Scarlet Cherry Blossom

By: ShiokuXRose

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Some things that I did not mention in the story above- Sakura is an ANBU. Sasuke is a genin (Haha! Because he was betrayed as a genin) and 20, killed Orochimaru because he later found out that Orochimaru has no intentions to kill Itachi after taking his body. Naruto is still Naruto, 19 yrs old, and ANBU. Kakashi is still Kakashi. Ino, Chouji, Hinata, Shino, Kiba are Jounin. Shikamaru is ANBU strategist (fit for him!). Neji is ANBU captain. Tenten and Lee are ANBU. This story takes after the time skip, so there are some dead characters like Asuma. Tenten and Neji are married (I hope you like that pairing, if not, don't worry it's minor). Ino and Shikamaru are dating (again, if you hate this pairing, it's minor). Naruto and Hinata are dating (finally Naruto is not dense to notice that Hinata loves him and actually asked her out! again, if you hate this pairing, it's minor.) Of course this story is ItaXSaku!

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Flashback/ Inner Voices


Scarlet Cherry Blossom

Chapter I- Tradegy Falls Upon Konoha

"WHAT!?" Tsunade yelled. "Is that really true?" It's only New Year's Day, and trouble has already started.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama. Someone saw Sakura-san heal an S-class criminal, recognized as Uchiha Itachi. What are you going to do about this? This could be bad, since Uchiha Sasuke returned saying he had killed him, he would be angry or even go after her to kill her!" Shizune said.

"Get Sakura, NOW!" Tsunade commanded, fustrated. Sakura, you know you aren't suppose to heal ANY criminals without permission or any reason! (A/N: You all should know, who they are right? So I don't have to explain who they are. If you don't just go to Wikipedia.)




Five days have past since her little meeting with Uchiha Itachi. Sakura has returned to Konoha on December 27th, and happily living like normal. Sasuke had returned, though on probation. She has gotten over him, and only think of him as a friend. As she thought, she twirled with the ends of her red Konoha headband. She was wearing her sleeve-less red shirt, similar to the top of her Genin dress, white short skort, knee-length black boots, and her white knee-length doctor's coat She changed the color to red because she rarely wore any blue clothing to match. She walked down the market street to buy some groceries, but was interrupted when Shizune appeared in front of her.

"Ohayo, Shizune-san!" Sakura greeted.

"Ohayo, Sakura-san. Tsunade-sama wished to see you immediately, no complaints," Shizune said. Sakura nodded and disappeared in a puff of smoke.





"Tsunade-sama! I heard from rumors that Itachi is still alive! Is it true?" Sasuke asked.

"Most likely," Tsunade answered.

"But how? I thought for sure that he's dead!"

"I'm not sure either." Just then, Sakura and Shizune appeared.

"Tsunade-sama, you called?" Sakura asked.

"Good to see you again. I have one question, did you heal Uchiha Itachi while you were out to collect some herbs?" Tsunade asked. Sasuke widened his eyes slightly and eyed Sakura. Sakura gulped. She knew that he is not going to like this.

"Well, I..." Sakura...please say no. thought Sasuke. "I...did." No! Sakura! Why!? Sasuke thought angrily and grabbed Sakura by the collar.

"WHAT! DID! YOU! DO!?" Sasuke yelled.

"What! Isn't it right for a doctor to heal a dying man!? A doctor does not judge on good or evil, Sasuke. Hope that registered in your head!" Sakura defended.

"Sakura, it is true that a doctor should heal a dying man, and not judge on good or evil. But in this world, the person you just healed is an S-class criminal. One that may one day kill you and everyone else here. In which, it dangers everyone," Tsunade said.

"But, what about Sasuke? He went to that snake-bastard! If Sharingan got into his hands, that would be disaster also!" Sakura is pissed now. She was doing the right thing right? Healing a dying man.

"WHO CARES! I HAVE TO KILL THAT BASTARD AFTER ALL THAT HE HAVE DONE TO MY FAMILY AND ME!" Sasuke yelled as he released the grab on Sakura's collar and instead grabbed her neck to choke her. His cold onyx orbs flashed Sharingan. However, Sakura remained calm.

"If you really hate me, then kill me."

