Title: Dog With A Bone

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Temperance's Office, The Jeffersonian

"Hey Bones, get your stuff, we have got a case." Booth said as he walked into Temperance's office at the Jeffersonian. He turned to leave expecting Bones to follow him, but when no sounds were heard, he turned back around and walked up to her.

"Bones, did you hear me? We have a case. We have to go," Booth repeated. Temperance continued to type away, her eyes focused on the screen. Intrigued by her behaviour, he slowly walked up to her and waved his hand in front of her face and lightly touched her shoulder. "Hello, Bones, you there?"

Temperance snapped her head up and quickly turned off her monitor. "What? Sorry Booth, um I did not hear you come in." Her cheeks flushed a little and she began to move away form her desk.

Booth smirked at her and sidestepped as she walked past him to her office door. Enjoying her slightly embarrassed condition he sat at her desk, leaned back on her chair and stared at his flushed doctor allowing his smirk to change into a sly grin. "What were you doing? Are you hiding something from me?" he asked as he reached to turn her monitor back on.

"What? No. Of course not! Didn't you say something about a case?" Suddenly in a panic to change the subject.

Booth stared at Temperance's computer screen until it was at full resolution.

"Booth what are you doing? Get away from that?" Temperance quickly reached for the monitor power button but Booth grabbed her wrist.

"Hang on a minute. What were you writing?" Booth asked, giving her one of his charm smiles with a hint of cheekiness.

"Nothing Booth, come on." Temperance complained, trying to pull Booth from her desk.

'His large hands slipped under her shirt desperately seeking skin-to-skin contact. His hand reached up to cup her breast his thumb and forefinger roughly pinching her nipple. In reaction she moaned aloud with a mix of pleasure and pain. His strong arms snaked around her waist pulling her into his room. She hesitates at the threshold, torn between a desire building low-down in her stomach and the warning throbbing in her mind, that this will change things forever.'

"Bones, what are you writing about?" Booth asked slightly shocked and captivated at what he had read.

"It's my new novel; it's not done yet, so stop reading it!" Temperance replied clearly annoyed at his volitation of her unfinished writing and extremely embarrassed about the content on the page.

"Is this your character and my character here?" Probing for information after seeing how embarrassed Bones was getting.

"I have not based any of the characters on you, or me for that matter. It is a piece of fiction inspired by my professional career as a forensic anthropologist. Now about this new case…" Temperance said hoping that she could distract Booth from his quest for information about her new novel, to the case at hand.

"Yep, there were some remains found and we need a quick ID and cause of death," Booth said as he followed Brennan out of her office.

In Booth's SUV

The silence in the car was getting to Booth. He hated it when Bones was annoyed at him and right now he wanted nothing more than to hear her voice, even if they argued. "So, we were about to get it on, ey. In the story, I mean." Booth asked effectively ending the awkward silence with an awkward line of conversation. Booth smiled inwardly at his choice of subject. This will at least get her talking.

"I told you already, none of my fictional characters are based upon people in my actual life. So, where were the remains found?" Temperance asked, trying to change the subject back to the case for the second time in twenty minutes.

"Am I any good? Please tell me I'm good. I sounded good in the bit I read." Booth bombarded her with this line of questioning hoping that she had been fantasising about him, just as he had about her.

"Booth! Stop already!" Temperance was now bright red and looking out the window of Booth's SUV. She must have, why else would she get so embarrassed? What am I thinking? She is my partner… Right focus on the job at hand.

"Bones…Bones, I was just joking," Booth pleaded. "Okay, I'm sorry." Booth took a deep breath and changed the subject. "The remains or at least a part of the remains were found in a lounge room." Booth explained looking in her direction attempting to regain eye contact. God she had beautiful eyes.

"What, in someone's living room?" Now chancing a glance in Booth's direction, knowing full well she still had slightly flushed cheeks from their previous conversation.

"Yep, it seems the family dog found himself a treat and brought it home. The owner thought it may have been human so she called the authorities."

"So, why did this become a federal investigation?" Temperance asked curious about why the FBI were involved.

"Um, it seems that the Mrs Clark, the owner of our helpful puppy, is the Australian ambassador and therefore any investigation involving her or her family becomes a federal investigation."

"So the dog is considered a family member and is therefore protected under federal law?" Bones asked a little confused about how the law applies to the diplomatic community.

"What? No. The diplomat's dog simply found the remains. It is in no way suspect. Unless of course you tell me cause of death is somehow dog related," Booth joked.

"I will request the dog scat be collected and sent to Hodgins," Temperance replied not understanding Booth's joke about the dog being a suspect. "Did the remains include flesh and bone, or just bone?" Temperance asked interested on how much of the remains were left after a dog had gnawed on it.

At the mention of human flesh Booth's stomach did a back flip and he instantly regretted his greasy bacon and eggs he had for breakfast. He screwed up his face in disgust and replied, "I don't know bones, can't you wait until we get there?"

The rest of the trip was full of thoughtful silence. Temperance thinking about the latest chapter of her novel she had been working on before Booth entered her office just half an hour before. She always enjoyed writing the sex scenes of her stories, but for some reason she would always be extra sensitive on those days and was easily embarrassed when anyone would talk to her. It was as if she thought people could read her mind and she may be branded some sort of a pervert.

Booth was also thinking about Temperance's new chapter. He kept imagining the short scene he read in her office with him and Temperance in the lead roles. He took a deep breath to clear his mind and tried desperately not to envision himself tearing his partner's clothes off.

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