther apart. Sena was forced back onto the bed and Hiruma had a fabulous view.

"Just shut up, fucking boyfriend."

Sena did that, unable to do much else. He had learned long again to not oppose Hiruma unless you absolutely had to. A few awkward minutes later, Hiruma let his legs back down and stood back up, barely grabbing his pants as they fell towards the floor. Disposing of the toilet paper in Sena's trash can, he began to button his pants up, and headed back towards the door. Before leaving he turned back to Sena pointedly.

"I left my bag downstairs." Sena furrowed his brows, sitting upright on the bed and trying to cover himself up from Hiruma's look. "I'll be right back, fucking boyfriend," he smirked and Sena blushed in response, ashamed of how he had just acted.

Sena barely heard Hiruma go down the stairs, but immediately took the opportunity to pick up his clothes from the floor and began put them back on. He was wearing his underwear already and his pants halfway up when Hiruma returned, a bag slung over his shoulder. Sena heard it thunk by the door and turned around, attempting to zip up his fly. Actually, maybe he should have put on pajamas…

Hiruma flew across the room and pulled Sena's hands away from his pants.

"Oh no you don't," he said, undoing what Sena had just finished and pulling his pants and underwear down to the ankles. Sena blushed brightly, but stepped out of his clothes as Hiruma pushed him backwards.

Trying to fold his arms to cover himself up (maybe Hiruma was just trying to embarrass him?) he raised his eyebrow at Hiruma.

"I don't understand," he said after a moment of silence.

"You're sleeping like that," Hiruma stated easily, going back to the door for his bag. He set it on the bed and opened it up to pull something out.

"Wh-what?" Sena blushed deeper, a little angry. "No-"

Hiruma simply turned and glared at Sena. He shut up.

Sena looked at the wall, nervously biting his lip and loosely gripping his other arm. After another moment, he spoke timidly.

"But it'll be weird…" Hiruma turned from his bag and back to Sena, raising an eyebrow and opening his mouth to say something. Sena courageously continued. "I don't want to sleep like this…if…if you're still wearing your clothes…" he looked up at Hiruma shyly, mouth parted just a little.

Hiruma went stiff, staring at Sena for a moment. Without another word he stripped off all his clothes and threw them across the room.