"Shizune! Get Sasuke away from her!" Tsunade commanded. Shizune managed to pry Sasuke off, but his Sharingan is still glaring at Sakura. Shizune quickly wrapped chakra ropes around Sasuke to keep him from going berserk. "Sakura, do you know that your action has caused you to betray Konoha and can cause you to become a missing-nin?"

"Yes. I'm just doing what's right as a full-fledged doctor."

"But as a ninja, you have done something uneraseable."

"That, I know."

"You know that will cause you to go for years in prison and possibly erase your ninja powers if the Elders say so."

"I know."

"What should you do Sakura?"

"If I stay here, it will do no good for me, right?"

"Right...don't tell me you are planning on becomming a missing-nin!"

"If that's the only good choice, I will. My parents are dead. My family doesn't like me as a ninja. And if healing a dying man is wrong...THEN THIS VILLAGE IS FULL OF BULLSHIT!" Sakura yelled and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Shizune, quickly tell every single ninja in this village to go after her! NOW!" Tsunade yelled. Sasuke broke out of the chakra ropes and disappeared before Tsunade can stop him.




Meanwhile, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Shino, Kiba, Naruto, and Hinata were hanging out at the Barbeque place. They were all having a good time until Shizune appeared.


"WHAT!?" Naruto, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, and Lee were the first ones to react. "WHY!?"

"Because she healed Itachi! No time to chat! Go after her, an urgent order from Godaime!" Everyone disappeared, Shikamaru said that this is so troublesome before disappearing also. Shizune disappeared to find the other ninjas.




Sakura ran towards the gate.

"Hey, I need to get past the gate to get more herbs for my potions. I forgot some. Here's the pass," Sakura said and showed the gatekeepers her pass from Christmas. Thank Kami she kepted it.

"You may pass," one of the guards said and opened the gates. Sakura sped past it. Sakura glanced behind her and saw the gates close. Heh! They fell for it! Shannaro! Inner Sakura said.

Hey! Long time no see!

It has hasn't it! Nice time for me to give you advice!

Such as?

RUN!!! SASUKE IS HERE!!! Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and turned around. Sasuke was indeed right behind her. A very pissed Sasuke.

"SAKURA COME BACK HERE! NOW!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HEAL THAT BASTARD!" Sasuke threw a group of shurikens and kunais at her. Sakura jumped onto a tree to dodge.

"Didn't I answer that?"

"THAT IS NO FRICKING REASON TO HEAL HIM!" Sasuke did a series of handseals in less than 3 seconds. "Gaton: Housenka no Jutsu!" Fireballs were aimed towards her. Sakura swiftly dodged all of the fireballs.

"Asking for a fight? Fine!" Sakura jumped down and uprooted the large tree she was just on with little effort. She threw it towards Sasuke, who was surprised and burned it. While the fire burned, Sakura threw mutliple shurikens, kunais, and thin sebon needles towards him and tapped the ground with the heel of her right boot at the same time. As the fire disappeared, Sasuke widened his eyes when he saw the ground in front of him crack towards him at rapid speed. Unfortunately, Sasuke jumped up and didn't see the projectile weapons flying towards him. When he did, his reflexes made him threw some of his projectile weapons at them. He managed to knock away the dark projectile weapons, shurikens and kunais. But the thin sebon needles pierced into his flesh. Sasuke fell to the ground, but got back up.

The battle went on for fifteen more minutes. Sakura got her doctor's coat torn and dirtied, scratching here and there, and a bloodly wound on her left shoulder. Sasuke, though, was worse. Sebon needles were still attached to his body, in which he ignored to pull them out. He has more scratches than Sakura and more blood.

"Sasuke give it up! You can't beat me now, in this state."

"NEVER! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! YOU HEALED THAT BASTARD!" Sasuke tried to move but he couldn't.

"The sebon needles I threw at you, contains a paralyzation substance. While you were blinded by anger, I attached chakra strings into your bones. I can control you like a puppet now. But I'll just leave you connected to the trees," Sakura explained before leaving Sasuke behind.

"SAKURA! COME BACK HERE! DAMN IT!" she heard Sasuke scream. Sakura continued to walk until her legs gave out. She pressed her arm against the nearest tree for support as she staggered. She used up all her chakra in the battle with Sasuke. Now, she doesn't have enough to heal herself. Her vision slowly faded and she dropped to the snowy grounds. She felt snow fall onto her face. A black blur of movement was the last thing she saw before she blacked out.



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